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WWE Creative Fantasy: Payback at the Money in the Bank

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Rules of the contest:

- Keep in mind the PG-13 rating while writing your storylines.
- The storyline should focus on two key titles i.e. WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship and one rotating title, which will change every month. This month’s third key title is the US Championship.
- You have to pick up from where the PPV ended, not the next RAW or Smackdown!
- Superstar holding the title becomes an automatic character in your storyline.
- Storyline for singles competition cannot involve more than four active superstars at a time. (Unless next PPV is Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, Elimination Chamber or Money in the Bank)
- You can only choose your characters from the active roster. Therefore, no returns (unless the wrestler actually returns) will be accounted for.(for eg. You cannot choose CM Punk until after he makes his impending return at Payback)
- You are free to involve as many non-wrestling characters as you want. (for eg. Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman and more)
- Entries remain open till the last WWE RAW before the next PPV.
- You have to cover all weeks of action in between the two PPVs. Basically, one paragraph per week (incl. both Raw and Smackdown) describing what transpired between the characters.
- Keep it realistic.

Daniel Bryan of WWE

At Payback, feuds were settled, bodies were bruised, and hell was raised.

Alberto Del Rio won the World Heavyweight Championship after taking advantage of a hurt Dolph Ziggler, while John Cena defeated Ryback in a Three stages of Hell match, putting him through an ambulance to settle their feud, and stood on top of the ambulance as still the WWE champion.

At the end of the PPV, one thing was clear; the road to the next PPV would be very interesting indeed!

The Anticipation

Week 1:

As RAW after Payback kicks off, the WWE champion John Cena makes his way to the ring with his WWE Championship on his shoulder. Cena delivers a promo about how he takes on all comers and has finally proven to himself and the WWE Universe that the champ is indeed here.

Cena then fires the first bullet, saying his next opponent for the WWE Money in the Bank PPV should be prepared to face him, as he is more focused than he has ever been. The WWE Universe looks at the RAW Titantron as the all too familiar music of Daniel Bryan hits.

Bryan makes his way down to the ring as the crowd erupts in a ‘Yes!’ chant. Bryan takes the mic and says he didn’t come down to challenge John Cena. Instead, he is out here to tell John Cena that he will beat him at the Money in the Bank PPV to win the WWE title, as the crowd gets firmly behind Daniel Bryan.

Cena accepts Bryan’s challenge and extends his hand. As Bryan shakes Cena’s hand, Cena drops him with an Attitude Adjustment, as the crowd boo him out of the building. Cena makes his way back to the top of the ramp and holds the WWE title high, as an irate crowd boos him more.

After Dean Ambrose retained his title at Payback, he is confident that The Shield is now stronger than ever. Dean Ambrose comes down for his match without the other members by his side, and easily defeats his opponent for the night, Cody Rhodes. As a confident Ambrose poses with the US title, a masked man comes into the ring and drops Ambrose with a chair shot to the back.

The man unmasks himself, and he is none other than the returning ‘Captain Charisma’, Christian! The crowd goes wild as Christian sets his sights on the US title and poses with the title as RAW goes to commercial.

The new World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio comes out with the title around his waist, along with Ricardo. Del Rio throws out a bash, with the Mariachi band and balloons everywhere. Del Rio then rips on the crowd, saying they never believed in him. Del Rio says he believed in himself, and that’s how he won the title.

Del Rio then says Ziggler was weak, and he deserved to lose the title. As Del Rio and Ricardo celebrate, one of the three members of the Mariachi reveals himself to be Dolph Ziggler and attempts to hit Del Rio with the guitar. Del Rio pushes Ricardo, as Ricardo takes the guitar blow and Del Rio escapes with the World title. Teddy then comes out and confirms Ziggler’s rematch for the World title at the Money in the Bank PPV!

The Build

On Smackdown, Dean Ambrose delivers a promo, saying Christian has a death wish, and that he sealed his fate when he blindsided Dean Ambrose. Ambrose then says he has a present for Christian on the next episode of Monday Night RAW and heads to the back.

Alberto Del Rio then throws a fit about how Ziggler spoilt his party, and wants Teddy to put an end to it. Teddy then books a match between Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo and Dolph Ziggler with Big E Langston for the main event of the night.

Del Rio and Ricardo refuse to take part in the match, and get counted out before Ziggler has a chance to get his hands on Del Rio. Del Rio stops at the top of the ramp, and turns back and smiles as Primo and Epico attack Ziggler and Big E. They lay them out with a couple of chair shots, and Del Rio introduces his stable, ‘El Rico’. Rosa Mendes joins Del Rio, as Ricardo looks on enviously.

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