4 men WWE SmackDown Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux has been romantically linked with in real life

WWE Superstars Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross
WWE Superstars Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross

Nearly a decade ago, WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux kicked off her professional wrestling career. She also worked at a nightclub during her early days in the wrestling business to support herself.

After competing in a few promotions, including IMPACT Wrestling and ROH, Scarlett signed with WWE in 2019. Although the company released her last November, she recently returned to WWE television on SmackDown.

While she almost never speaks about her past relationships, the 31-year-old has been romantically linked with a few wrestlers over the past decade, including two WWE Superstars. She is currently working as a valet for one of these in-ring competitors. Meanwhile, she has also dated a guy who had never attended a wrestling show before they met.

Here are four wrestlers that WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux has been romantically linked with in real life.

#4. Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs

Since her early wrestling days, Scarlett Bordeaux has had a close relationship with former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs. The two worked together in promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling and ROH. They also appeared together on WWE television several years ago among Adam Rose's Rosebuds.

Over the past few years, Bordeaux has shared several photos with Jacobs on Twitter, expressing her love for him and stating that they looked cute together. Their extra close relationship, however, made a few fans question if they were a couple in real life.

A five-year-old Instagram post probably ended all speculations about Bordeaux and Jacobs' relationship. The 31-year-old shared a short video with the current IMPACT Wrestling producer, captioning it, "I'm the little sister he never wanted."

Although Jacobs was never a regular competitor in WWE, he wrestled two matches in 2005. He even has a disqualification victory over WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero.

#3. Independent wrestler Darin Corbin

Although Scarlett Bordeaux probably never dated Jimmy Jacobs, she was in a relationship with another wrestler during her early days in the business. The SmackDown star was romantically involved with independent wrestler Darin Corbin in 2012.

In an interview with The Greg DeMarco show in 2012, Corbin admitted that he enjoyed dating Bordeaux, disclosing that people considered him lucky to be with such a beauty:

"I will say this, I thoroughly enjoy it. But let me elaborate. The best part is, I guess, the compliments I always get. They're like 'oh, you are dating Scarlett, you are such a lucky guy,' or like, that's the nice one. It's the people who take it a step further and they don't really realize it could be taken as insulting. 'How did you land a girl like that?' I'm like 'oh, thank you,' because I'm such a hideous troll, I appreciate it. I'm like 'I guess for all the guys out there who want to have an excellent personality, here's your inspiration.' So, no, yeah, it's great and wonderful," he said. (1:53:18 - 1:54:13)

The independent wrestler also stated that he and his then-girlfriend had a similar life outlook and enjoyed each other's company:

"I think the big thing about me, about us together is I feel like we compliment each other well and we have very much a similar life outlook. So, we kinda enjoy, we're able to enjoy each other's company because we kinda have that same track mind, we know what each other is thinking. So, to kinda have that, that compatability bundled up in a package that is as stunning as that, I think is an absolute bonus on top of that. So, I would say I'd be a fool not to admit that I am very happy with that," he added. (1:54:13 - 1:54:58)

After dating for a few years, Bordeaux and Corbin reportedly split and went their separate ways in early 2013.

#2. An unnamed boyfriend she met at a bar

WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux met one of her ex-boyfriends at a bar
WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux met one of her ex-boyfriends at a bar

After her breakup with Darin Corbin, Scarlett Bordeaux started dating a man who had no connection to the wrestling business. The 31-year-old first met the guy at a bar while she was out with one of her friends.

In an interview with the Greg DeMarco show in 2013, Bordeaux disclosed that she was the one who approached the guy:

"I don't usually go hang out in bars in general. I mean it's very rare, it's kinda like this special occasion when I go out. She convinced me to go out, and there are a lot of meatheads and bros and other guys I don't wanna talk to, and there is this one punk rock looking guy, which is kinda my weakness, tattoos, and kinda artsy. (...) And I went up to him and said 'you look like a really interesting person, and I really wanna know your name,'" she said. (1:09:26 - 1:10:15)

To her surprise, after the guy introduced himself, he told Bordeaux that he knew who she was because they were friends on Facebook and he had messaged her before:

"The funny thing is he said his name and he actually goes, 'I actually know who you are. You're Scarlett the wrestler' and I'm like 'how do you know that?" and he's like, 'because we're friends on Facebook. I've sent you a message before, hit on you before, and you didn't answer me. And sure enough I actually looked back at my messages and it was true. It was so soon after my breakup, I wasn't talking to anybody at that point. I had no interest so I didn't even look. But, yeah, a few weeks I went away (...) and we just kept talking and yeah, now we're together. He hasn't been to a wrestling show ever yet, so I'll introduce him to a different world. He's in for a treat." (1:10:15- 1:11:12)

Although they dated for a while, Bordeaux and her unnamed boyfriend eventually ended their relationship.

#1. WWE Superstar Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux recently returned to WWE
Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux recently returned to WWE

Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross first met while working on the independent circuit. According to the former NXT Champion, the couple had an instant connection. Nevertheless, the two were afraid to take a step towards getting into a romantic relationship.

In an interview with Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo, Kross disclosed that Bordeaux was the one who made the first move:

"When her and I met, there was a spark and there was a connection. (...) It's like there's just the thing in the room when you know two people gravitate towards each other and we were both terrified of it. So we tried to stay away from each other for like a long time actually. It was kind of like her and I were so attracted to each other that it was actually intimidating to the both of us, so we tried to stay away from each other for a while. So, you know, I guess just one time out of many we were just hanging out and yeah, she made a move." (0:20 - 1:03)

After dating for a few years, the couple announced their engagement in September 2021. Last April, they tied the knot in a private ceremony on a glacier in Alaska.

After being released last November, Bordeaux and her husband recently returned to WWE. They are currently on the SmackDown roster.

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