Mitsuya’s unexpected declaration shocks everyone in Tokyo Revengers chapter 239

Mitsuya's final decision in Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 (Image via Kodansha)
Mitsuya's final decision in Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 (Image via Kodansha)

Confirming the spoilers, Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 left fans both elated and afraid for Takashi Mitsuya. While the chapter confirms fan speculation, it is also a cause for grief.

The infamous smile of death appears in this chapter once again, and Takemichi’s gang moves towards being completed. The fashion competition comes to an end in Tokyo Revengers chapter 239, and Mitsuya makes an unexpected decision.

[Spoilers ahead for Tokyo Revengers chapter 239]

Mitsuya joins Takemichi’s gang in Tokyo Revengers chapter 239

In chapter 238, Takemichi went to recruit Mitsuya, who had been neglecting his health and duties in order to create a design to enter a prestigious fashion competition.

Mitsuya told Takemichi about Draken’s decision to follow Mikey before his death. He also revealed his own promise to become a fashion designer.

Understanding his plight, Takemichi informed others that Mitsuya will not be joining them. A week later, the Thousand Winters gang showed up at the venue for the fashion competition to support him.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 is titled “Steal the show.

The fashion competition

#TR239 #TokyoRevengers239 hakkai's love for his taka-chan is so cute

Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 begins with the fashion competition starting. Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Hakkai realize that the standard of the competition is very high. While Takemichi worries about how Mitsuya will fare in this contest, Hakkai staunchly believes that his “Taka-Chan” will win.

Backstage, Yasuda, Mitsuya’s vice president from his middle school sewing club, hurries to deliver some of the items needed to complete the outfits. After completion, Mitsuya profusely thanks the sewing club for helping him out for free, but they assure him that they are doing it for his future.

#TR239 #TokyoRevengers239 yasuda is so cute, she can't stop calling mitsuya as she used to when he was leading the sewing club

Yasuda slips up twice and calls Mitsuya “president”, but the latter asks her not to call him that, indicating that he has left the idyllic part of his middle school years behind him.

Mitsuya’s theme

tokyo revengers 239/i can’t do this anymore

Soon it is Mitsuya’s turn on the ramp, and Hakkai starts panicking. However, th former's theme is announced as “Twin Dragons,” and his designs amaze everyone.

He has two models in similar outfits, but one in white, lightweight cashmere, and the other in heavy, black velvet. His theme focuses on one dragon who flies towards freedom, and another who is earthbound, in the quest for love.

It is debated exactly what this represents. The name clearly means Mitsuya and Draken. With the latter having been freed after death, and Mitsuya still on this earth, the designs themselves are eerily similar to Draken and Emma’s costumes from a few celebratory sketches Wakui did earlier. Some fans believe that the white dragon is Emma, and the black dragon is Draken.

Be that as it may, Mitsuya’s designs impress everyone and he is declared the winner. Takemichi tears up and thinks,

“Draken-kun, Are you seeing this?”

Takemichi realizes that this is where Mitsuya belongs, not in the world of delinquents. However, when the latter comes out to receive his award, he is in Toman’s uniform, with his head half-shaved to show the dragon tattoo he had gotten with Draken.

Mitsuya’s declaration

As the audience starts to whisper that Mitsuya is wearing a gang uniform, he starts to speak about how his junior came to him, asking for help in order to fight one of their friends. Mitsuya looks directly at Takemichi, and asks,

“Takemichi, do you mind me tagging along?”
#TR239 #TokyoRevengers239 when mitsuya said he wanted to show it to him (draken), he was talking about his promise but i feel like he was also talking about showing him that he treasured being a member of toman as much as he did

Mitsuya also asks Draken if he is watching, implying that what he wanted to show was that he never got over Toman either. Mitsuya rejected the award, which has baffled fans.

He could have, in theory, taken the award and then joined Takemichi’s gang. However, Mitsuya might have thought of that as keeping an out for himself, and he wanted no back up plans.

// tokyo revengers chapter 239let’s take this moment to appreciate and give takashi mitsuya a mad respect for choosing to join takemitchy’s gang over accepting his award from the prestigious fashion show he attended to.

As everyone is shocked and enraged, Mitsuya stands dignified and proclaims that while this award is prestigious, if accepting it means abandoning his friends, then it has no value.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 ends with the note that the real award is the friendship they formed along the way.


why whyy i am glad he's joining them but at the same time dndjdj #trbobs #tr239

Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 both satisfied and enraged fans. While some thought that Mitsuya might have finally escaped the gang life, he re-entered it anyway. Others point out that the happy future that we saw at the end of the Tenjiku arc is crumbling.

Tokyo revengers 239------They are one by one throwing away the future that we‘ve seen in the last timeline. For mikey or rather takemichi :(

First Chifuyu quit his pet store, and now Mitsuya has turned away from his fashion career, leaving Hakkai out of his future modeling job as well. With Draken dead and Inui joining the gang, D&D bike shop is also gone.

On the other hand, Takemichi’s gang now has 5 members. Since the snowflake in the Thousand Winters logo had six points, fans have speculated that there would be six members.

In any case, Takemichi might finally show up at Senju’s door, whom he hasn't mentioned once despite her having saved his life at the cost of Brahman.

Final thoughts

Many fans are afraid that Mitsuya joining Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers chapter 239 will spell bad news for him. With Wakui killing off characters left and right, many are afraid that Mitsuya might be next.

Hopefully, no more Toman members will die, but only Tokyo Revengers chapter 240 can answer that.

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