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WWE SmackDown: 5 Reasons why Vince McMahon may have split Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Riju Dasgupta
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Published 04 Sep 2019, 10:34 IST
04 Sep 2019, 10:34 IST

The main event segment of SmackDown was an interesting one
The main event segment of SmackDown was an interesting one

A lot of praise has deservedly come WWE's way for scripting a storyline that many were invested in, on the blue brand. It was a typical Eric Bischoff whodunit, a storyline that stretched out over weeks regarding the vicious attacks on Roman Reigns' life and well-being.

This week, in the main event segment, Erick Rowan was revealed as the perpetrator of the vicious attacks and it was then revealed that Daniel Bryan had nothing to do with them. This would lead to a segment where Daniel Bryan was first shoved by Rowan and then driven through a commentary table.

So, why was the decision made to end this alliance? I have a few theories and I will list them in this article, for your reading pleasure.

If you have any comments and opinions, feel free to voice them in the comments section.

#5 To not be a sidekick anymore

Erick Rowan was one of Bray Wyatt's most trusted lieutenants but that's all he was, in the group. Luke Harper went on to achieve gold and glory as a singles star and so did Braun Strowman, to a much greater degree. Rowan was just a sidekick in the Wyatt family and little more, sadly.

And then came the Bludgeon Brothers where everyone called Luke Harper the next big thing and wanted him to break away from Rowan, who was dragging him down, according to them. Rowan was also Daniel Bryan's sidekick in the newest storyline and he hardly had a role until the tag team run with Bryan.

When he unleashed his attacks on Bryan, in retaliation for the slaps, it was a breaking of the shackles for him. Let's see just how far he can go as a singles performer in the roster!

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