WWE Rumor Roundup: RAW superstar didn't belong, Veteran called a 'snake', Peyton Royce's name - 25th April 2021

WWE Rumor Roundup.
WWE Rumor Roundup.
Lennard Surrao

Welcome back to another stacked edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup. It's been a couple of weeks since WrestleMania 37 concluded, and there is still a lot to talk about in the WWE.

The fanbase is still reeling from the spree of recent WWE releases, and more firings at the corporate level have also reportedly happened this past week.

A veteran WWE executive was fired following 'Trashbag gate 2021', but more details on the departure have now been revealed. Speaking of recent WWE releases, Peyton Royce's new in-ring name has also emerged online.

A top RAW superstar has revealed that he was told he didn't belong in the WWE. The superstar also opened up about the locker room heat he endured during his early days in the company.

We end the roundup with a former WWE star's revelation that he had a backstage altercation with Cesaro before a historic pay-per-view match.

#5. The Miz was told that he didn't belong in the WWE


The Miz has come a long way since his days as a former MTV star. The 2-time WWE Champion spoke to Yahoo and revealed that he was not welcomed into the WWE with open arms.

Unlike many WWE superstars from independent wrestling backgrounds, Miz was a reality TV star, and he was treated differently by members of the locker room.

The backstage negativity didn't stop Miz from having a title-laden WWE career. Miz realized the value of the opportunities provided to him in the WWE, and the A-Lister pulled out all the stops to prove his detractors wrong. The Miz said:

"When I first came to WWE, I think everyone assumed — and I wasn't out there telling everyone I was on the independent scene — I was on The Real World, and that's why I was there. Everyone was like, 'We don't care who The Miz is. As a matter of fact, we don't like The Miz; we don't like Mike, we don't like you. Period. You don't belong here.' I was always trying to find the right spot on the dial. I was turned up [as The Miz] for so long that when I got to WWE and I was at 100, WWE wanted me to take it down to like a 20. It takes time to develop that; it takes time to learn where you have to be and where you need to go."

Fans and pundits have widely praised Miz and Morrison's performances in their WrestleMania 37 match against Bad Bunny and Damian Priest.

The former WWE Champion has been considered a tireless contributor to the match's success, and even though Miz is 40 years old, he continues to be a dependable asset for the company.

#4. Big backstage details regarding Mark Carrano's WWE firing


WWE fired Mark Carrano in the aftermath of 'Trashbag gate 2021,' and several details of the high-profile WWE departure are now starting to come to light.

Mickie James, who was recently released from WWE, was sent her belongings in a trash bag, and WWE rightfully attracted a lot of heat for the 'care package.' Mark Carrano, a former WWE Head of Talent Relations, lost his job due to the incident.

Fightful Select reported that almost a dozen former stars were 'unanimously in favor' of Mark Carrano's firing.

Some of the people Fightful spoke to bluntly said 'F*** Mark Carrano,' and the temperature while talking about the former WWE executive was termed to be 'consistent.' However, there were different 'degrees of fervor' in the responses.

Some former WWE wrestlers also called Carrano a 'snake.' One wrestler particularly noted that Carrano might be a good person deep down, but the power in the WWE got the better of him.

While some former WWE talents thoroughly disliked Mark Carrano, others loathed him. However, Fightful noted that the locker room's general perception of Mark Carrano was not surprising for someone in his position.

Current WWE superstars and staff members foresaw Mark Carrano's WWE ousting as the company recently curtailed his backstage powers.

Another WWE talent, who was said to be more compassionate towards the whole situation, said that Mark Carrano even had problems with the WWE office. The person in question also revealed that Carrano wasn't disrespectful or condescending while disciplining talent.

It all comes down to different people having varying opinions about a person. Carrano's job was termed 'lose-lose' by some people, and he was also seen as a 'fall guy' in this given scenario by a few roster members.

On a positive note, Mark Carrano fought to increase the pay of WWE referees. He was recognized as the first talent relations head to actively push for referees to get paid appropriately in the WWE.

A long-time WWE employee felt Carrano could be re-hired by WWE in due time. The person stated that they didn't know "where too many bodies are buried," and nothing can be taken at face value.

