WWE Draft 2020: Ranking every roster move on Night Two

Night Two of the WWE Draft was pretty eventful.
Night Two of the WWE Draft was pretty eventful.
Divesh Merani

The 2020 WWE Draft concluded on Monday Night RAW, with several interesting picks made by both brands. There were some huge surprises in each round and this seems like the complete reset that WWE currently needs. Night Two of this year's WWE Draft did well to establish a new creative landscape.

Monday's talent pool had some huge names, some who moved brands and some who stayed put. Among those who remain on their original shows are WWE legends, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and Charlotte Flair. A majority of the undercard, however, are on different shows. Night One of the WWE Draft saw seven picks being made across brands, with the tally doubling on Night Two.

Nearly half of the 35 picks made on RAW and RAW Talk saw Superstars move brands, truly showcasing the extent of change the WWE Draft has brought. This will certainly spark new beginnings for some stars, with their new homes giving them the platform to jump up the card. But not everyone finds success after getting drafted.

This list will focus on every Superstar who moved from RAW to SmackDown, and vice-versa, and their prospects on their new brand. Here is every roster move that happened during Night Two of the 2020 WWE Draft, ranked from worst to best.

#16 Lacey Evans (Moved to RAW during the 2020 WWE Draft)

WWE Draft position: No. 18

While she had a good showing in the No. 1 contender's Battle Royal on RAW, Lacey Evans is likely to get lost in the shuffle on the Red brand. The Sassy Southern Belle was not exactly in a prime spot on SmackDown, but her chances of winning her first Championship in WWE soon might solely rest on whether she can co-exist with a tag team partner.

#15 Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (Moved to SmackDown during the 2020 WWE Draft)

WWE Draft position: No. 22

WWE's tag team division, on both RAW and SmackDown, are a mess and they urgently need to be merged. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode had a good match with The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Championship, but it doesn't seem like the company will put much focus into the SmackDown tag team division. They likely only moved during the WWE Draft, so there are more than two or three teams on the Blue brand.

#14 Sheamus (Moved to RAW during the 2020 WWE Draft)

WWE Draft position: No. 20

He may be one of the most decorated Superstars currently on WWE's roster, but Sheamus is unlikely to make much of an impact on RAW. He will likely play a part in the upcoming feud between Elias and Jeff Hardy, but may not go much further in the overcrowded midcard on Monday nights. Perhaps, he could show off his stiff side on RAW Underground.

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Edited by Kaushik Das
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