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WWE RAW 20th June 2016- 5 Points to Note

Some people are just destined to fight each other and there is more than one such pair on WWE's current roster.

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Dean Ambrose- The New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

On the heels of one of the most surprising editions of the Money in the Bank PPV which will always be remembered for being Dean Ambrose’s night, Raw kicked off with the three former brothers of one of the most dominant factions in recent times facing off against each other presenting the picture of the future that has turned into the present.

The night also saw three returns, one of them being that of John Laurinaitis to hype up the brand split in July. So many things happened tonight but we’ve got five things that should be noted from this edition of Monday Night Raw-

#1 Battle in the brotherhood

Shield Triple Threat Booked

Dean Ambrose is the first champion the audience unanimously like since Daniel Bryan. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard the audience in the arena actually pop big for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That said, the segment quickly turned into a confrontation between all three former Shield members to a war of words between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

By the way, Rollins is fire as a brat, his promo, albeit simple, really pumped up the segment because you know despite being a heel, he is a championship material.

A match between Reigns and Rollins was made to determine the new #1 contender which ended in a double countout. Shane O’Mac came out to seemingly order a rematch but Ambrose, ever the bad-ass, gallant man, said that he’s willing to take both.

So come Battleground, we have the dream Shield Triple Threat match as the main event.

But still, Battleground? Guess, we have to wait and watch.

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