Mark Carrano's WWE exit was expected to happen, and the Trashbag controversy might have been the perfect time for the company to get rid of him.

#3. Peyton Royce's new in-ring name following WWE release

Peyton Royce was one of ten wrestlers released from the WWE. The Australian star will indeed be waiting for her non-compete clause to end in July.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Peyton Royce has chosen 'Cassie Lee' as her in-ring name after the WWE departure.

Meltzer noted the following:

"Peyton Royce looks to be using the name Cassie Lee going forward."

It should be noted that Peyton Royce's real name is Cassandra McIntosh, and her new in-ring name is an obvious play on it. Royce even confirmed her new ring name reports by filing for a trademark on 'Cassie Lee'.

Given below are the trademark descriptions as filed with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office):

"IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Hats; Shirts; Socks; Bandanas; Sweatshirts; Hooded sweatshirts" "IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personality; Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a professional wrestler and sports entertainment personality; Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; Providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network; Providing online interviews featuring a professional wrestler and sports entertainer in the field of professional wrestling and sports entertainment for entertainment purposes".

Royce went by the name 'KC Cassidy' before joining the WWE. She did, however, wrestle one match as 'Cassie' in NXT against Eva Marie in 2015. Where do you see her wrestling in a few months?

#2. WWE officials were reportedly upset over Snoop Dogg 's AEW appearance


Snoop Dogg has been involved with the WWE for a very long time, and his appearances have even landed him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame's Celebrity Wing.

Despite his affiliation with the WWE, Snoop Dogg surprised several wrestling fans not too long ago by appearing for AEW. It appears the WWE was not happy with Snoop Dogg's dealings with All Elite Wrestling.

The legendary rapper revealed on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning podcast that WWE officials didn't react favorably to his AEW appearance.

"They felt some type of way," Snoop Dogg said while talking about the backstage reaction in the WWE. Snoop Dogg explained that he is not a wrestler but a personality who appeared on AEW to promote his TBS show, 'The Go-Big Show'.

AEW was just a promotional vehicle for Snoop Dogg and, as an intelligent businessman, he had to make the best out of the situation and show up on AEW TV. Snoop Dogg explained:

"Let me tell you this, Snoop Dogg ain't no wrestler. He's bigger than that. You gotta understand that. This is the dynamics of what happened: I had a show on TBS called Go-Big Show. So, Cody Rhodes was one of the judges on the show, and he's one of the top dogs at AEW. So, as a promotional vehicle for the gig, I went on AEW." H/t WrestlingInc

Snoop Dogg appeared on AEW Dynamite's New Year's Smash episode, where he was in Cody Rhodes' corner for the American Nightmare's match against Matt Sydal. Snoop Dogg even executed what is widely considered the worst frog splash performed by a celebrity performer in wrestling history after the match.

#1. Sin Cara opens up about his backstage argument with Cesaro in the WWE


Cinta De Oro, aka Sin Cara to the WWE faithful, caught up with Inside The Ropes' Gary Cassidy for an interview. The former WWE star spoke about the backstage altercation he had with Cesaro.

Sin Cara was one of the competitors involved in the first-ever Elimination Chamber Tag Team match in 2015. Cesaro was also a part of the match along with his partner Tyson Kidd. Cara stated that the backstage atmosphere was crazy on the day of Elimination Chamber 2015.

Many people were upset before the show, and he even had a brief argument with the Swiss Cyborg. The former NXT Tag Team Champion said they thankfully got over their differences and put on a solid match that evening at the Elimination Chamber. Cinta De Oro said:

"It was the first Tag Team Elimination Chamber ever, so I remember we were trying to get everything in order, and then it was just crazy. The other day, I posted a picture of me and Cesaro because he won his WrestleMania match, and then Tyson [Kidd] commented on that. He said like, 'Oh, I remember what happened before the match' – because me and Cesaro got in a little argument before the match. So everybody thought we were going to get in this crazy fight or whatever, and then we ended up having an amazing match. It was a great experience for me to be in the first."

Cinta De Oro also recently spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta and discussed a wide range of topics, including the real situation in Saudi Arabia, Vince McMahon, The Undertaker's streak, Mexican representation at WWE WrestleMania 37 and much more.

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