Boruto Episode 262: Fans on Twitter are still laughing about Himawari babysitting Kawaki during Kae’s tea party

Himawari wants to help Kawaki with his mission in Boruto Episode 262 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Himawari wants to help Kawaki with his mission in Boruto Episode 262 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Boruto Episode 262

The mission to keep princess Kae safe is still ongoing in Boruto Episode 262. Now that Himawari knows about Kawaki’s secret mission, she is determined to help him keep Kae safe. This proved to be harder than she expected, especially because they had to attend Kae’s tea party.

Last week’s episode was the introduction of princess Kae, as well as the revelation of Kawaki’s secret mission to keep her alive. Boruto Episode 262, titled The Princess’ Tea Party, is a continuation of last week’s adventure.

Continue reading to learn more about what happened in this hilarious and wholesome episode, as well as the reaction fans had on Twitter after seeing it.

Kawaki is more awkward than ever in Boruto Episode 262

What happened last time

Boruto episode 261 review. A really fun episode with a really fresh tone. The addition of new characters and soundtrack make this arc even more exciting to look forward. Love the academy vibe, made me feel a bit nostalgic 🤧9/10, pretty positive arc starter 🔥

Boruto Episode 261 introduced fans to the new generation of Academy students, Kae amongst them. Kawaki tried to become her friend to make his mission of keeping her safe easier for him. Eiki, one of Kawaki’s classmates, was feeling jealous and attacked him, which ultimately helped Kawaki become Kae’s friend.

Boruto Episode 262: The secret is out

Himawari figures out kawaki’s secret mission and offers to help. #boruto

Boruto Episode 262 started with Kawaki watching Kae talk with her friends from afar. While he was thinking, Himawari approached him to tell him that she was already aware of his secret mission to keep the princess safe. She also told Kawaki that she could help take some pressure off his shoulders, which he refused, although he appreciated the concern.

After the intro, we could see the kids and Kawaki eating their lunches. Kae, who is used to acting proper in front of others, eats very little, impressing the girls around her. Osuka entered the room, mocking Kae for her simple lunch and boasting about hers. Her lackey, Neon, used one of her family's drone prototypes to bring her tea.

Kawaki keeping a secret eye on Kae even when she is eating lunch😂. #boruto

Kawaki, who was witnessing the scene, was approached by Eiki Fuma, who was still trying to fight him. Kawaki did not take the kids’ words seriously. Suddenly, Kae decided to excuse herself from the classroom, and Kawaki decided to follow her.

It was revealed that Kae went to eat her actual lunch on the roof of the Academy, where she was surprised by Kawaki. The boy asked her why she was eating alone, to which she replied that she was trying to keep her proper girl act, to prevent people from criticizing the royal family.

Kawaki told her that she should not keep hiding her true self or she would not make friends, although Kae revealed she had a plan to make everyone like her.

The princess' request

Here I am, just realizing that the Osuka/Kae dynamic is going to be one of the modern/traditional dynamics of Boruto. Here, new wealth and stardom vs a traditional princess.

Boruto Episode 262 continued by showing Osuka and Neon walking around the school as they talked about the former's upcoming tea party. While the two girls were planning the party, Kae informed the rest of her class that she would also be hosting one of her own.

The episode cut to later that day at the Uzumaki household, where Kawaki was shown to be dismissive of Kae’s party. Himawari, who was listening to her brother, surprised Kawaki by telling him that he would have to follow certain etiquette rules unless he wanted to be thrown out of the party.

Kawaki getting jumpscared by Hima 😭😭 I'm weak#BORUTO #NARUTO

Meanwhile, Kae was preparing everything for her party, with the help of her personal servant. She had a flashback of the time her late mother told her to have fun at parties and be herself.

Kae’s tea party

Kae just looks happy in Boruto Episode 262, new screenshot! I can’t wait for the interactions between Eiki and Kawaki🤣. #boruto

Boruto Episode 262 continued the next day, with everyone already gathered in Kae’s garden, ready for the party to start. When one of the academy kids asked why Kawaki was there, he simply replied that he was a fan of tea and sweets.

Osuka, who was still mad about Kae telling everyone about her party before she could, is planning on ruining the event. Eiki was still suspicious of Kawaki, even calling him out for his weird behavior.


Kawaki, who was nervous about being kicked out of the party, tried to follow Himawari’s advice on how to behave, although his anxiety caused him to act weird. Osuka tried to make the guest jealous by talking about the famous actors that went to one of her parents' parties. Yet, she was one-upped when Himawari told everyone about his father knowing the Kazekage.

Kae was reminded of her father because of Himawari’s stories about Naruto and the two girls started to have an amicable chat. Suddenly, Kae changed the subject and asked Kawaki why he decided to enroll at the Ninja Academy. Kawaki, who was extremely nervous, ended up saying he just wanted Taiyaki, making everyone else laugh.

Is the cake poisoned?

