WWE News Roundup – 14-time champion brutally rejected, fired employee accused of stealing, Vince McMahon’s epic reaction to botch on live TV (April 26th, 2021)

A lot happened in the WWE Universe last week
A lot happened in the WWE Universe last week
Shruti Sadbhav

We are back with another exciting edition of the WWE News Roundup. The last few days have seen the promotion engulfed in several controversies, including disrespectful treatment towards its veterans. We also came across backstage reports involving some of the biggest names in the company.

In this article, we will take a quick look at the top stories that have dominated the WWE headlines over the last few days.

#1 Mandy Rose rejects WWE Superstar on Twitter

Mandy Rose has no time for Dolph Ziggler
Mandy Rose has no time for Dolph Ziggler

The WWE Universe might remember the infamous storyline on SmackDown involving Otis, Mandy Rose, and Dolph Ziggler. Fans loved the backstage equation between Rose and Otis, which led to the creative booking of a romantic plot featuring the two WWE Superstars. Ziggler donned the role of a bad guy and used several cheap tricks to create problems between the ‘happy couple.’ This narration also introduced The Mystery Hacker angle on the Blue brand.

Eventually, Rose was drafted to WWE RAW, and everyone moved on from that storyline. However, that has not stopped Ziggler from occasionally trying to hit on Rose. Even former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle once urged Rose to give Ziggler a chance. One-half of the reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions recently shared a video and asked Rose if she wanted to watch Rough N' Rowdy 14 with him.

Ziggler still believes he has a chance. Unfortunately for him, Rose disagrees. She immediately responded to Ziggler’s offer on social media, asking him to ‘give up'. The WWE RAW Superstar made it clear that she is no longer interested in pursuing any sort of relationship dating back to that storyline. Ziggler then responded by asking if Rose wanted him to share his number and proceeded to say that he had already DMed her.

Rose had a brief on-screen relationship with Ziggler before she betrayed him at WrestleMania 36. She had learned that Dolph Ziggler plotted with her former best friend, Sonya Deville, to keep her away from Otis, courtesy of the hacker mentioned above in WWE.

A lot has changed for the superstars involved in this storyline since then. Rose moved to the Red brand and teamed up with Dana Brooke. Ziggler reverted to the usual business and won the tag team titles alongside Robert Roode. Otis won Money in the Bank, lost the briefcase, joined forces with Chad Gable, and recently turned heel on WWE SmackDown.

Lastly, The Mystery Hacker was revealed to be Mustafa Ali. He moved to RAW as the leader of RETRIBUTION. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that some of the promo videos (and their aftermath) from his hacking days were better than the entire booking of RETRIBUTION on WWE RAW.

#2 Former WWE employee Mark Carrano accused of stealing title belts

WWE fired Mark Carrano last week
WWE fired Mark Carrano last week

Former WWE employee Mark Carrano was recently accused of stealing WWE title belts. He previously worked as the Senior Director of Talent Relations in the company. Carrano was fired from WWE last week after it was reported that he was the one who sent Mickie James her belongings in a trash bag following her release. Her tweet featuring the image of her belongings went viral and many fans called for immediate action.

Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter to apologize for the incident and explained they had fired the person responsible for the disrespectful act. Carrano’s ex-girlfriend Deborah Simmons recently took to Twitter and stated that he also stole several WWE title belts that he hides ‘under the bed in the guestroom.’

Simmons also said that Carrano often put her in uncomfortable situations in front of his friends. He stands accused of reportedly trying to kill his ex-girlfriend’s cat. She then went on to make her account private. Carrano is yet to comment on the allegations as well as the events that led to his firing from WWE.

#3 Vince McMahon’s reaction to former WWE Champion The Miz forgetting his lines on TV

Vince McMahon always had faith in The Miz
Vince McMahon always had faith in The Miz

Vince McMahon’s strict scrutiny towards his product is not a piece of news for the WWE Universe. That said, there are countless times when he has shown faith in his talent. Former WWE Champion The Miz recently revealed Vince McMahon’s backstage reaction to him forgetting his lines on WWE RAW.

In the latest WWE 24 episode that featured The Miz, he revealed that he botched his segment and was scared that he might lose his job. However, Vince McMahon assured The Miz that his job is safe, urging him to do better next time by learning the bullet points. He gave The A-Lister another chance the following week, and the latter made the most of that opportunity. Here’s what The Miz had to say:

“I remember going backstage thinking, ‘I’m going to get fired. And I walk back, I went over to Vince, I go, ‘I’m so sorry, I apologize, this will never happen again. I will make sure it will not happen again.’ He goes, ‘I know it won’t happen again.’ He took me aside and he said, "Bullet points, kid." You need to learn bullet points, and I know you will do better next time because you will have to do it next Friday.’ So it was like, ‘Oh, I’m not fired.’”

The episode also featured backstage footage of Vince McMahon in a promo class with several WWE Superstars. The WWE Chairman showed his trust in The Miz by letting him go last as he believed The A-Lister was capable of constructing a solid finish.

#4 Former WWE Superstar reveals his backstage relationship with Vince McMahon

Sin Cara didn't want to beg for Vince McMahon's time
Sin Cara didn't want to beg for Vince McMahon's time

Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara recently revealed the details of his relationship with Vince McMahon. He said that he never went to the WWE Chairman’s office to talk. He said that as an employee, he would put his life on the line inside the ring. Thus, he shouldn’t be waiting two to three hours to talk to his boss. Here's what Sin Cara had to say:

“Me and him never really had like a relationship in that sense, because I don’t think it was one of those things that I need to do, knock on the door. If you’re going to use me, if I’m your talent, then why should I have to beg you or let you know my point of view if you already know that I’m here? You know my abilities. You know what I can do.”

Sin Cara then discussed his backstage interactions with Vince McMahon. He denied having problems with McMahon and recalled when he dislocated his shoulder. He stated that Vince McMahon had come to check on him after the show, and they had a cool interaction. WWE released Sin Cara in 2019, and he is now working in the independent circuit as Cinta de Oro.

#5 Randy Orton’s backstage reaction to WWE title change at Elimination Chamber 2021

Randy Orton had kind words for The Miz
Randy Orton had kind words for The Miz

Earlier this year, The Miz won the WWE Championship for the second time at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view after a successful Money in the Bank cash-in. Drew McIntyre successfully defended his title against five former WWE Champions in the main event of the pay-per-view. However, his celebration was cut short as Bobby Lashley brutalized The Scottish Warrior inside the ring.

Following that, Miz cashed in his MITB contract and pinned McIntyre to win the world title again. A recent WWE 24 episode featuring The Miz revealed Randy Orton’s backstage reaction to the title change. Orton told The A-Lister that he deserves the title and credited him for becoming a two-time Grand Slam Champion in WWE. Randy Orton was quoted as saying:

“Congrats. Congrats, man, you earned it and you deserve it.”

Immediately after that, AJ Styles emerged from behind and said that no one in WWE works harder than The Miz. Vince McMahon also had high praise for The A-Lister. The Miz would then go on to lose his title to Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW eight days later. Despite a short title reign, The Miz had his historic moment at Elimination Chamber.

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