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WWE RAW Results May 6th, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night Raw

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07 May 2019, 08:47 IST

The Wildcard rule was implemented this week
The Wildcard rule was implemented this week

RAW kicked off from Cincinnati, Ohio with Vince McMahon coming out to greet the WWE Universe but before he could say anything more, Roman Reigns' music hit. Reigns came out and Vince asked him what he was doing on RAW when he was assigned to SmackDown.

Roman said he was done watching Vince and his "spoilt kids" ruin RAW and that the fans were his real bosses before Daniel Bryan came out. Vince revealed Bryan too was meant to be on the Blue brand and the former WWE champ said he was robbed of his title unfairly.

Kofi Kingston showed up next and the RAW ring was full of SmackDown stars. Kofi and Bryan got into a yelling contest about whether he deserved the title shot at Mania. Vince came up with a Wild Card rule before the yelling continued once again.

Drew McIntyre came out to clear the ring of the invaders. Drew then focused on Reigns and said he moved to SmackDown to avoid being beaten by him. Vince then set up two WrestleMania rematches between the four Superstars before yelling 'I'm brilliant!'.

AJ Styles showed up next. The other Superstars left and Styles was talking to Vince alone. Vince explained his new Wild Card rule after Styles asked him why the SmackDown stars were there. Styles hinted at bringing 'some friends' over from the Blue Brand and Rollins came out to dispute him.

Rollins was fired up about how Styles sucker punched him last week and Styles was mad about Rollins not treating him like a man. In the middle of the yelling, Vince set up a match with the two of them in the same team and the mystery tag team match was right up next! The unlikely team's opponnets were soon revealed to be Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.

Segment rating: A+

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