All Spy x Family arcs, ranked most to least funny

All Spy x Family arcs, ranked most to least funny (Image via WIT Studios, CloverWorks)
All Spy x Family arcs, ranked most to least funny (Image via WIT Studios, CloverWorks)

Author and illustrator Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family manga series and corresponding anime adaptation has been one of the most successful series in years, especially the anime version. Deemed an incredibly fresh take on the slice-of-life genre, fans simply can’t get enough of the perfect blend of romance, comedy, and action the series offers.

While each and every Spy x Family arc manages to sneak in a couple of comedic moments no matter what, there are certainly some arcs that are funnier than others. However, this isn’t due to a lack of quality, but rather a difference in the subject matter that each arc of the series chooses to focus on.

The list below ranks all Spy x Family story arcs from most to least funny.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

Spy x Family arcs have varying ranges of comedy, all great despite how funny they may or may not be

1) Midterm Exams arc


Without a doubt, the funniest Spy x Family arc to date is the Midterm Exams arc. Full of gems such as the Glooman Pharmaceuticals plotline, Yuri’s attempt at tutoring Anya, and the hilariously touching Yor cooking storyline, it’s one of the most stacked sections of the series. It being interspersed with a focus on Sylvia Sherwood and amateur spy Daybreak only further cements its high rank.

2) Stella Star arc


Spy x Family’s Stella Star arc is a close second to the Midterm Exams arc in terms of comedy. While a relatively short arc, moments such as the dodgeball tournament and the entirety of the aquarium penguin mission make up for the lack of length.

The episode that sees Anya save a young boy and earn her first Stella Star is also commendable, thereby solidifying this arc's ranking.

3) Campbelldon Tennis arc

One of the biggest contributors to the humor of the Campbelldon Tennis arc is the presence of Fiona Frost and the cascading effects she has. While her monologues on how much she loves Loid are certainly welcome, the effect her presence has on Yor is absolutely hilarious. The interspersal of Anya’s reactions to these developments serve as the comedic cherry on top.

4) Eden Beginnings arc


The Eden Beginnings arc, despite being very short and coming so early on in the series, undoubtedly makes for one of the funniest arcs thus far. If only for Loid’s reactions to how quickly everything that could go wrong does, it’s simultaneously engaging and hilarious. The humorous beginnings of Anya’s friendship with Damian and his love for her also helps solidify its high rank on this list.

5) Introduction arc


While Endo is undoubtedly still finding his footing in the Introduction arc, the premiere story arc of Spy x Family is nevertheless as hilarious as most any other. The sudden mashing of three distinct personalities in the form of Loid, Anya, and Yor naturally lends itself to moments of comedy, allowing the Introduction arc to remain one of the series’ brightest.

6) Secret Police arc


Although the comedy of the Secret Police arc is predominantly carried by the introduction of Yor’s brother, Yuri, it nevertheless is a recipe for incredible success. His dimwitted, high-energy antics instantly turned him into a fan-favorite, only exacerbated by the comedic chemistry he has with Yor’s character. Despite being one of the shortest arcs in the series, it’s jam-packed with comedy.

7) Imperial Scholars Mixer arc


While the Imperial Scholars Mixer arc has its moments of comedy, the predominant tone throughout is a serious one, with Loid firmly focusing on progressing Operation Strix by meeting Donovan Desmond. While this does give way to a focus on Damian and his emotions, it is done in a manner that’s more serious than comedic, albeit with some hilarity weaved into these moments of growth.

8) Admissions Interview arc

The first predominantly serious arc of the series, the Admissions Interview arc primarily focuses on Loid’s concerns with the success of Operation Strix and his attempts to fix what’s wrong. There are some funny moments, but the arc mostly foregoes comedy in order to establish and set up the relationships and guiding principles of Spy x Family’s future developments.

9) Friendship Schemes arc

Similar to the Imperial Scholars Mixer arc, the Friendship Schemes arc has moments of comedy when focusing on Anya and Damian, but the spotlight is firmly fixed on Yor Forger. Fans see Yor unintentionally befriending Melinda Desmond, wife of Donovan. This is seemingly done to set up future arcs.

While laughs can be found in this 4-chapter stretch, it’s primarily a serious arc focused on setting up the future.

10) Great Cruise Adventure arc

The Great Cruise Adventure arc serves as the first full-length arc in Spy x Family to focus predominantly on Yor. Unfortunately, the comedy often associated with her airheaded personality is nowhere to be seen here. With the arc focusing on her protecting criminal family defectors by hired assassins, comedy is sparingly used and mainly restricted to cute Anya and Loid moments rather than elaborate storylines.

11) Doggy Crisis arc


Likewise, Spy x Family’s Doggy Crisis arc deals with very serious subject matter, arguably the most serious in the series up to that point.

Berlint becomes a battlefield which the Forgers find themselves right in the middle of, to the point where Loid’s life is at risk as seen by Anya. Like the Great Cruise Adventure arc, funny moments can be found, but very sparingly in favor of more serious topics.

12) Red Circus arc

The latest arc in Spy x Family also serves as its most serious yet. The Red Circus arc focuses on domestic terrorism and hostage situations, leaving almost no room for comedy outside of some brief Anya and Yuri moments. While still an exceptional arc in spite of, or maybe even due to a lack of comedy, the lack is nevertheless apparent.

13) WISE arc

Finally, Spy x Family’s WISE arc, while still being one of the best overall in the series, is undoubtedly the least funny by nature of its subject matter. Serving as a Twilight origin story, fans see how the world-famous spy came to be, starting from his childhood and following him through his first introductions to the spy world.

It’s a fantastic arc, but undoubtedly one with a distinct lack of comedy.