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WWE RAW: 5 Reasons behind Dean Ambrose leaving WWE

  • We delve deep into the mind of a "Lunatic", understanding the method to his madness.
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Modified 25 Mar 2019, 09:45 IST
In this article, we examine the reasons behind one of WWE
In this article, we examine the reasons behind one of WWE's top young Superstars -- Dean Ambrose -- leaving the promotion

Dean Ambrose (real name: Jonathan Good) made his professional wrestling debut back in the year 2004 and is well-known to have been a huge pro-wrestling fan since his childhood -- with the sport being akin to a getaway for him, from the tough conditions he was raised in during his younger years.

Ambrose wrestled extensively on the indie professional wrestling circuit and even made a few appearances in the WWE in the mid-2000s. The man finally signed a developmental deal with the WWE in 2011, and eventually debuted on the main roster as a part of The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Well, ever since his main roster debut in the WWE, Ambrose has attained a considerable amount of success as a mainstay on the company's main roster shows such as RAW and SmackDown. Nevertheless, WWE recently announced that Ambrose will not be renewing his contract with them and that he'd be parting ways with WWE after WrestleMania 35.

While Reigns and Rollins will indeed continue working for the WWE, "The Lunatic Fringe" of The Shield trio is undoubtedly bidding adieu to the promotion. Needless to say, ever since news of Ambrose leaving the WWE broke, the professional wrestling world has been rife with rumours -- citing varied reasons as to why the man has chosen to quit WWE at the height of his career.

If one is to closely examine the evidence and statistical data available to the common public outside the WWE; we'd surely discover the following reasons behind this former WWE Champion's shock exit from the company. So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at the 5 reasons behind Dean Ambrose leaving WWE...

#5 Due to the monotonous nature of his on-screen character in WWE

As of late, Dean Ambrose
As of late, Dean Ambrose's on-screen character has stagnated

Show business is widely regarded as one of the most attractive, yet highly challenging industries in the world. The art of entertaining an audience is one that not many are capable of mastering.


Regardless, the vast majority of our beloved professional wrestlers, including the top WWE Superstars, have spent years honing this very craft!

Moreover, in the case of Dean Ambrose, the most obvious issue he has -- which is causing him to leave the company -- is the sheer monotony of his on-screen character. This is neither the creative team nor Ambrose's fault, particularly because most of Ambrose's best work has come working in non-PG environments such as the smaller indie wrestling organizations where he made a name for himself as Jon Moxley...

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Published 25 Mar 2019, 09:45 IST
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