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WWE SmackDown: 5 Superstars Rowan and Bryan could unmask as Roman Reigns' attacker

Riju Dasgupta
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Roman Reigns had an interesting backstage moment on SmackDown Live
Roman Reigns had an interesting backstage moment on SmackDown Live

The question of who attacked Roman Reigns has been the focal point of WWE's programming since before SummerSlam 2019. The topic was not brought up at SummerSlam, even though Rowan, the primary suspect, beat up Buddy Murphy who'd named him as the man behind the attacks.

This week on SmackDown Live, Rowan beat a confession out of Buddy Murphy in the locker room. The show ended with Roman Reigns being confronted by Daniel Bryan and Rowan, and with them promising to unveil the man behind the attacks on next week's show.

Who could the perpetrator be? In this article, we will name 5 people who could be brought to justice by Bryan and Rowan.

Of course, it could always be them, as they step out and attack Roman Reigns, claiming that it was them all along.

#5 Luke Harper

Luke Harper is someone who requested a release from WWE not long ago. It turns out that he is still very much employed by the company, to this day. Maybe things have changed in the back with Bray Wyatt's character gaining steam and popularity and Luke Harper has decided to stay on, for the long haul.

There's also Heyman and Bischoff at the helm of things, which means that there are different creative minds working on the product, which may just induce someone like Luke Harper to stay on for yet another spell. Maybe he is brought back into the mix and revealed to be the man that attacked Roman Reigns by Rowan and Daniel Bryan.

The two men were part of the Wyatt Family and so there is an existing backstory that can be used to further this feud. Harper is also great in the ring and can have great matches against Reigns.

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