Bray Wyatt (left) and Edge with Dominik Mysterio (right)

10 stunning photos from WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Last night, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hosted the 2022 Extreme Rules premium live event. The show witnessed several memorable matches, including The Brawling Brutes against Imperium, Bayley vs. Bianca Belair, and Seth Rollins against Matt Riddle.

The premium live event also saw a confrontation between a returning WWE Hall of Famer and a top superstar. Meanwhile, the show ended with a released superstar making his long-awaited comeback after more than a year of absence.


Here are 10 stunning photos from WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

#10. Sheamus and Gunther butting heads

Sheamus and Gunther butting heads at Extreme Rules (Source:

Over the past few months, The Brawling Brutes have been feuding with Imperium. Last month, Sheamus challenged Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at Clash at the Castle. However, The Ring General walked out with the victory.


The two clashed again last Friday on SmackDown, but their bout ended controversially in favor of Gunther again.

Last night, The Brawling Brutes squared off against Imperium in a Six-man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match at Extreme Rules. The two teams delivered an impressive bout before Sheamus pinned Giovanni Vinci to earn the victory for his stable.

One of the most stunning photos from the match saw everybody on the mat except for Gunther and Sheamus, who locked horns in the middle of the ring.


#9. Liv Morgan flying

Liv Morgan putting Ronda Rousey through a table (Source:

After Liv Morgan defeated Ronda Rousey twice at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, the two ladies squared off for the third time in an Extreme Rules Match last night at the premium live event.

Although the bout was somewhat disappointing to many fans, as it contained several botches, it had a few memorable moments. One of these spots was when Morgan brought a table to the ring, put her opponent on the table, climbed to the top rope, and jumped onto Rousey.

WWE photographers captured the moment, showing how high the former SmackDown Women's Champion jumped.

#8. Liv Morgan's unexpected reaction after losing the SmackDown Women's Championship

Liv Morgan unexpectedly laughed after losing the SmackDown Women's Title (Source:

Despite her best efforts, Liv Morgan lost the SmackDown Women's Championship to Ronda Rousey last night at Extreme Rules. The Baddest Woman on the Planet choked the former Riott Squad member until she passed out. The referee had no choice but to call for the bell and declare Rousey the winner.

Despite this, Morgan had an unexpected reaction to losing her title. While being choked by Rousey, the former SmackDown Women's Champion smiled. She continued smiling and laughing after the match ended as Rousey celebrated her victory.

WWE photographers captured a photo of Morgan's unexpected reaction following her defeat.

#7. Scarlett blinding Drew McIntyre

Scarlett blinded Drew McIntyre with pepper spray (Source:

After feuding for several weeks, Drew McIntyre finally went head-to-head against Karrion Kross in a Strap Match last night at Extreme Rules. The two superstars had a brutal battle, during which Kross' wife & valet, Scarlett, interfered a few times.


As The Scottish Warrior seemed ready to hit Kross with the Claymore, Scarlett interfered again and stood in front of McIntyre. He then tried to avoid her and focus on her husband. However, she grabbed him and sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray, allowing Kross to knock McIntyre out and pin him for the victory.

WWE cameras captured a stunning picture of the turning moment in the match.

#6. Bianca Belair and Bayley had an epic battle

Bianca Belair delivering a Moonsault to Bayley on a ladder (Source:

Since her return at SummerSlam, Bayley and her Damage CTRL partners, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky, have targeted Bianca Belair. The Role Model finally got her chance to challenge The EST of WWE for her RAW Women's Championship last night in a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules.

The two ladies had an epic battle, which ended in Belair overcoming all three members of Damage CTRL to retain her RAW Women's Title. The bout witnessed several impressive moments, including The EST of WWE delivering a moonsault to her opponent on a ladder. WWE photographers captured that moment and posted it on the company's official website.

#5. Beth Phoenix spearing Rhea Ripley

Beth Phoenix speared Rhea Ripley at Extreme Rules (Source:

WWE Hall of Famer Edge squared off against The Judgment Day leader Finn Balor in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules. As The Rated R Superstar seemed close to forcing The Prince to quit, the rest of The Judgment Day members stormed to the ring to help Balor.

Although Rey Mysterio attempted to help Edge, his son Dominik took him out. After Rhea Ripley handcuffed The Rated R Superstar to the ropes, Edge's wife, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, then made a surprise appearance to take out Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and Balor with a kendo stick.

Phoenix then found herself face-to-face with Rhea Ripley. The two ladies stared at each other for a few seconds before engaging in a fight, which ended in Phoenix spearing Ripley. The memorable moment was captured by the WWE photographers.

#4. Edge gets his revenge on Dominik Mysterio

Edge hit Dominik Mysterio with a devastating low blow (Source:

After Beth Pheonix freed Edge from the handcuffs, he took out The Judgment Day members one-by-one. While doing so, he found himself face-to-face with Dominik Mysterio, who had previously turned on him at Clash at the Castle and hit him with a low blow.


Mysterio tried to convince The Rated R Superstar to spare him. He even extended his hand to Edge. The Hall of Famer then shook Dominik's hand before hitting him with a devastating low blow, a moment WWE photographers captured on camera.

Despite this, Edge was later forced to quit after Ripley knocked his wife out using brass knuckles, and The Judgment Day threatened to hit her with a ConChairTo. However, Ripley still delivered a ConChairTo to The Glamazon anyway.

#3. The crowd's reaction to Riddle's entrance

The crowd's reaction to Matt Riddle's entrance at Extreme Rules (Source:

After Matt Riddle lost to Seth Rollins at Clash at the Castle last month, The Original Bro had another shot at The Visionary at Extreme Rules. The two superstars squared off in a Fight Pit Match with UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier as a special guest referee.

Riddle's entrance received a good reaction from the Philadelphia crowd. In a picture posted on WWE's official website, several fans extended their arms as they tried to catch Riddle's flip-flops. The special guest referee also seemed to enjoy The Original Bro's entrance.

#2. Riddle risking it all to defeat Seth Rollins

Matt Riddle walked out victorious from Extreme Rules

At Extreme Rules, Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins had another brutal battle in which they spared no effort to walk out victorious.

At one point, the two superstars climbed up to the second level of the Fight Pit. After Riddle hit Rollins with an RKO, The Visionary rolled off and fell into the ring.

While Daniel Cormier started counting Rollins out, Riddle decided to take a risk by flying off the second level to hit his opponent with a Broton. WWE photographers captured Riddle's risky jump on camera.

Riddle's risk paid off as he later forced Rollins to tap out, seemingly ending their feud.

#1. Bray Wyatt returned at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE

After several weeks of speculation, Bray Wyatt returned to WWE yesterday at Extreme Rules. The former Universal Champion made his comeback after Riddle and Seth Rollins' Fight Pit Match.

A few of Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse characters appeared among the crowd before the former Universal Champion made his way out of a smoke-filled door sporting a new mask and holding his famous lantern.

WWE posted a stunning photo of Wyatt's return, showing his new mask on the company's official website.

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