Wyatt Family member, former champion & more - 6 WWE stars teased to join Uncle Howdy's faction upon his return

After Uncle Howdy
After Uncle Howdy's return in WWE, 6 WWE teased to join him (Source: WWE)

The rumors of the return of Uncle Howdy on WWE were all but confirmed with the April 30, 2024 episode of Monday Night RAW. A cryptic audio message suddenly played out of nowhere during the Gunther Vs. Xavier Woods match, undoubtedly registereing in everyone’s minds.

Uncle Howdy has been rumored to be the revamped character of Bray Wyatt’s real-life brother and WWE Superstar Bo Dallas. While Wyatt met an untimely demise last year, his brother may continue to elevate his legacy through his work.

A recently discovered cryptic message on X (formerly Twitter) by user 'enforcerchris_' even suggested that Uncle Howdy could be setting the Wyatt 6 project into motion.

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Here we will discuss a few superstars who could potentially become members of the Wyatt 6.

#6. Uncle Howdy to lead the new Wyatt 6 faction

The cryptic image showcased by the aforementioned tweet on X bears the initials of everyone who may potentially be part of Wyatt 6. The first and foremost member of the faction is likely to be its leader, Uncle Howdy.

The superstar was rumored to have switched to a darker image after portraying a spiritual ‘believer’ side of himself. A lot of enigma exists about Howdy since the character couldn't get too many bookings the previous time, owing to Bray Wyatt’s failing health. However, he may now be back in full swing.

#5. The return of the Sheep Mask

Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan had gone independent after he was released from WWE in April 2020. Several news reports now suggest that the Sheep Mask will return to the Stamford-based promotion after four years.

Rowan has pulled out his name from all his future independent circuit bookings. Seeing how Uncle Howdy also made his move at the same time, he will seemingly make a comeback soon to serve the Wyatt cause once again. As per the reports he has re-signed with WWE.

#4. Uncle Howdy may pull in Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis has been waiting behind the scenes for a long time to blow up on WWE once again. The 40-year-old superstar last wrestled for the company in February 2023.

He has completely revamped his look via intense workouts and also shared an image with a Chucky doll before WrestleMania 40. Thus, he has both the strength and the bloodlust intent that Howdy will seek from him.

#3. Could Nikki Cross become a Wyatt 6 member?

Nikki Cross is another WWE talent who has not made an appearance in a long time. The women’s division wrestler was last featured in an episode of RAW in November 2023.

Cross had tried a superhero gimmick in between, only to return to her wild side eventually. Uncle Howdy could easily utilize this side of her and bring the former Money in the Bank winner into the Wyatt 6.

#2. Uncle Howdy may recruit a Bray Wyatt-like superstar

NXT’s Joe Gacy carries a very dark and terrifying look that is equally matched by his in-ring presence. The former leader of Schism has often been compared to Bray Wyatt due to some of these factors.

Notably, Gacy was also a big admirer of The Eater of Worlds and paid a hearty tribute to him after his demise. If Howdy is making a comeback, then Joe Gacy seems like the perfect recruit for the Wyatt 6 faction.

WWE even officially threw an 'X' symbol during a match last month.

#1. The final blooming of Alexa Bliss

Former WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss has previously worked closely with Bray Wyatt and uncovered the full potential of her dark side. However, she betrayed the trust of The Eater of Worlds at WrestleMania 37 and left him.

The duo couldn’t work together afterward due to Bliss’s unavailability as had to be away on maternity leave. The chaos-loving superstar may now be ready to make her return. She would love to pair with Uncle Howdy to give life to her previously failed ties with Wyatt.

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