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[Video] WWE RAW Results 6 June 2016: Money in the Bank gets a huge match

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This week’s Raw began spectacularly

This week’s Raw was live from Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Coming right after a very underwhelming Raw, this week’s Raw more than made up for it.

With John Cena's much expected return turning out to be nothing more than pure beatdown, courtesy of AJ Styles' reunion with his brothers from Japan, WWE universe was seeking answers from Styles regarding his actions. The fans were also eager to see how John Cena is going to respond to that beatdown. 

But the preshow had one more juicier information to share. The preshow panel revealed that there were rumours that a former GM of SmackDown was backstage. This created much expectation on the part of fans they started speculating whether the identity of the person who will run SmackDown will be revealed tonight. With all these huge questions hanging around we stepped into this week’s edition of Raw.

MITB participants segment

This week’s Raw kickstarted with Dean Ambrose making his way to the ring. But, the catch was that the remaining participants for the MITB were already in the ring – on top of a ladder each.

Owens took the center stage soon and started plugging in the match at MITB PPV. Soon, everyone started saying the bit-except for Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose looked keen on getting to the fight that will eventually break out. And it did break out after a good banter between the Superstars.

But, before anything could be determined, WWE pulled of another surprise in the form of Teddy Long. The former GM of SmackDown made his bid for running SmackDown and bumbled with it. Stephanie came out and informed that she will not be making that decision tonight and let people know that Shane was absent too. 

She did however make some matches for the night. She dismissed Teddy Long and  pitted all the six superstars present against one another and then proceeded to walk off the ramp with Teddy Long’s music.

Cesaro vs Jericho 

The match was a short one, but the two stars present in the match made it memorable. Jericho’s vily veteran instincts made it look like the match would end with Swiss Superman lying down on his back.

But an incredible counter from Cesaro changed the course of the match and sent Jericho swinging 15 times. Cesaro immediately locked in a Sharpshooter to gain the victory. The real point to note is that these two superstars created a memorable bout in a short amount of time. 

Be it Jericho delivering a Codebreaker to counter Cesaro’s Springboard Uppercut or Cesaro delivering an incredible Superflex, everything about this match left fans mouthwatering. The crowd was vocal enough to voice their approval too.

Rusev vs Jack Swagger

It as heartening to see WWE give a little consideration to Jack Swagger. WWE didn’t let Swagger lose totally in his home state, they only made him give Rusev a countout victory.

After a vicious collision right in front of the announce table, Rusev pushed Swagger on Titus, who was sitting in commentary, and made it to the ring to beat the ten count. Swagger was unfortunately unable to. But, the babyfaces ended standing tall as the segment got over. 

WWE is cleverly building the heat upon Rusev. Lana’s mere presence alone helped him much needed heat as he walked away once more from a confrontation with Titus. Titus looks to be getting some push from WWE and it would be best for him to use it in a wise manner.

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