4 funniest One Piece characters (and 4 that took themselves too seriously)

King and Queen couldn't be any more different from each other (Image via Toei Animation)
King and Queen couldn't be any more different from each other (Image via Toei Animation)

Eiichiro Oda knows how to perfectly blend a mix of comedy and seriousness in the One Piece series.

For over 25 years, One Piece has captivated audiences with its large cast of characters. Variety is the spice of life, so Oda made sure that everybody stood out. For every Monkey D. Luffy, there is a Sakazuki nearby.

More than a few One Piece characters take it way too seriously. Whether it's their overall design or disposition, they remain firm in their resolve. Meanwhile, there are goofy personalities who know how to make the audience laugh. They bring a light-hearted balance into the world.

One Piece characters that are naturally funny

4) Queen


Unlike most of the Beasts Pirates, Queen is always having a blast in Wano Country. He is a live entertainer that always performs for his audience.

With that said, he can also be very delusional. Queen believes that his fat is made of pure muscle. In fact, he states that he is voluntarily large, since he would otherwise steal all the women away from the men.

Despite his mad genius and scientific expertise, Queen does have a tendency to screw up his operations. This can lead to overly comical reactions from him, such as when Luffy tries to escape the Udon Prison.

3) Buggy the Clown


Buggy is the starter villain in the One Piece, having appeared all the way back in the Orange Town arc. He is a ridiculously weak fighter when he shows up again in the Impel Down arc. Nonetheless, his cowardly nature and unbelievable luck is what makes him fun to watch.

During the breakout at Impel Down, Biggy somehow convinced hundreds of escapees to follow him. They would always misunderstand his situation as a measure of strength. A recurring joke in the One Piece community is that Buggy is the strongest character.

When Buggy confronted his former childhood friend Shanks, the escapees thought he showed no fear against the Emperor of the Sea. In reality, Buggy was merely bickering with somebody he used to know.

2) Usopp


Usopp is yet another coward within the One Piece series. Although he is among the weakest Straw Hats, he is also a very crafty fighter.

This was best seen during his fight against Mr. 4 in Alabasta. Usopp managed to pull off every trick in the entire book, such as a "5-Ton Hammer" that actually wasn't. He also managed to knock out Perona with a "10-Ton Hammer" in Thriller Bark, albeit she fainted from fear.

Most of Usopp's fights are played up for laughs. With that said, One Piece fans have to respect his sheer ability to lie in any given situation.

1) Monkey D. Luffy


With a simple-minded nature and childlike personality, Luffy always delivers the funniest moments in the series. Whether it's playing around with monkeys or imitating his best friends, the Straw Hat knows how to make someone laugh.

He can even make serious moments that much funnier. During his imprisonment in Wano Country, Luffy managed to eat all the oshiruko right before Big Mom. He outright admitted that he was the culprit by pure accident. He meant to say it in his head, yet he ended up saying it out loud.

Luffy doesn't have any filters in the One Piece series. He always says what's on his mind, whether or not anybody wants to hear it.

One Piece characters that are too serious for their own good

4) Trafalgar Law


Law has a very tragic backstory, so it's understandable that he is a very serious man. Nonetheless, this makes him the perfect straight man for a comedy role. Despite his meticulous planning, it can go up in smoke thanks to Luffy.

Ever since teaming up with the Straw Hats after the timeskip, he constantly has to babysit everybody around him. During the Onigashima Raid, he already knew that Luffy and Kid would run into battle, so he already devised a plan around that. Law has definitely had enough of everybody's nonsense.

3) Charlotte Katakuri


During the Whole Cake Island ac, Katakuri goes through great pains to maintain his cool image. His biker outfit and sharp face is more appropriate for a seinen manga. Katakuri definitely has a non-standard character design for the One Piece series, which makes him stand out more.

Regardless, he is not without comical moments in his fight against Luffy. Katakuri has a sweet tooth, so he must take breaks to enjoy some donuts. This state of bliss is the only time he never takes himself seriously. He fits right in with the rest of the Big Mom Pirates.

2) King


King is very similar to Katakuri, another commander of a powerful crew. Both of them take their jobs very seriously for Kaido and Big Mom, respectively. They also have gritty designs that make them seem very dangerous.

However, King is a member of the Beasts Pirates, which makes him far less silly than the Big Mom Pirates. He is among the very few characters without a trademark laugh in the One Piece series.

King's main concern is performing his duties as Kaido's right-hand man. He doesn't really care for much else in life. King is a definite contrast to Queen, a far more flamboyant character.

1) Sakazuki


Sakazuki cracking a smile is a very foreign concept to One Piece fans. Even before he became the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, he was always a deadly serious man. He stops at nothing to achieve his goal of Absolute Justice, even if it means burning down friends and foes alike.

Sakazuki is perfectly represented by his Devil Fruit, the Magu Magu no Mi. His volcanic anger constantly reaches boiling point. Very few characters dare provoke him, although there are exceptions. Sakazuki regularly argues with Admiral Fujitora over the concept of justice.

Unlike most characters on this list, Sakazuki is never played for laughs. The One Piece series always gets darker with his presence.

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