My Hero Academia: 8 characters who can no longer use their Quirks properly

Kai Chisaki is no longer a major threat (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)
Kai Chisaki is no longer a major threat (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

Quirks are a basic power system in My Hero Academia, yet it can easily be taken away from the user.

Kohei Horikoshi likes to raise the stakes in his shonen manga series. Quirk Factors are needed to activate specific abilities, which depend on the person. If they are damaged in any way, this could result in a loss of power.

To stay up to date, this article will contain manga spoilers up to My Hero Academia Chapter 359. This list will also not include characters whose Quirks were stolen by All For One. Heroes and villains will only qualify if their powers are handicapped through injuries.

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My Hero Academia has several characters with severely damaged Quirks

8) Kagero Okuta - Giran

Giran's Quirk is never fully shown in My Hero Academia, but it was listed in the Ultra Analysis guide book. Muddied is a special ability that causes amnesia. Giran can only activate it by contacting his target on the head, likely with his fingers. The previous and next five minutes will be a blur to his targets.

Unfortunately for Giran, he was kidnapped by the Meta Liberation Army and subjected to severe torture. He no longer has fingers on his right hand, which could possibly affect his Quirk Factor.

It's not fully explained whether or not he needs to use his fingers to activate the amnesia spells. Of course, it's a very safe assumption, since he can do it more discreetly.

7) Kyoka Jiro - Earphone Jack

Jiro is a young student from U.A. High School. Befitting her punk rock motif, her Quirk is directly related to sounds. Earphone Jack gives her long earlobes that she can move around. They can be used to channel vibrations, listen to songs and produce huge soundwaves.

Unfortunately, during the final war of My Hero Academia, she ended up losing her left earlobe to All For One. Unless she has Eri rewind her injuries, Jiro can only depend on her right earlobe for now.

At this point, she can only maintain a supportive role in My Hero Academia. Jiro is not meant to be on the frontlines of a battle.

6) Atsuhiro Sako - Mr. Compress


Mr. Compress is a notorious member of the League of Villains. The stage magician always has something up his sleeve. Using his hands, he can shrink anything down to size and store them in marbles. This allows him to have a unique fighting style in My Hero Academia.

However, the League of Villains once had a disastrous meeting with Shie Hassaikai, resulting in Magne's death. Compress tried to avenge her, but he ended up losing his left arm to Overhaul.

This greatly limits the extent of his powers, since he can only use his right hand now. Compress can no longer rely on the ambidextrous nature of his Quirk.

5) Keigo Takami - Hawks

Hawks is currently Japan's number two Pro Hero, and for very good reason. He doesn't have brute strength but is the fastest and smartest among his peers. Hawks relies on a very powerful Mutant Quirk known as Fierce Wings.

Not only can he fly with his wings, he can also telekinetically control each feather. He can use them for a variety of purposes in My Hero Academia. For instance, he can send feather blades to cut through enemies. He can also safely capture falling debris and hold it in place.

Sadly for Hawks, his wings were badly burned in the Paranormal Liberation War, courtesy of Dabi. He now has to use prosthetic replacements since they cannot be restored properly. Hawks also uses two katanas to replace his old feather blades, which means he must change up his fighting style now.

4) Rikiya Yotsubashi - Re-Destro

Re-Destro is the former leader of the Meta Liberation Army. He is also a monstrous powerhouse in My Hero Academia. By accumulating enough stress, he will convert it to raw power. He can even grow in size and become a giant.

After his battle with Tomura Shigaraki, he was forced to dismember his legs so he wouldn't get decayed. He later got mechanical legs to replace them.

This would cause major problems for Re-Destro during the Paranormal Liberation War. His new legs are far too weak to withstand the sheer weight of his giant form. This was visible when Re-Destro clashed with Tokoyami Fumikage and his powered-up Dark Shadow, as the legs broke very quickly.

3) Toya Todoroki - Dabi

Dabi is a valuable asset in the League of Villains, particularly for his Blueflame Quirk. His flames reach the hottest temperatures in My Hero Academia. Dabi is a very destructive fighter with long range capabilities.

However, there are severe drawbacks to his dangerous Quirk. Dabi cannot use it for a prolonged length of time, or else, he will burn himself to a crisp. Remember, he only inherited his mother's resistance to ice.

He truly destroyed himself during his final battle with Shoto Todoroki. Even if he survives the events of the final war, Dabi's body is completely disfigured. With that being the case. he may not be able to use his Quirk properly ever again.

2) Kai Chisaki - Overhaul


Overhaul used to be an extremely dangerous villain in My Hero Academia. With the use of his arms, he could restructure anything he touches. Overhaul fully controls matter in this state, with the power to create and destroy.

After the events of the Shie Hassaikai raid, he was taken into police custody. However, the League of Villains attacked a convoy that was carrying Overhaul. Shigaraki subsequently decayed his right arm while Compress dismembered his left one.

With his Quirk Factors completely destroyed, Overhaul can now longer use his abilities in My Hero Academia. Shigaraki cruelly points out the irony, since Overhaul wanted to get rid of Quirks from society.

1) Shota Aizawa- Eraser Head


Erasure is a very useful power since it can cancel out other Quirks. The vast majority of characters in My Hero Academia rely on their powers. When that is taken away from them, fighting becomes far more difficult. Aizawa's powers are a basic necessity when going up against Shigaraki and his decay.

The Class 1-A homeroom teacher can activate his ability by looking at his target. However, the cancelation effect wears off after he blinks. Aizawa can only keep his eyes open for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately for him, he also needs both eyes to use his powers.

Aizawa lost his right eye during the Paranormal Liberation War. That means he can no longer use his Erasure Quirk in My Hero Academia. Instead, he must depend on Neito Monoma to copy his abilities. What also doesn't help is that he lost his right leg during that same war.

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