Does Dr. Stone chapter 232 offer an underwhelming ending to the series?

Fans are divided over Dr. Stone Chapter 232 (Image via TMS Entertainment)
Fans are divided over Dr. Stone Chapter 232 (Image via TMS Entertainment)

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 ended its five-year long serialization run this past Sunday, March 6. While many of the series’ fans are pleased with the ending to the series that Dr. Stone Chapter 232 presented, some are criticizing the ending as being underwhelming for a Shonen manga.

Like with criticisms of the series overall, many fans cite the ending as underwhelming. Specifically, fans are citing the quick resolution with Why-man as not being the major conflict the series made it out to be.

In the same breath, however, Dr. Stone is by no means a fighting Shonen, and the action has is in short, intermittent bursts.

Follow along as this article breaks down Dr. Stone Chapter 232’s ending, and whether or not it was underwhelming for fans.

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 divides fanbase, with some praising, others loathing series’ ending

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 breakdown

Just Completely Finished Dr.Stone I Can`t Believe Its Already Over But This Was Great Series I highly recommend to anyone that loves Manga or even anime and Senku is Great MC Ten Billion Percent! 🥼🧪#DrSTONE #DrSTONE232

Dr. Stone Chapter 232 begins with Senku, Ryusui, Hohaku, and Stanley coming back down to Earth from the moon. After landing in an ocean, they’re picked up by the Perseus, and are awarded medals for their efforts.

The medals are engraved with Albert Einstein's theory of relativity formula, a constant symbol throughout the series.

The next few pages show Senku celebrating with friends via high-fives, with characters such as Taiju and Kasaki being featured. The chapter then shows a beautiful, two-page color spread, serving as the title page for the chapter. Dr. Stone Chapter 232 is formally entitled “Final Chapter: Dr.STONE.”

Cutting to several years later, Gen is seen serving in duties as a politician across the world. He then lands in Japan, where Francois and others are waiting to greet him. Gen dons his traditional stone world attire at this point, when it’s revealed he has returned for Taiju and Yuzuriha’s wedding.

Wow that ending was ass. Just awful. The more I think about it, the more I despise it. #DrSTONE232

Shots of Taiju and Yuzuriha in their wedding garb are seen, as well as several guests. Kohaku and her sister Ruri are seen, with the former teasing the latter about when she’ll marry Chrome. She then reveals that he’s already asked her to get married, although asking her to wait until after his current science project is done.

Tsukasa is seen nearby, and begins reminiscing about the evil he feared humanity and science would bring back into the world. He expresses gratitude for meeting Senku, and eventually being brought over to his side, as does Hyoga.

As the two finish their discussion, the perspective changes to a nearby science lab.

Taiju, Yuzuriha, Gen, and others are making their way through the lab to find and celebrate with Senku. They believe they’ve found him, but it’s revealed to be a woman who merely looks ominously similar to Senku.

This panel says everything for why I love this series the message that humanity can overcome or achieve any goal we set our mind to even if it takes countless years. That is so freaking inspirational I will always love that feeling 🔥🔥🔥💫 #DrSTONE232 #DrStone #anitwt #dcst

After introductions are made (although this Senku lookalike is never given a formal name), the discussion moves to the Medusa devices and how their anti-gravity works.

Gen believes a nearby broken Medusa to be reaso behind Why-man Senku and company being brought back from the moon. Thankfully, this is revealed to not be the case as the crew make their way to Senku.

As Taiju bursts through the doors announcing his marriage in his usual, loud demeanor, Senku is seen working on his project, a vial of liquid in hand. This is a fantastic mirror to the series’ first chapter.

There, Taiju also bursts into a science lab, also discussing his love for Yuzuriha, while Senku is at work, a vial of gasoline in his hand.

As the two talk and others celebrate the news, Gen points out the massive machine Senku is working on. The Why-man in the containment device reveals that this invention is none other than a time machine.

In another beautiful mirror to the series’ first chapter, the machine is a much larger-scale version of what Senku is working on moments before the Petrification.

So Dr. Stone just ended events leading to the ending definitely feels a bit rushed, I also feel towards the end, the science was a little asspull-y, but it was an overall enjoyable manga that I read weekly for a couple pf years. Solid 8/10. #DrStone #DrStone232 #Anitwt

Senku explains that the goal is to save all seven billion members of humanity, as well as the Medusa devices which broke. Xeno interrupts, explaining they’ve also discussed sending data into the past to give humanity a savior with artificial intelligence.

Senku then explains the roadmap for the project, which causes Gen to begin crying in admiration. Sticking with the core themes of the series, he also says that even if they can’t finish it, humanity will do so, one step at a time.

Senku builds on this, saying science pierces across time itself. In Dr. Stone Chapter 232’s final page, as well as the last panel of the series overall, he tells everyone to get excited as they begin their next adventure.

Dr. Stone Chapter 232: Ending quality discussion

With the series ending in the manner it did, fans are torn about Dr. Stone Chapter 232 and whether its ending was worth it. The most common word being thrown around in criticism of the chapter is “underwhelming,” and nearly every fan who disliked the ending used it.

Dr. Stone's ending is absolute.. badThe series itself is 9/10. The ending here isn't enough to fuck up the series for me

Another common criticism is that the ending is rushed. Apparently, some fans feel that the two-week cancelation report somewhat blindsided them. Even some fans who enjoyed the ending cite the sudden report of its imminent end as a flaw.

#DrSTONE #DrSTONE232"Cuz science pierces across time itself to discover and unearth new rules about our universe. "

The most likely reason for the word “underwhelming” being so prevalently used is likely due to the “conflict” with Why-man essentially just being negotiations.

While the series did build it up as somewhat of an actual conflict, the eventual identity of Why-man somewhat negated all possibilities of direct conflict.

I'm super mad that Dr Stone had such a bad ending, unlike KNY the manga was getting better and better to suddenly be rushed to a horrible ending, i love every character boichi designed for it and i'm saddened that this happened yet again with a manga i thoroughly enjoyed.

To some, the revelation of Why-man’s identity and the resultant anti-climactic confrontation is a large part of the ending being underwhelming. However, the series was always a science fiction Shonen at heart, and in that regard, Dr. Stone Chapter 232 is true to the series’ themes and genre.

Finished Dr. STONESad to see another great new gen gone. In my opinion it explored many interesting themes without ever leaving its roots. The thing I love about this series is that it makes you think of all the things us humans have achieved.Solid 9/10#DrSTONE #DrSTONE232

Similarly, fans who’re happy with Dr. Stone Chapter 232 and the series’ ending are citing the themes and messages of the story. While some are still expressing criticism, their reception is overall positive, and there’s still praise in the ending to be found.

Dr Stone ending was very underwhelming not bad though

Criticisms of both fans, however, are mainly cited in the “underwhelming” ending to the series. While not as exciting or grand as many other series’ endings, Dr. Stone Chapter 232 serves as an appropriate ending to the series, nevertheless.

Dr. Stone Chapter 232: In summation

The ending of Dr. Stone isn't really bad but it's just.......... Underwhelming

Overall, Dr. Stone Chapter 232 does seem to be an underwhelming ending for a majority of the fanbase.

While the ending may be underwhelming, it certainly stays true to the series’ core themes and messages. In terms of critical literary analysis, Dr. Stone Chapter 232 serves as a fantastic end to the series, paralleling its origins while also reaffirming its core values, themes, and messages.

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