10 most fan-favorite Pokemon of all time

Ash surrounded by a lot of his Pokemon (Image credit: Satochi Tajari and Ken Sugimori/ Tv Tokyo, OLM Incorporated, Pokemon Journeys: The series)
Ash surrounded by a lot of his Pokemon (Image credit: Satochi Tajari and Ken Sugimori/ Tv Tokyo, OLM Incorporated, Pokemon Journeys: The series)

Pokemon is one of the most popular animes in existence, and with every iteration of the game, a new anime season comes to us, with new creatures and forms, ready for the fans to enjoy.

With over 900 designs in existence, it is needless to say that there are some Pokemon which fans have loved more than others. In this list, we have compiled the top ten of these fan-favorites.

Disclaimer: This list will be based upon the author’s opinion and will not be in any order. It will contain minor spoilers from various Pokemon seasons.

Which Pokemon do the fans like best?

1) Mimikyu


Number 778 in the national Pokedex, Mimikyu was a fan favorite since the moment it was revealed. Its strong attacks and unasuming appearance make it a tough opponent to face-off against. That, coupled with its charming costume and desire to be appreciated like Pikachu, makes it even more endearing.

It gained popularity by becoming one of Team Rocket’s companions during their trip to the Alolan region. The scene where Jesse helps to fix its costume is one of the cutest interactions that fans were treated to in that season.

2) Dragonite


Number 149 in the Pokedex, Dragonite has captured the hearts of a lot of fans since its release in the first generation. Its friendly-looking shape and its dragon-type features make him an all-time favorite.

Dragonite became even more popular when Iris captured one during Ash’s trip in the Teselia region. This season, Ash finally has one of his own, the first friend he captured during the Journey’s adventure, and it has proved to be one of his strongest Pokemon.

3) Gengar


Number 94 in the national Pokedex, Gengar has been a beloved character since he was presented to us amongst the original 151. Its mysterious nature, creepy but endearing smile, powerful attacks and affinity for pranks have made it well-loved since the beginning, which is further increased owing to its ghostly and somewhat cute design.

One of the first two Pokemon to appear on screen, its repeated appearances in the anime have gained it more fans and hearts. During Journeys, Ash is finally teaming up with a Gengar in the latest season, making even more fans gush over this Pokemon.

4) Umbreon


The most popular evolution that Eevee has, Umbreon is the 197th Pokemon, and since its appearance during the second generation, it has been gaining more fans every year. Its design is simple, making it easy to remember, but also unique, adding an element of mystery to it.

It also helps that Garry was able to obtain one of his own, and it proved to be a formidable foe with incredible abilities, although Ash never got the chance to fight against it. Its night-like aesthetic and powerful moves have made fans love Umbreon for years.

5) Greninja


Greninja is the 658th Pokemon in the world, and it has been gaining fans since its appearance in the sixth generation. One of the starters during the Kalos region, Greninja quickly gained attention thanks to its shinobi-like style and powerful moves.

But Ash’s Greninja was the one who helped cement it as an all-time favorite. It was the first partner since the beginning of the series to be able to obtain its own form, thanks to the bond Ash and Greninja formed. Its battles were delightful to watch, and fans will always remember it fondly.

6) Eevee


The multi-evolution Pokemon, Eevee is the 133rd creature introduced to us during the first generation. Its cuddly and soft design, when added to its cute and playful nature, has made Eevee well-loved since the beginning. And its ability to evolve into several different forms makes it one of the best starting partners to have.

It has been a major part of many different anime seasons, starting with Gary’s, which was able to defeat Ash’s Pikachu during their fight. Since then, it has not only gained more evolutions but also more fans who love this cute and friendly creature, to the point where it is almost a second mascot to the franchise.

7) Mewtwo


The most popular Legendary Pokemon of them all. Mewtwo is number 150 in the national Pokedex. Considered one of the best designs and characters in the series, it has powerful psychic abilities and a mysterious aura surrounding it, making fans fall in love with this enigmatic creature.

Mewtwo was one of the biggest threats during the first season, and later became a major character of the first ever Pokemon movie. It has never left the hearts of those who consider it their favorite, and every appearance it has only adds to its increasingly growing fanbase.

8) Lucario


When thinking about a favorite Pokemon, Lucario is one of the first to come to mind. Number 378 in the Pokedex, Lucario was already a big hit when introduced. Its calm looking and powerful stance combines perfectly with its dog-like appearance. And fans love its ability to detect and use Aura.

Its appearance in the anime increased its popularity. Ash was finally able to team up with a Lucario during the latest season. It is one of his strongest partners ever and was also the second to connect with him at a deeper level, much like Greninja.

9) Pikachu


Pikachu is not only one of the most well-loved Pokemon, but also the face of the franchise. A cute and soft-looking mouse-like creature, Pikachu is number 25 of the first generation. Since its introduction, Pikachu has continued to gain favor with fans of the anime.

Ash’s companion and his most loyal friend since the beginning, Pikachu has been a part of the fans’ lives for a long time. Along with great feats of strength, its friendly and fun-loving nature, and all the adventures that fans have shared with it, Pikachu has become one of the most beloved Pokemon ever.

10) Charizard


When fans are asked who their favorite pocket monster is, most are going to reply with Charizard. Its design, which is characterised by its dragon-like features and powerful wings and claws, has made it a favorite among fans.

Ash’s Charizard has always been a well-known member of his roster, and its many appearances over the years have made it even more popular. This popularity has also been helped by the many other Charizards that have been relevant in the anime’s history.

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