Kawaki doesn’t trust the cake, he thinks there is something in it🤔 #boruto

Boruto Episode 262 proceeded to show viewers that Kae was happy with how her party was developing. She decided to bring the cake she baked for the party to give everyone a slice. Osuka revealed that she ruined the cake by adding mustard to the mixture, thinking this would ruin Kae’s reputation.

However, before anyone could try the cake, Kawaki noticed the odd smell coming from the dessert, which made him think someone was trying to poison the princess. He successfully prevented Kae from eating the cake, although he ended up ruining the party, prompting Eiki to fight him and Kae to get extremely mad.

Eiki and Kawaki are going at it…😂 #boruto

A few moments later, Himawari spoke with Kawaki about his weird behavior, and he confessed that he believed someone was trying to kill Kae. Himawari told her brother the smell was simply of mustard, so the incident must have been nothing more than a cruel prank. Kawaki wondered who could have done such a thing until he noticed Osuka mocking Kae.

The plan to expose Osuka

Boruto Episode 262 continued after Kawaki and Himawari went with Kae’s servant to search for clues about how Osuka spiked the cake. After seeing a small opening in the wall, Kawaki understood how she did it and told Himawari to go back to Kae.

Outside, Osuka mocked Kae for how the party went, saying everything was her fault. Himawari arrived, revealing to everyone that someone had put mustard on the cake. When Osuka asked for proof, Himawari was unable to give her anything, at least until Kawaki appeared.

Pior que eu sou tão burro, que eu nem lembrei do drone que foi apresentado no início do episódio e poderia passar por aquela janela, pensei igual a Himawari que poderia ter sido algum jutsu 🤡#BORUTO #Boruto262

Kawaki threw the drone previously used by Neon on the ground, informing all the guests about Osuka’s plan. Neon, who was feeling guilty, revealed to everyone that she and Osuka did indeed put mustard on the cake.

Kae’s breaking point

Boruto Episode 262 went on to show that Osuka was trying to blame Neon for everything that happened. This was enough for Kae to get incredibly mad at the girl for betraying her friend and to start screaming. Everyone was surprised to see her break her act, without trying to appear proper all the time.

Kae got worried about showing her true personality but was quickly reassured by her friends that it was okay. In the end, Kawaki brought Taiyaki to replace the cake, to the delight of Kae and all the guests.

We must protect himawari at all cost, even Kawaki realises that✨. #boruto

Boruto Episode 262 ended with Himawari and Kawaki walking back home. Himawari asked her brother if he would allow her to help protect Kae, to which Kawaki agreed. Yet, he was still worried about Himawari being in danger because of the mission.

How did Twitter react to Boruto Episode 262?

Boruto eps 262 review. A good delivered eps with a lot of funny moment but still had a room for character development. The new soundtrack bring a good vibe. I like all the next gen characters, especially Kae. Next few weeks gonna be fun with this arc8,5/10. Good run so far✨

Fans on Twitter were extremely happy with how good Boruto Episode 262 was. Not only are they praising the overall story of the arc, but also the character development of the new characters.

Just finished Boruto episode 262 9/10This episode is really interesting and fun kawaki and himawari keep this arc so interesting with there comedy 😌

Obviously, Kawaki and Himawari were the stars of the show this week. People love the cute and funny moments occurring between the siblings.


Although Kawaki is receiving a fair amount of love, there is no denying that fans are dying to see more of Himawari. The little girl has been trending amongst fans on Twitter due to her lovely personality in the past few episodes.


She is the best part of this arc, showing us how smart, cute and hilarious she can be. Fans want to keep this precious ray of sunshine safe from all danger.

#Boruto Like father/ Like daughter

She has also been compared to her father a lot lately, with fans saying she is exactly like Naruto when he was younger.

#boruto262 is all about being yourself. Don't pretend to be someone else just to please everyone.Nice, Kawaki.👍🏻

The episode also contained a good lesson that fans are taking to heart. Kae had to learn to act like herself without caring about expectations, something that will stick with fans for a long time.

Overall, fans are extremely pleased with Boruto Episode 262, as well as with the Academy arc as a whole. They are expecting next week’s episode to be as funny as today’s episode.

Final thoughts

Boruto Episode 262 is a great continuation of the arc that started with last week’s episode. The arc is all about developing Kawaki as a character, using Kae and his mission as the driving force. So far, the show has been doing an amazing job developing this concept.

Kawaki is learning just as much as all his other classmates, even though he is not fully aware of this yet. His relationship with Himawari is also going deeper, which could play an important part in the future arcs of the series.

Boruto Episode 263 Preview [English Sub] Title: ‘Bloom, Hana! The Teachers Gifts’ (8/21)

The episode was exceptionally funny, thanks to Kawaki’s awkward persona, as well as Himawari’s attempts to keep him from embarrassing himself. Next week’s episode will focus on Kawaki’s teacher, Hana, who will have to learn to be more confident in herself. It will also feature Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, which can only mean more awkward and hilarious moments.

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