SmackDown Results: Edge attacked, Top Champion returns

What a night on SmackDown!
What a night on SmackDown!

Edge kicked off SmackDown saying his future match at WrestleMania was up in the air until next Sunday at Fastlane, where Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns would face-off for the Universal Title. The 2021 Royal Rumble winner mentioned Bryan's promo from last week where he said he loved to compete and perform more regularly than Edge, at least in the last 10 years.

The Rated-R Superstar said he may have been out of action for a long time but back in the day, he used to perform multiple times a week with legends like The Undertaker and Batista. Daniel Bryan walked out and said he had 'infinite respect' for Edge but this could be the last time he gets an opportunity like this.

Edge made it clear that he was sure that he was better than Bryan in the ring.

The Street Profits & Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. Alpha Academy, Roode & Ziggler on SmackDown

Dawkins and Roode started the match and Dominik and Chad Gable were tagged in early on. Dominik got a near fall before Roode came back in and focused on his legs.

Dominik delivered a tornado DDT before Dawkins came back with a spinebuster and tagged in Montez. Back after a break on SmackDown, Ziggler and Ford were in the ring and The Showoff locked a sleeper hold but the former Tag Team Champion broke it.

Rey Mysterio came in and took control of the match. He laid out Gable but Otis broke the pin. Roode came in the ring next, and then the other Superstars hit their finishers on each other and the Mysterios hit a double 619 on him.

Ford came in with From the Heavens and picked up the win for his team on SmackDown.

Result: The Street Profits & Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. Alpha Academy, Roode & Ziggler

Match rating: B

Jey Uso was about to walk into Roman's locker room but Heyman reminded him that Reigns was unhappy with him after last week's match.

Seth Rollins was backstage on SmackDown and said he was mocked by Cesaro and that he was done talking about The Swiss Cyborg. But he learned that Murphy and Cesaro had a rematch and started scheming.

We saw footage of Nia Jax taking Reginald shopping and Shayna was bored while Reggie tried out his new suits.

Cesaro vs. Murphy on SmackDown

Rollins was out at ringside on SmackDown to watch the match and Cesaro started off strong. He hit an uppercut and a boot to Murphy's face before taking a knee strike on the outside. Cesaro came back with a dropkick and a superplex from the apron.

The Swiss Superstar hit the swing but Seth Rollins attacked him, ending the match. The Messiah took out Cesaro and hit the stomp before yelling about being disrespected. Rollins hit a second stomp and wiped out his rival for good.

Result: DNF

Rollins was going to hit a stomp with a steel chair wrapped on Cesaro's neck. However, a group of officials came out and made him leave the ring. Backstage, Rollins came face to face with Cesaro's former tag partner, Shinsuke Nakamura.

Match rating: B

Backstage on SmackDown, Kevin Owens was approached by Sami Zayn who asked him to join him for the documentary but the former Universal Champion was getting ready for the KO Show.

Jey Uso was approached by Edge as SmackDown continued and The Rated-R Superstar told him that the former Tag Team Champion was being manipulated. However, Uso wasn't happy with Edge and told him to mind his own business.

Kevin Owens was out next and his guests on the KO Show were Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks. The two WrestleMania 37 opponents started arguing in the ring and Nia Jax came out with Reginald and Shayna.

Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair vs. Natalya & Tamina on SmackDown

Banks started off strong but Natalya took control early. The Boss was distracted by Reginald, allowing Nattie and Tamina to wipe out the SmackDown Women’s Champ.

Bianca got in the ring while Sasha chased Reggie around, distracting The EST Of WWE as well. Natalya blindsided Banks before Bianca came to the rescue. Tamina took the opportunity to roll up the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble winner and win on SmackDown.

Natalya and Tamina defeated Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair via pinfall.

After the match, Belair blamed Sasha for the loss while Nia and Reggie taunted her from the ring.

Match rating: C

Backstage on SmackDown, Sasha and Bianca were arguing and The Boss called her WrestleMania 37 opponent a rookie.

Big E was out next on SmackDown and said that Apollo Crews awoke the monster inside him and their feud was personal now. He said that pinning Crews wouldn't be enough and that he wanted to destroy him.

The IC Champion asked Apollo to come out and face him, but he did not show up. Instead, Big E put out an open challenge. Corbin came out and was talking when Sami Zayn and his film crew came out to grab the opportunity.

The New Day member said whoever could reach the ring first would get the title shot. Sami rushed inside and was taken out by Big E before we headed for a break.

Big E (c) vs. Sami Zayn - Intercontinental title match on SmackDown

Big E got a near fall and sent Zayn crashing into the corner but took a few knee strikes as he went for a corner splash. Sami pounded Big E for a second before he was caught on the apron. The IC Champion went for a splash but The Great Liberator rolled out of the way.

Big E (c) vs. Sami Zayn - Intercontinental title match on SmackDown (contd...)

Sami Zayn drove Big E to the mat with a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope but couldn't get the win on SmackDown. Big E responded with a huge clothesline before quickly capitalizing with the Big Ending to retain his title.

Result: Big E def. Sami Zayn via pinfall

Apollo attacked Big E after the match and hit him with the steel steps before he was done.

Match rating: C

Backstage on SmackDown, Reginald told Nia Jax she should challenge Banks for the SmackDown Women's title.

We later got confirmation that Sasha Banks will defend her title against Jax on next week's SmackDown.

Fastlane Universal Championship match contract signing on SmackDown

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were out for the Fastlane Universal title match contract signing and Roman said he had changed his mind. Daniel Bryan quickly signed the contract while taunting Roman for being afraid to face him.

The Universal Champ was furious as the Leader Of The Yes Movement continued insulting Reigns. The Tribal Chief finally signed the contract, making the match official. Bryan said he was going to make him tap out just like he did with Jey Uso. The former Tag team Champion got in his face saying that he would be there to make sure the match goes in their favor.

Edge came out and challenged Uso to a match next week and said that the winner will be the special guest enforcer for the Fastlane title match. Adam Pearce made the match official.

A brawl broke out as Edge entered the ring. after Roman and Uso were sent outside, Bryan hit the running knee on The Rated-R Superstar to close the night.

Episode rating: B

Edge and Daniel Bryan cut great promos on SmackDown while Seth Rollins got his revenge on Cesaro. Apollo destroyed Big E once more while Nia Jax plans to make a move for the SmackDown Women's title.

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