Jujutsu Kaisen confirmed the most insane Yuta theory, and it has do with Gojo

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 has confirmed a theory most people in the fandom were expecting (Image via MAPPA).
Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 has confirmed a theory most people in the fandom were expecting (Image via MAPPA).

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 spoilers confirm a major Yuta theory that fans had previously speculated about. It wasn't Satoru Gojo who came back to the battlefield, but rather Yuta Okkotsu in the former's body.

According to a long-standing fan theory, Yuta was supposed to receive Gojo's Six Eyes because they were both related, but almost no one expected him to do so using Kenjaku's Cursed Technique.

Many fans were surprised by the recent Jujutsu Kaisen chapter leaks, which revealed that Yuta had Rika eat Kenjaku's head after the latter was defeated, which led to the special grade sorcerer learning the body swap technique, which he used to take over Gojo's body. The upcoming chapter elaborates on how Jujutsu sorcerers came up with the strategy and even Gojo's perspective regarding this notion of what was going to happen to his body after his death.

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Explaining how Yuta got the Six Eyes by taking over Satoru Gojo's body in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261

The recent leaks of chapter 261 of the manga showed Satoru Gojo's body entering the battlefield with Yuta Okkotsu's brain inside of it. It was confirmed in the chapter that Yuta had Rika eat Kenjaku's head in order to master his Cursed Technique (CT), which allows him to take over people's bodies. By using the CT, Yuta went through a process to take over Gojo's body with the assistance of Shoko Ieiri.

The fandom had theorized for a long time that Yuta was going to get Gojo's Six Eyes once the latter died at the hands of Ryomen Sukuna, but most of these theories were focused on a procedure for the former to only get the eyes. However, author Gege Akutami surprised a lot of people by having Yuta fully take over Gojo's body, which was a contingency plan that the sorcerers had devised in case Satoru died fighting Sukuna.

While the plan itself might strike some people as far-fetched and even gruesome to a degree, it does make sense within the story's canonical events and the logic behind Yuta's Cursed Technique. He can mimic people's abilities and has the support of Shoko to switch bodies, so there is enough in-universe logic for this to happen. To add to this, Yuta could only get the Six Eyes by taking over Gojo's body.

What could happen in the coming chapters?

Gojo and Yuta in the anime (Image via MAPPA).
Gojo and Yuta in the anime (Image via MAPPA).

It is fair to say that Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 has shocked a lot of people, especially those who wanted Satoru Gojo to come back. However, the most intriguing aspect is what will happen in the following chapters. Some characters mentioned that Yuta can only hold Gojo's body for a few minutes, so he needs to make the most of it in order to defeat Sukuna at that time.

It is very unlikely that Sukuna is going to die by Yuta's hand, but there is a very good chance that he is going to be mortally wounded. There is also the possibility of Yuji Itadori stepping in to finish the job, especially considering that he got the upper hand over Sukuna thanks to Aoi Todo's Cursed Technique in chapter 260.

Final thoughts

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 confirmed a long-running theory in the fandom that Yuta Okkotsu was going to get Satoru Gojo's Six Eyes because of their distant cousins. However, very few readers were expecting Yuta to take over Gojo's body after copying Kenjaku's Cursed Technique.

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