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WWE Superstars net worth & salary

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WWE Superstars net worth and salary
You cannot contemplate the worth and salaries of some of these Superstars!

Net Worth, sometimes referred to as net wealth, is the total assets minus total outside liability of a company or an individual. The term, net worth, is used when we talk about a certain individual’s or corporation's total value in monetary terms or their economic position. Simply speaking, net worth is the asset owned after the debt owed has been subtracted.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. or simply, WWE is an American entertainment company, which was founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt, in 1952. While professional wrestling is its primary source of income, WWE has also ventured into films, music, product licensing and direct product sales.

It is the biggest pro-wrestling company in the world, hosting over 300 events a year and broadcasting in 150 different countries while boasting a viewership of 36 million spectators.

The Company’s headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut, with offices spreading across all major cities of the world. It runs two main roster shows, RAW and SmackDown as well as a developmental division, NXT.

Last year, the company shattered every record, by earning an aggregate of $658.8 million, which marked an increase of 21% in terms of revenue in comparison to previous year. The company also improved leaps and bounds in terms international revenue, netting $169.8 million with an overall increase of 46%.

The colossal amount of revenue earned by the WWE is courtesy of its funds from WWE’s Network, Television, Live Event, Venue Merchandise, and WWE Shop businesses. On top of that, WWE Network subscribers viewed a total of 256 million content hours, enstating WWE as one of the top cable and broadcast providers.

Their YouTube channel has also got 8 billion views, across the planet, making it the most followed sports brand on YouTube.

While WWE has had a complete makeover, over the years, one aspect of it has remained constant across all eras, and that is the McMahon family. Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the chairman and CEO of the company and is also the majority stakeholder of the wrestling promotion.

Along with his wife Linda, children Shane and Stephanie and son-in-law, Triple H, the extended family is the owner of 70% of the company’s equity and has 96% of its voting powers.

While the McMahon name has become synonymous with the wrestling industry, not many people are aware of the substantial role; Linda has played in the company’s development. Even though she took a back seat, after joining The Republican Party, her role was salient in the growth of the company.

When she was involved with the proceedings of WWE, she was negotiating business deals, launching merchandise, penning wrestler’s contracts and writing and managing WWE publications on behalf of WWE.

Shane, the firstborn of Vince and Linda, is the Commissioner of SmackDown Live, his sister, Stephanie McMahon, is the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE and her husband Triple H, is the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creatives. 

While Vince McMahon has a net worth of $1.12 billion, his wife Lina has a Net Worth of $500 million, Shane has a net worth of $35 million and Stephanie and Triple H, both have a net worth of $79 million and $25 million, respectively. Overall the McMahon family has a total net worth of $2.245 billion!

WWE has not only been frontrunners in terms of wealth maximisation but has also had a host of breathtaking talents that have defined each era with their sublime talent. Such stars have been engraved in our memory forever, and have given us moments that made us proud to be fans of wrestling in the first place.

Whether it's the Hulk Hogans or The Rocks of different eras, each superstar has had a distinctive impact on the WWE Universe and have earned millions for the company. Their mind-boggling personal net worths serve as evidence of their unearthly influence and star power.

One of the founding members of the NWO, Hulk Hogan, has a net worth of $8 million, while the two Superstars the defined the Attitude Era, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin each have a net worth of $185 million and $45 million respectively.

Let us take a look at the Net Worth of some of the past and present, WWE Superstars: Click on the wrestler names to read more about their net worth. 

WWE SuperstarNet Worth
Brock Lesnar Net Worth$16 million
John Cena Net Worth$35 million
Hulk Hogan Net Worth$8 million
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Net Worth$185 million
Triple H Net Worth$25 million
The Undertaker Net Worth

$16 million

Goldberg Net Worth$14 million
Seth Rollins Net Worth$4 million
Daniel Bryan Net Worth$2 million
Randy Orton Net Worth$15 million
Dean Ambrose Net Worth$6.1 million
Stephanie McMahon Net Worth$79 million

Vince McMahon Net Worth

$1.12 billion
AJ Styles Net Worth$5 million
Kevin Owens Net Worth$10 million
Stone Cold Net Worth$45 million
CM Punk Net Worth$8 million
Nikki Bella Net Worth$4 million
Shawn Michaels Net Worth$17 million
Mick Foley Net Worth$15 million
Paul Heyman Net Worth$10 million
Chris Jerico Net Worth$18 million
Ric Flair Net Worth$5 million
Kane Net Worth$7 million
Roman Reigns Net Worth$5.5 million
Big Show Net Worth$20 million
Rey Mysterio Net Worth$8.5 million
Sheamus Net Worth$7 million
AJ Lee Net Worth$6 million
Brett Hart Net Worth$14 million
Alberto Del Rio Net Worth$6 million
Kurt Angle Net Worth$20 million
Matt Hardy Net Worth$3.2 million
Jeff Hardy Net Worth$4.5 million
The Miz Net Worth$5 million
Sting Net Worth$8 million
JBL Net Worth$9 million
Brie Bella Net Worth$4 million
Samoa Joe Net Worth$4 million
Natalya Net Worth$5 million
Rusev Net Worth$1 million
Brawn Strowman Net Worth$950,000
Bray Wyatt Net Worth$850,000
Booker T Net Worth$5 million
Shinsuke Nakamura Net Worth$3.5 million
Cesaro Net Worth$1.55 million
Dolph Ziggler Net Worth$3 million
Finn Balor Net Worth$1 million
Goldust Net Worth$2 million


Wrestlers are known to live exorbitant lifestyles and to support such a lifestyle they need sky-high paychecks, and that is exactly what the perks are, of being a WWE Superstar. After all, it's a business and WWE employees go through trials and turbulences to earn their much-deserved remuneration.

The salary of a wrestler begins at a low six figures and can go as high as millions of dollars. The least reported amount currently being received by a wrestler is $150,000, and the highest is $9.5 million. 

The salary of a Superstar consists of basic pay and bonus. The bonus that a wrestler receives can come from varied sources, such as a part of merchandise sale, travel and accommodation, a portion of PPV income and can even include luxuries like the use of private jets for tours. 

Well, while we are jealous of the kind of money these wrestlers receive, their innumerable contribution to wrestling industry and their continuous efforts can not be measured in monetary terms.

Even then, let us find out how much these wrestlers are actually paid! Click here to check out the salary of WWE superstars!

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