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Listing most notable female villains alongside some of the most notable female characters (Image via Bones)

5 best female villains in My Hero Academia (& 5 best heroes)

My Hero Academia is a beloved series with many female characters on both the heroic and villainous spectrum. The best heroes and villains are usually those that the series fans will remember for one reason or another. It's a series that is usually male-dominated, so the notable women of My Hero Academia stand out.

As far as "best" goes, this list will essentially highlight the most notable female heroes and villains. Typically, they're the most popular or significant to My Hero Academia's plot.


Note: This list won't include characters from the movies or spin-offs.

Notable female villains in My Hero Academia


5) Woman

Her appearance in the manga (Image via Shonen Jump)

There aren't too many notable female villains in My Hero Academia. That said, Woman was a high-level female Nomu featured a bit in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Like other Nomu, she had several Quirks, including:

  • Super Regeneration
  • Liquification
  • Rupture

Unlike other Nomu, Woman was surprisingly smart. Not only that, but she was capable of hurting Aizawa and Endeavor, something that the other female villains can't realistically do. Endeavor ultimately finishes her off, marking the end of her run as a villain.

Although powerful, she doesn't have much personality due to her status as a Nomu.


4) Chitose Kizuki

Curious was a memorable female villain for the little screen time she had (Image via Bones)

Some readers might know her better by her villain alias, Curious. Her Quirk didn't have anything to do with her strange bluish skin, for her Quirk was just known as Landmine, which did exactly as one would think it could do. That Quirk could also be used on people to turn them into moving bombs.

As for her personality, fans of My Hero Academia could see that she was overly curious, even to the point that she didn't care that Toga was about to kill her. She's an obsessed journalist who stands out compared to other female villains, although her minor role ultimately limited how much fans of the series could see from her.

3) Kenji Hikiishi

Magne was a fun character while she was around in My Hero Academia (Image via Bones)

My Hero Academia is a progressive anime. Kenji Hikiishi is better known as Magne, and she is a transgender character who acted as a big sister to several members of the League of Villains. She was tragically killed by Overhaul, who became a hated enemy of the League of Villains shortly afterward.

Magne's Quirk was known as Magnetism, which had an exciting property that men and women were polarized to opposite sides (south and north in this case). She could also use it with her large magnet to hurt her enemies.

2) Kaina Tsutsumi


Most My Hero, Academia fans should know her as Lady Nagant. She technically qualifies for the hero and villain portion of this list, but it makes more sense to put her as a female villain here, given her role in the Tartarus Escapees Arc. Lady Nagant was a former Pro Hero who found Hero Society too corrupt.

It's a fresh take compared to other characters who blindly follow what the heroes have to say. She's not even a complete villain, either, for she refused to kill Kai when she had the chance and saw Deku as a hero. Lady Nagant also had two Quirks, her original one being Rifle, which made her arm act as a rifle.

1) Himiko Toga

Classic Toga (Image via Bones)

Yanderes are often divisive by nature, but it's hard to argue about a more prominent female villain than Himiko Toga. She's been featured in several arcs as one of Shigaraki's most reliable allies, and she didn't die early on compared to characters like Magne and Twice.

She's plain crazy. Her concept of love is questionable, yet there is also a compassionate side to her. A prime example of that statement is her relationship with Twice. It's oddly sweet, despite both characters being villains who have committed several atrocities.

Toga's Quirk is also pretty cool, allowing her to transform into anybody if she has their blood.

Best female heroes in My Hero Academia

5) Nejire Hado

Nejire is usually smiling in her My Hero Academia appearances (Image via Bones)

The smallest part of The Big Three still has an important role, no matter how one looks at it. She's more powerful than some Pro Heroes, with her Quirk allowing her to shoot giant shockwaves toward enemies. Nejire was capable of surviving Dabi's Blueflames Quirk, so it's not as if she's weak by any metric.

More importantly, she has a cheerful attitude that makes her fun to watch whenever she's on-screen in My Hero Academia.

4) Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo's design is questionable, but it makes sense, given how her Quirk works (Image via Bones)

Momo is one of a few recommended students in U.A. High School. She's one of the smartest characters in the entire series, which perfectly complements her Creation Quirk. Considering that she has to know the atomic structure of whatever she's making, that's extremely impressive.

It should come as no surprise to most My Hero Academia fans that Momo is one of the most popular female characters in the fandom. Although the reasons differ from person to person, there is no denying that she's a fun character who does as well as she can, given her support role.

3) Rumi Usagiyama

She is also known as Rabbit Hero (Image via Bones)

The number five Pro Hero is, unsurprisingly, one of the more remarkable female characters in My Hero Academia. A Rabbit Quirk seems relatively niche, but Rumi makes it work and is unquestionably one of the strongest women in the series.

She's even capable of defeating several high-level Nomus in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, a feat, not too many other characters can boast.

Rumi is heavily injured by the end of the arc and gets prosthetic limbs for the ones she lost during the arc. Given the severity of the situation, one has to applaud her for still choosing to be a Pro Hero and fighting in the subsequent arc.

2) Kyoka Jiro

Jiro using her Quirk in My Hero Academia (Image via Bones)

Goth-looking girls are popular in TV shows, and it's no different with Jiro. She's a cool character with a unique Quirk and several memorable moments, such as when she sang Hero Too in the My Hero Academia anime. On a similar note, her interactions with characters like Kaminari and Momo are always a blast to see, ranging from comedic to heartwarming.

Her Quirk allows her ear lobes to act as headphone cables; she can hear stuff she'd normally usually to otherwise. Not only that, but she can shoot concentrated sounds through her hero costume.

1) Ochaco Uraraka


The main love interest of the main protagonist is a bit of an overgeneralization of Uraraka's character. While it is true that there are feelings between the two characters, Uraraka is a more interesting character past that surface-level ship. She's a fascinating hero who is mostly in it for the money.

This is selfish, but it makes sense, given her family's poverty. Uraraka's personality is also pretty interesting, as her frugal yet lively self makes for several amusing scenes. Not all comedic scenes involving her even have to use those traits; her scene where Bakugo didn't know her in the Sports Festival was pretty funny.

It also helps that her Quirk has some exciting characteristics, which can make objects act as if they're in zero gravity. Interestingly, one of the best showcases featuring it was from Toga, who used it to kill Curious.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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