10 anime to watch if you like Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama as seen in Mob Psycho 100 (Image Credits: One/Shogakukan, Dark Horse Comics, Mob Psycho 100)
Shigeo Kageyama as seen in Mob Psycho 100 (Image Credits: One/Shogakukan, Dark Horse Comics, Mob Psycho 100)

Mob Psycho 100 has become one of the most popular new-gen anime series. Fans of Mob Psycho 100 are typically drawn in by their superb animation and humor but are kept watching by the story and its relatable and lovable protagonist, Shigeo Kageyama.

Mob Psycho 100 follows Shigeo, also called Mob, as he goes through middle school life and experiences all of its trials and tribulations. However, Shigeo’s story is made different by his status as one of the most powerful Espers in the world, with Mob Psycho 100 following him as he tries to balance these two aspects of his life.

Mob Psycho 100 became an instant classic and inspired many others after it

1) One-Punch Man


One-Punch Man is a series created and written by One, the author of Mob Psycho 100. The series follows protagonist Saitama, a hero-for-fun who tries to get recognized and paid for his work by joining the Hero Association.

Like Shigeo, however, Saitama is somewhat of a background character in his series, being rather two-dimensional and not having any serious depth. The tone of the two series is incredibly similar overall, making One-Punch Man a must-try for fans of Mob Psycho.

2) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.


The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is another anime that focuses on its Esper protagonist, Kusuo Saiki. Kusuo has telepathic powers, including psychokinesis and teleportation, having manifested and used the powers since he was a newborn.

The series follows Kusuo as he navigates through high school and is put into incredibly normal situations, which he takes advantage of to hide his powers. The series is very similar in tone to Mob Psycho and is worth a try for any fans of One’s flagship series.

3) Hinamatsuri


Hinamatsuri follows Yakuza gang member Yoshifumi Nitta, who one day has a girl from the future named Hina drop on his head. All he initially knows about Hina is that she’s from the future and has incredible psychokinetic powers, which Yoshifumi uses to his advantage to become her de facto father.

However, her appearance has caused more and more girls like her to appear all over Japan, setting off a chain reaction of events that affect everyone in the city. The series is tonally similar to Mob Psycho 100, striking the same balance of mundanity and humor which One is so well known for.

4) Overlord


Overlord follows protagonist Momonga, a player from the former popular VR MMORPG game YGGDRASIL. One day, YGGDRASIL shuts its servers down, but Momonga stays logged in the game and finds NPCs behaving like real individuals after the servers are shut down.

Taking on the name of his former top guild, Momonga rebrands himself as Ainz Ooal Gown and sets out to take over the newly awakened world of YGGDRASIL.

The series is simultaneously similar and different from Mob Psycho 100 tonally, with Momonga’s inner thoughts mirroring the series’ tone perfectly. Most of the time, it’s an action-packed show like Mob Psycho.

5) My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is another of the most popular new-gen anime and manga series in recent years. It follows Izuku Midoriya, a superpowerless child in a superhero society who is eventually gifted the abilities of All Might, the top hero. The series follows his journey to become the top hero and follow in his mentor’s footsteps.

Like Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia leans very much into the high school aspect of its series, with aspects of education constantly coming into play with the plot. It’s much more action-packed than Mob Psycho but is just as character-driven and does a similarly great job developing its main cast.



FLCL is a cerebral adventure that feels like it never gives viewers a break, even after an episode ends. The coming-of-age story follows Naoto Nandaba, a 12-year-old boy living with his grandfather and widower father.

His life in the city of Mabase was interrupted by the arrival of Haruko Haruhara, changing his life and outlook throughout the first season’s short run.

Thematically, the series is very similar to Mob Psycho 100, with both protagonists striving to find their place in the world during such a pivotal point in their lives. FLCL is much faster-paced than Mob Psycho is but still hits the same strokes while working in great action and a heavy sci-fi-inspired overarching plot.

7) Akira


The cult-classic turned iconic film Akira has grown in popularity recently, resurging in pop culture thanks to celebrity endorsements. The series follows Shotaro Kaneda’s adventures through Neo-Tokyo as the leader of a biker gang, eventually shifting focus to his friend Tetsuo Shima and Tetsuo’s growing, powerful telekinetic abilities.

The film is considered a must-watch by all anime fans and is a perfect match for Mob Psycho 100 fans by genre and subject matter. While much more thought-provoking than Mob Psycho is, the movie is still worth a watch for any fans of the former series.

8) Norigami


Norigami follows the nameless god Yato, whose notoriety and fame have been lost to time. In modern-day Japan, his goal is to accept any job for five yen in the hopes of eventually coming up with enough money to build a shrine for himself.

The series follows Yato and friends Yukine and Hiyori Iki as the three go on adventures together while struggling with their identities, pasts, and friendships. It strikes many similar notes to Mob Psycho 100, especially in character development and progression.

9) Soul Eater


Soul Eater is a feel-good anime series that follows protagonist Maka Albarn as she trains to develop her living weapon scythe partner, the eponymous Soul Eater, into a death scythe. It sees the two and their similarly middle-school-aged friends progress through an academic system while also training their bodies and weapons in many fights.

Like Mob Psycho 100, the highlight of Soul Eater is undoubtedly its cast. Both series develop their characters respectably, taking them through similar turns and emotions as they grow into who they’re meant to be.

10) Eflen Lied


Elfen Lied is a true cult-classic anime series, only growing more popular and becoming of a higher quality as time passes. Regarding subject matter, the series is very different from Mob Psycho 100. However, thematic similarities abound, especially between the two protagonists of each series, Mob Psycho’s Shigeo Kageyama and Elfen Lied’s Lucy.

The series is set in an alternate version of Earth, where humans coexist with Diclonii, a similarly appearing mutant species with telekinetic powers and horns on their head. The series revolves around the interactions, views, emotions, and differences between humans and Diclonii, with Lucy serving as the central focal point.

Touching on themes like discrimination, identity, prejudice, and so much more, it’s a must-watch for any Mob Psycho fan despite its significant maturity increase relative to its content.

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