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Tough Enough Recap: competitors work full matches

3.65K   //    12 Aug 2015, 17:18 IST
GiGi is gone from Tough Enough

- This week’s episode of WWE Tough Enough kicked off with GiGi and Amanda in the barracks showing frustration that despite doing well in most of the challenges they end up being outvoted. Chris Jericho then asked the competitors their favorite match, and this year nobody makes the goof of saying Melina vs. Alicia Fox. Jericho gives them some wisdom headed in to their matches about ring psychology. He is then forced to wake up Tanner who was still sleeping after a heavy night of partying.

- First up is Josh vs ZZ, with Josh playing the big man and ZZ being more of a babyface underdog. It was a solid little match with Josh getting the victory.

- Amanda vs Sara was a bit of a trainwreck and Sara hasn’t learned her lesson to stop smiling. Sara gets the victory. After their match they read viewers’ mean Tweets, which was hilarious.

- GiGi and Tanner have a good match, though GiGi slips up once when performing a hiptoss. The judges say they did well, but Josh is voted the winner of the challenge. 

- John Cena makes his appearance and gives the cast a pep talk, before essentially accepting Seth Rollins’ Summerslam challenge. 

- Miz puts Tanner in the bottom three saying he’s fine at performing moves but is too robotic in between, while ZZ is praised for his personality. Paige names Sara, and Daniel Bryan names GiGi. Ultimately GiGi is eliminated with 22 percent, but she vows to be back in WWE.

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