10 most captivating arcs in Attack on Titan, ranked

Characters in their Titanic form in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)
Characters in their Titanic form in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)

When you consider that the plot of Attack on Titan revolves around mankind being on the verge of extinction, it's no surprise that death occurs often. As the Titans progressively drive humanity over the brink, they instinctively battle to survive, despite the fact that many die.

Several new characters and storylines were added, as well as a great deal of mythology and narrative twists that surprised and delighted fans. While some arcs are the best examples of the show's excellence, others could have performed better. This list rates the best arcs from the anime.

Spoiler alert: This piece contains references and elements from the manga.

10 best story arcs in Attack on Titan, ranked

10) Rumbling arc


This catastrophic tragedy occurred when the Titans of Karl Fritz's Wall marched over the earth and wiped out millions. In the years leading up to Eren Yeager freeing the Wall Titans and starting the Rumbling, it was an important deterrent for Ymir's subjects on Paradis Island for more than a century.

The Rumbling wreaked havoc on the southern and northern continents of Marley as well as the surrounding countries within four days of their arrival.

The Rumbling was halted unexpectedly by the collective forces of Marley and Paradis Corps. However, by the time it did, the majority of humanity had been destroyed.

9) Fall of Shiganshina

The fall of Shiganshina arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio Mappa)
The fall of Shiganshina arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio Mappa)

The opening episode of The Fall of Shiganshina is undoubtedly, a terrific introduction to a new universe. The first few individuals and the environment around them are introduced to the audience.

Shiganshina is a district located inside a huge walled town. Eren Yeager, a young man who lives inside the area, has aspirations of leaving this fortified community. However, he is hindered by the existence of Titans, gigantic humanoid beasts who wander the world and prey on anybody they can find.

Despite Eren's discontent with his situation inside Wall Maria, his family tries to persuade him to embrace the life he has now. However, a Colossal Titan is about to arrive in front of Eren, his foster sibling Mikasa, and their closest companion Armin, giving them a terrible awakening.

8) 104th Training Corp

104th Training Corp in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)
104th Training Corp in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)

Spanning Chapters 15 and 18, the determined 104th Training Corps arc tells the story of Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the rest of the supporting characters as they prepare for the Battle of Trost.

The focus of this story arc is character growth rather than action, since it takes place between the ages of 10 and fifteen for our three major protagonists. Even if it's a touch oddly placed, this arc provides a welcome respite from Attack on Titan's usual barrage of violence and gore.

7) The Uprising


Hajime Isayama, the originator of the Shingeki no Kyojin series, provided an excellent story in the sixth arc, the Uprising. The Uprising Arc in the manga is divided between chapters 51 to 70, while in the animated adaptation, it spans episodes 38 through 48.

The storyline in The Uprising Arc recounts in detail how the situation within the Wall grew serious in response to Nick's murder and the attempted abduction of Historia and Eren.

In light of the fact that the monarchy's actions pose a grave threat to mankind, Erwin Smith sets out to topple the government. The uprising is undoubtedly one of the most gripping arcs in Attack on Titan.

6) Battle of Trost

The battle of Trost arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)
The battle of Trost arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)

The Trost District Battle, taking place amidst the the third and fourteenth chapters, is aptly labeled. Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are now teens and have just been initiated into the Survey Corps, a time skip from when they were children.

When the Colossal Titan comes in, apparently out of nowhere, and punches out a huge opening or hole through the wall, normal-sized titans pour in, and all hell breaks loose.

Despite their best efforts, the Scouts have been annihilated in the process. This marks the formal start of the conflict for The Trost District. Given the number of notable deaths, Trost is among the most prominent arcs of Attack on Titan.

5) The Female Titan

The female titan arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)
The female titan arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)

A genuine adversary didn't emerge until a few episodes into the series. However, during the Female Titan arc, this changed. The aspirations of Eren and his comrades have never been closer to becoming a reality than they were after joining the Survey Corps.

In the middle of a mission, they came across the Female Titan. While the general public was aware of Annie's true nature, the cadets of the Corps were taken aback when they learned that she was in fact their nemesis.

4) Clash of Titans


Due to a suspected breach of Wall Rose, a band of Titans had arrived within the Walls. In this arc, a larger role is played by characters such as Reiner, Ymir, Bertholdt, and Connie.

A terrible and vicious conflict awaited these men of the 104th Corps when they unexpectedly found themselves pitted against the Titans. However, these weren't the only surprises in store for them. The group's members themselves posed a threat. As a result, Eren Jaeger and the others were forced to fight to the death.

3) Marley

Mikasa Ackerman X Marley Arc

For fans of Attack on Titan, Marley arc was among the finest, allowing them to see what life was like beyond the walls of Paradis, the show's primary site. Most of the newcomers were members of Marley's Warrior Division, which included the likes of Reiner and Zeke, two of the finest villains from the arcs before this one.

Thus, the characters who had been closely watched by audiences throughout the series' many chapters and episodes were now viewed from a fresh angle.

2) Return to Shiganshina

Return to Shiganshina arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)
Return to Shiganshina arc in Attack on Titan (image via Studio MAPPA)

Even though the Shingeki no Kyojin series has had numerous fantastic arcs, there are a select few that stand head and shoulders above the others. The return to Shiganshina saw the Survey Corps face off against the giants in order to retake Wall Maria, which culminated in a titanic showdown that altered the course of history. Colossal Titan broke down the barrier/wall that sheltered them, with half of it collapsing on Eren's home.

Armin, Mikasa, and Eren were living in Shiganshina at the beginning of the series. When Eren's mother, Carla, was trapped inside the home and unable to escape, a titan ate her. The three returned to the neighborhood where they grew up after a five-year absence to observe how things had changed.

1) War of Paradis


Eren's Survey Corps arrived back in Paradis following the Liberio invasion, but soon found themselves in danger of their own territory when a band of troops turned rogue and sought to gain control of the region, planning to establish a new Eldian Kingdom led by Eren.

A catastrophic counter-strike against the island was being planned by Marley. Paradis' fate will be unveiled in the midst of a multi-front battle.

As the story ends, a staggering amount of personalities, many of them cherished by admirers, are slain in the Paradis arc.

Finally, that's all from our side. Let us know which Attack on Titan arc is your favorite.

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