Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 (Spoilers): Granolah in trouble, Gas' new getup, and more

Fanart of Gas vs. Granolah, a fight continued in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 (Image via YouTube)
Fanart of Gas vs. Granolah, a fight continued in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 (Image via YouTube)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 spoilers have finally been released today. As expected, Gas vs. Granolah sees its continuation and is the primary focus of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80.

What fans may not have expected is the capricious state of the fight. Furthermore, the chapter ends with a particularly endearing flashback and artistic parallel to a prior iconic Dragon Ball event.

Follow along as this article breaks down all available Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 arrives with Gas vs. Granolah and other late-chapter developments

Dragon Ball Super chapter 80: Opening pages

Reputable Dragon Ball news source @DBSChronicles has released the initial Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 text spoilers.

Entitled Gas vs. Granolah 2, chapter 80 begins exactly where the last one left off. Having become increasingly enraged by Granolah’s attacks, Gas begins to crack under pressure and anger. Boosting his Ki, Gas goes to fight Granolah on the ground while saying he sees through all the Cerealian’s attacks.

Gas approaches Granolah, who proves too fast and can dodge all of Gas' attacks. Granolah counters with a kick, but Gas is able to resist while still visibly just as angry. Oil and Maki then discuss how Gas seems to be losing in ability despite being more powerful.

The two then launch flurries of attacks at each other simultaneously, with Gas clearly seeing Granolah’s movements. The latter seems tired, a point Vegeta makes while saying Granolah is taking too long to finish off Gas. As Vegeta makes this observation, Gas lands a hook on Granolah’s chin and instantly follows up with a barrage of attacks.

Suddenly, copies of Granolah begin appearing left and right, eventually kicking Gas up into the sky. Eight copies surround a suspended Gas, launching Ki attacks at Gas out of their fingers. Gas resists the attacks and is able to damage all eight copies before returning to the ground.

The Granolah copies attack again, prompting Gas to ask if this is a desperate move to survive. Gas then creates Ki spears which pierce through all eight copies of Granolah. The real Granolah then appears with a Ki attack, apparently having been waiting for Gas to drop his guard.

Granolah then hits Gas with a powerful Ki technique, launching Gas through several obstacles before he sinks to the bottom of a lake. Oil and Maki give chase for Gas while Goku and Vegeta approach a now kneeling, bleeding, and exhausted Granolah.

Vegeta points out that the damage done to Granolah’s copies have now damaged Granolah's original body as well. Monaito also tries approaching Granolah, but is told by Granolah to stay away as the fight isn’t over yet.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Middle act

Having saved Gas successfully, Maki, and Oil are suddenly approached by Elec, whose wish process begins getting questioned. Elec confirms the wish was made correctly before taking off Gas’ forehead pendant, much to Maki and Oil’s shock.

Elec then says it's useless to seal the power of the most powerful warrior in the Universe, telling Gas to release his “instinct.” Through Maki questioning this course of action, fans learn that Gas lost to Bardock because Gas lost control of himself after removing his pendant. As if on cue, Gas begins to lose control as Elec tells him to resist and fight it.

Gas then flies away with his body changing mid-flight, becoming much more muscular to the point of being comparable to Super Saiyan 3. Gas' upper body clothes also rip as he grows two downward curling horns from his forehead. Monaito is visibly shocked by Gas’ current form.

Monaito recognizes it as the same form Gas fought Bardock in 40 years ago when Bardock cornered him. Monaito says Gas “abandoned his own ‘ego’ to change” in this way, as a shocked Granolah comments on how Gas kept this ace up his sleeve.

Gas then rushes Granolah, who dodges this attack at the last second. What Granolah doesn’t dodge is Gas grabbing Granolah's leg and the subsequent electric shock. Gas then slams Granolah against the ground and throws him into nearby woods, where Granolah gets up with a seemingly injured eye.

Gas then appears, grabbing Granolah’s head and slamming it into the ground to the point where Granolah’s body is submerged. It seems as though Gas also went underground, as the spoilers then say Gas appears out of the ground behind Goku and Vegeta while holding Granolah by the head.

Gas throws a barely moving Granolah to the ground, then proceeds to land on Granolah’s feet and repeatedly punch Granolah in the face. Goku says they have to do something, prompting Vegeta to ask Monaito how Bardock beat Gas.

Unfortunately, Monaito doesn’t know as he passed out during the fight and didn’t see how Bardock won. Maki and Oil then arrive telling Gas not to destroy everything, prompting Gas to release Granolah and hit his fellow Heeters before bashing his head against a rock.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Final pages

Elec then arrives on the scene, being told by Oil and Maki that Gas has lost control. Elec tells them not to worry, saying that as the strongest warrior in the Universe Gas has the power to control himself. Gas then returns, attacking the Saiyans and slamming Vegeta into some rocks, while beginning to punch him.

Goku tries defending Vegeta but has his punch stopped by Gas. Suddenly, Gas seems to be remembering something as he looks at Goku’s face. A flashback of the last moments of Gas vs. Bardock then begins, showing Bardock looking at Gas the same way Goku is in the present. Bardock is notably injured and his armor heavily damaged.

Bardock then accumulates a large amount of Ki into a sphere on his right hand. This attack looks very similar to the attack Bardock launched on Frieza in the Episode of Bardock TV special. The spoilers are unclear whether this is the same attack or a separate attack, but Bardock then launches a Ki blast at Gas which looks very similar stylistically to Goku’s final attack on Frieza.

Returning to the present, it seems as though this flashback has riled Gas up enough to the point where Goku’s punch can affect the Heeter. Gas is then shown sweating a lot, clearly either confused or fearful from his flashback. Elec appears over Gas, reminding Gas that Gas will never lose another fight again.

Reacting to Elec’s words, Gas’ body begins changing again in addition to Gas regaining his sanity. Gas returns to his original adult form, keeping his horns in the process. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 then ends with Elec praising and reassuring Gas before telling Gas to kill everyone, to which Gas looks at Elec and nods his head in agreement.

In summation

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is an absolutely jam-packed chapter. Gas goes through a few transformations in the issue and has a clearly startling flashback to the Bardock fight from 40 years ago.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 also seems to put Granolah and friends into the same hopeless situation they previously were in. Gas’ final Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 transformation seems to be similar to Super Saiyan 1.5 versus 2, where 2 has all the power of 1.5 but much more speed and agility.

While unconfirmed, Gas’ power-ups seem to parallel these Super Saiyan stages perfectly. Be sure to keep up with all Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80, anime, and film news as 2022 progresses.