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The top 5 moments from WWE Money In The Bank 2016

What were the best things about what will likely be the PPV of the year?

ambrose_03--d59f45764b8f0c7ea265d8d737faa844.jpg (960540)
Ambrose was the last man standing with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

WHAT A PPV! Money In The Bank (MITB) was ultimately about three matches. Two matches that were called “WrestleMania main event caliber” and the one eponymous match of this PPV.

And ultimately, all of them delivered. Not in the same way but they still did. This is THE best PPV of the year so far and might remain so with the kind of storyline turns it took. While the night began with one fantasy match already booked, the night ended with one fantasy match already in the making. The Brothers of The Shield have their paths intertwined again. Nobody is the same since the events that transpired 2 years ago and that made all the difference.

Here are the 5 best things from the 2016 edition of MITB

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