8 anime to watch while waiting for Classroom of the Elite season 3

Classroom of the elite (image via Studio Lerche)
Classroom of the elite (image via Studio Lerche)

Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite is almost around the corner as Studio Lerche is soon returning with the third installment of the series. Fans are quite excited to see the characters in action once again.

With no official release date for Classroom of the Elite season 3, some fans initially wondered whether it would be released in January 2023. However, given that such a thing did not happen, many are now speculating that the third season will premiere around mid-2023.

Here are 8 anime you can watch while you await an official confirmation about the release date for the third season of Classroom of the Elite.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and ranked in no particular order.

One Outs, Hyouka, and 6 other anime for those who enjoy watching Classroom of the Elite

1. Charlotte


Charlotte is an anime about Yuu Otosaka, who has the ability to take over someone else's body for a brief span of 5 seconds. However, as the series progresses, he realizes that he is not the only one with supernatural abilities. He also understands the true potential of his own ability and begins using it in a much more profound manner.

People who like Classroom of the Elite might find Charlotte entertaining because of the supernatural abilities that the protagonists have.

2. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU


My teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, also known as Oregairu, is about Hikigaya Hachiman, who defines himself as an average looking loser with average grades. He even calls himself the strongest when it comes to losing, and enjoys trolling other people.

Those who enjoyed Classroom of the Elite will like watching this as well, given that the protagonists of both these anime have the same approach towards life.

3. One Outs


One Outs is an anime about Toua Tokuchi, who seems to be an expert in outsmarting everyone else, just like Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite.

Toua does a great job of hiding his fear and true intentions from others, and can crush every opponent with his passion and skill. He has a cold personality, behaves ruthlessly with others, and doesn't let anyone get close to him.

Despite being a sports anime, One Outs is quite unlike any other production in the genre.

4. Assassination Classroom


Assassination Classroom is an anime that is quite similar to Classroom of the Elite. Both have a system of hierarchy that is followed in the school. However, in the case of Assassination Classroom, the least accomplished students, troublemakers, and the odd ones are all banished from the main building.

The anime seems like a gathering of oddballs. Later, however, the class is tasked with killing a powerful teacher and stopping him from destroying part of the earth. Things take a turn when the students realize how extraordinary this teacher is, and become fans of him.

5. Saiki K.

Saiki K. is an anime about Saiki, who is a high school student with superpowers. He is just like Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite but much more powerful in terms of capabilities. Saiki can destroy the world if he is not careful with his powers.

Despite having supernatural abilities, Saiki just wants to have a normal life. However, his family, friends, and classmates don't allow him to be free, and keep pushing him into troublesome situations.

6. Tomodachi Game


Tomodachi Game is a series about Yuuichi Katagiri, a master manipulator, who is the protagonist of the story. As a matter of fact, parallels are often drawn between him and Ayanokoji when it comes to discussions about who is better at manipulation.

In the anime, Yuuichi is constantly seen manipulating people as puppets and getting them to do his bidding.

7. Hyouka

Hyouka is a series about the protagonist Oreki, who is a high school freshman. Unlike his peers, who want to enjoy the springtime by having fun, Oreki justs wants to laze around and do as little as possible. He is often compared to Ayanokoji of Classroom of the Elite as both of them have the same kind of laidback approach to life.

In Hyouka, this changes when Oreki's sister forces him to become a member of the classic literature club. Here, he comes across Chitanda, who has a knack for getting to the root of mystries. Oreki starts solving mysteries for her and a bond develops between the two in the process.

Oreki has great intelligence, which is another reason why he is compared to Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite.

8. Baka & Tests - Summon The Beasts


Baka & Tests is an anime about the Fumizuku Academy, an institution that has recently started taking an interesting approach of setting a hierarchy in the classrooms. This is why it is compared to the hierarchical system in Classroom of the Elite.

All the students are required to take a test at the end of their freshman year. Those who perform well are sent to Class A, and those who are unable to score even a single digit number are sent directly to Class F.

The protagonist and a couple of his acquaintances are sent to Class F and the anime is all about what they do out there.