AEW Dark Results - Star makes a big return after 8 months, Former WCW Superstar's son debuts, and more - 1st December 2020

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.

Taz, Excalibur, and Anthony Ogogo finished up with the usual introductions on an AEW Dark card that featured 17 matches. 

Former WWE/F, WCW, and NWA Superstar George South's son, George South Jr., debuted in tonight's episode of AEW Dark in a tag team match. Shanna also returned to AEW after an 8-month absence.

#1. Shawn Spears vs. KTB on AEW Dark

Shawn Spears got hold of KTB's wrist in the early goings of the match. They turned down the collar and elbow tie-up, and Spears managed to get KTB down to the mat.

Scorpio Sky's music hit, and the SCU member appeared near the ramp with the steel slug in his hand. Spears' attention was on Scorpio Sky, who took a seat on the stairs on the ramp.

KTB blindsided Spears and took control of the match with a rolling spear. Spears got control of the match again by dropping KTB's head on the floor on the outside. Back in the ring, Spears cracked KTB's head with clubbing blows from the back. Spears got the Scorpion Death Lock on KTB, who was left with no option but to tap.

Result: Shawn Spears def. KTB on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Scorpio Sky entered the ring, and instead of attacking Spears, he delivered the TKO on KTB. A confused Spears looked on as Sky left the ring.

#2. Damian Fenrir vs. Ricky Starks on AEW Dark

Ricky Starks has the best entrance theme in AEW, and I'll say that every week! The collar and elbow tie-up got things rolling. Starks scored a takedown, and both men got back to the tie-up.

Starks executed a smart drop toe hold. Fenrir got a deep arm drag, but Starks got to a vertical base. The chops came out before Starks took Fenrir down with a crossbody. Starks got a few strikes and chops in. Ricky drove his shoulders into Fenrir's guts in the corner. 

It was the Ricky Starks show as he was in complete control. A dropkick got Starks a 2-count before Fenrir created some separation with a few rights, followed by a dropkick.

Starks wanted to finish it off as he hit the Rochambeau for the win.

Result: Ricky Starks def. Damian Fenrir on AEW Dark

Grade: C

#3. Danny Limelight vs. Brandon Cutler on AEW Dark

They locked up in the center, with Cutler getting the shoulder block after the exchange. Limelight impressed with a Hurricanerana pinfall that earned him a two.

Cutler assumed control with a leaping leg drop that scored him a two-fall. Limelight rejected Cutler's handshake offer with a slap across the face. Cutler dropped Limelight with a facebuster for a two-count.

Cutler got a little overzealous as he ran into the steel ring post. Limelight began to work on Cutler's elbow and shoulder. Danny was starting to enjoy himself as he swiveled after every strike on the outside.

The action got back in the ring, and Cutler got in a few strikes. He, however, got caught in a rear-naked choke. Cutler got on his knees and carried Limelight on his back before backing him into the corner.

Limelight was relentless as he tried to sinch in the choke once again. Cutler rammed Limelight into the corner again, held on to him, and planted him into the mat with an insane move.

Cutler vaulted over the top with a front face kick followed by an enziguri. Cutler couldn't get Limelight up for the TPK due to the injured shoulder.

Limelight went to the outside, and Cutler followed him with the Tope Suicida. Danny countered by cathing Cutler in mid-air in a submission. The ref broke the move.

Back in the ring, Limelight went up to the top rope, but Cutler caught him and finally delivered the TPK. That was a solid match!

Result: Brandon Cutler def. Danny Limelight on AEW Dark

Grade: A

This was Cutler's fifth win on the trot.

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Edited by Lennard Surrao
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