4 characters introduced in 'Attack on Titan' final season whom fans loved (and 4 whom they did not)

Attack on Titan final season introduces a lot of characters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Attack on Titan final season introduces a lot of characters (Image via Sportskeeda)

Attack on Titan final season has gifted us with a host of new characters, and fans have had drastically different reactions to them. While some characters went on to become absolute favorites, others quickly got panned.

With the season itself being an emotional rollercoaster, the new characters also went through plenty of ups and downs.

[This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan final season.]

4 fan favorite characters from 'Attack on Titan' final season (and 4 who are hated)

Characters who were loved

4) Nicolo

Nicolo began as a neutral character in Attack on Titan final season, and became endeared through Sasha, and ironically, even more so after her death. Nicolo represented a change in perspective, that a peaceful co-existence was possible between Marleyans and Eldians, as long as they bothered to sit down and understand each other’s point of views.

Nicolo’s actions regarding serving Zeke’s spinal fluid and inadvertently getting Falco into his predicament were met with mixed responses. While understandable, some could not accept what he willingly tried to do to a child.

Others, however, believed that his actions were right. The jury is still out on that one, but overall Nicolo is a well-liked, and better yet, understood character.

3) Colt Grice

Colt had been appreciated first as Falco’s brother, and Zeke’s successor. Despite being older, Colt had a naivete to him that Falco had already shed.

Colt was close to his brother’s friends, Gabi specifically, and worried for them quite a lot. His blind faith in Zeke had set him up as a slightly tragic character.

Sadly, in Attack on Titan final season part 2, and especially in episode 3, Colt’s image of a merciful Zeke was terribly shattered on the heel of Falco’s transformation.

Colt’s death was mourned by the fandom, because his relationship with Falco was one of the healthiest sibling bonds in Attack on Titan.

2) Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger, the Cart Titan, does not have a complicated relationship to the plot. Her actions during the rescue of Gabi and Falco, and her quick thinking during the Liberio Incident in Attack on Titan final season portray her as a smart, loyal, and innovative person with morals and a backbone.

Pieck was especially lauded for the fact that she chose to serve the Marleyan government despite being aware of their true nature in order to fight with her friends.

In a way, Pieck represents the same disillusionment that Reiner does, but hers is not as self-loathing as his.

1) Falco Grice

Falco Grice is by far the most well-liked character amongst those introduced in Attack on Titan final season. As the season progresses, not only do we find Falco to be a world-weary, empathetic, considerate person, but also a curious and inquisitive young man, which makes it hard for him to buy into the Marleyan narrative.

Throughout part 1 and then in part 2 of Attack on Titan final season, Falco is a parallel to Reiner, and he is contrasted beautifully with Gabi, who represents a parallel to a young Eren Yeager.

Falco’s fate in part 2, and his guilt that he carries from helping Eren unknowingly in part 1, not only make him a complex character, but endear him to the fans even more.

Those who were hated

4) Porco Galliard

When we first meet Porco Galliard in Attack on Titan final season, he is brash, dismissive, hot-headed, and a passionate Reiner-hater. Porco’s anger at Reiner was justified from his perspective, and that made him seem childish because the audience was aware of how misconstrued those emotions was.

What made Porco somewhat redeemed was his devotion to his fellow Eldians, and his love for his brother Marcel.

It can be argued that his sacrifice in Episode 78 was done as a last act of defiance, a last win over Reiner, but the fact remains that he consciously saved both Reiner and Falco, and prioritized their goal of keeping Eren contained.

3) Willy Tybur

Willy Tybur is not particularly hated as a character, but more for the way he set the progress of the Eldians back. His actions were full of prejudice and a selfish need to present himself and his family as standing above the rest. He spoke of the Marleyan narrative and orchestrated the vilification of his own race.

While he unknowingly corroborated to Zeke’s planned escape, his speech and the subsequent events precluded all chances of reconciliation between the people of Paradis and the outside world.

Willy’s speech effectively validated the image that the devils of Paradis were, in fact, devils.

2) Gabi Braun

Many would expect Gabi to be at the top of this list. But she is not as hated anymore, especially since people have finally started to understand her position in this war. Gabi was known throughout Attack on Titan final season part 1 as, in Eren’s own words, “the brat who killed Sasha.”

Despite that, Gabi’s biggest flaw was not killing someone who came into her home and shot her people, it was the frustratingly stubborn adherence to her Marleyan brainwashing.

Gabi, being the smartest of her batch and clearly perceptive in battle, had no excuse to keep thinking of the people of Paradis as devils even after she was shown such kindness by Sasha’s family.

That it took her until the second episode of part 2 to recognize the people of Paradis as humans has rightfully irritated some fans.

However, the fact that she evolved is why she received nearly no backlash even after shooting Eren. Her concern for Falco, her regret for her actions, and some brilliant directorial choices that highlighted how young and out-of-depth Gabi was, softened the fans’ opinion of her.

1) Yelena

After episode 3 of Attack on Titan final season part 2 had aired, no other character was as disliked as Yelena. Even when someone like Gabi could be understood, Yelena’s fanatism and wilful ignorance could not be overlooked.

In part 1, she was already revealed to be a traitor and a ruthless commander. Her reverence towards the Yeager brothers was disconcerting to say the least, and her actions towards the Paradis military were deplorable.

As neither a Marleyan, nor an Eldian, she had no personal stake in this conflict until she forcefully waged her way in, and caused havoc in the process. Her sickeningly sweet demeanor and the face she made at Armin did not help her image in the slightest.

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