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[Video] WWE RAW Results 13 June 2016: Three matches announced for MITB!

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Monday Night Raw featured a contract signing for their MITB match between John Cena and AJ Styles

Today’s Monday Night Raw took place from New Orleans, and was kickstarted with a show of respect to those deceased in the Orlando debacle. Highlights in the show include the contract signing for the Money in The Bank match for John Cena versus AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose hosting Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in the Ambrose Asylum talkshow.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews, another installment in the snoozefest that is Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler and a tag match for the Women’s division, Natalya and Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke and Charlotte are all announced for the MITB PPV. 

New Day & Enzo and Cass vs Vaudevillains & The Club

The New Day kicks off the show but are soon interrupted by Enzo and Cass. They square up to have a ‘war of words’ but as usual, The Vaudevillains play spoilsport by cutting short what could have been an extremely entertaining verbal joust between Enzo and Xavier Woods.

The Club are in next and they too talk down their opponents. Basically, it was a segment with the 4 tag teams that are about to fight at Money in the Bank squaring up against one another. A tag team match between The Club and Vaudevillains against The New Day and Enzo &Cass ensues.

The Club wins it for their team by hitting the Magic Killer on Kofi Kingston. 

Corporate Kane lobbies for control of Smackdown!

Next up is a backstage segment featuring the bickering Stephanie and Shane McMahon, and they are interrupted by none other than a returning Corporate Kane, who puts his name in the hat for running Smackdown when the brand split occurs.

Neither McMahon seems too sold on the idea to say the least, but Kane produces his resume and a recommendation letter from The Undertaker to aid his cause.

Borderline funny segment.

Rusev makes an emphatic statement!

Titus O’Neil’s music hits and he comes out to pander to the crowd. But Rusev has other ideas as he ambushes him from behind and puts a beating on him on the ramp. He then applies the Accolade as a score of referees arrive on scene to try and pry him away from Titus. Rusev makes a strong statement heading up to Money in The Bank.

The Shield “ Reunion”

The Shield “reunion” is up next, as the former members of the stable all gather in the ring for the Ambrose Asylum talkshow. They go back and forth on the mic, before the inevitable happens and the situation descends into chaos. Rollins eats a Superman Punch and Ambrose capitalises to his Reigns with the Dirty Deeds. No friends here. 

And Reigns’ promo wasn’t half bad either.

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