One Piece Chapter 1038 (Full Spoilers): A scythe wielding skeleton, Yamato and Kazenbo collide, and more

Who could Zoro's visitor in One Piece Chapter 1038 be? (Image via Toei Animation)
Who could Zoro's visitor in One Piece Chapter 1038 be? (Image via Toei Animation)
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Full-length text spoilers have been released for One Piece Chapter 1038, coming from reputed One Piece leaker and Twitter user @Orojapan1. While the text spoilers don’t introduce anything totally new from prior reports, they do expand upon what was already known.

As previously reported, highlights of the chapter include Yamato and Kazenbo finally clashing as well as Zoro having a strange, skeletal visitor. Furthermore, it seems the recent leaks are reporting the scythe-wielding skeleton is attacking Zoro as well.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the One Piece Chapter 1038 full-text spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1038 text spoilers reveal some interesting developments

One Piece Chapter 1038: Opening act

As previously reported, One Piece Chapter 1038 begins with a cover page side story featuring Germa 66. Fans will see Niji and Yonji captured at Chocolat Town on Whole Cake Island by Charlotte Mont-d’Or’s picture book. Fans can also see Charlotte Pudding in the background looking worried, as well as Oven sitting in front of the picture book.

Story content for One Piece Chapter 1038 begins with Fukurokuju and Raizou’s game of chicken still in progress. Both still have their jutsu activated, however, Raizou is now covered in flames while Fukurokuju is just beginning to burn. Fukurokuju once again begs Raizou to release his jutsu, yet Raizou gives no response as he focuses through the pain.

Perspective changes to the Skull Dome’s second floor, where samurai are trapped by fire with no means of escape. As the roof collapses and begins crashing down on the samurai, Jinbe appears and holds it aloft while Jinbe tells the samurai to escape with their unconscious comrades.

Perspective yet again shifts to the live floor, where samurai are seen running from explosions resulting from Big Mom’s fight. Chopper watches as he feels something strange happening to his body before it returns to its normal form. Chopper quickly and vocally rejoices in this, but then begins worrying about Zoro and how badly he’s wounded from the medicine.

As Chopper reminds fans here, the Mink medicine Zoro received from Miyagi and Tristan was able to get him back on the battlefield. However, the cost was twice the pain and exhaustion once the medicine wore off. Reminiscing about how Zoro already couldn’t move, Chopper expresses a concern as perspective shifts to outside the Skull Dome.

Fans now see a mysterious hooded figure approaching Zoro, who is still conscious and realizes he can’t move as he tells the figure to stop. The creature is dressed in a hood, wields a scythe, and is surrounded by a “strange aura,” according to the leaks. A closer shot then depicts the figure preparing to attack a still conscious Zoro.

One Piece Chapter 1038: Middle section

#ONEPIECE1038 Qu'est ce que ça peut être ce truc ? Bordel j'ai hâte d'avoir l'intégralité de ce chapitre...🔴🔴

One Piece Chapter 1038 yet again shifts perspective back inside the right half of the Skull Dome, very close to where Zoro currently is. Franky is seen defeating various fodder enemies as he looks for Zoro, wondering how far "King sent Zoro with his attack". This is likely Franky confusing Zoro launching himself back to Onigashima for an attack on King when viewed from an outward perspective.

One Piece Chapter 1038 yet again shifts perspective, this time to the first floor crawl space where Izou was last seen with Usopp, Kin’emon, and Kikunojo. All the subordinates here who faced Izou are shown defeated, before fans are yet again taken elsewhere in the Skull Dome to the first basement floor.

#ONEPIECE1038A picture of chapter 1038Chapter title : BIG MOM VS KID LAW

Izou is seen landing from the upper floors with an abdomen wound that is still bleeding. Izou whips around and points his gun at two CP0 agents. Izou and the two have a conversation that essentially ends with CP0 saying they’ll pretend they didn’t see Izou to focus on the Straw Hats instead. The agents begin walking away before Izou tells them to wait, likely setting up a fight between Izou and the two.

Cutting to the basement armory, fans now see Yamato rejoicing at her timely arrival to the armory. However, Yamato’s celebration is short-lived, as she sees Kazenbo about to touch a group of giant explosives.

Thankfully, Yamato is able to freeze the bombs in time with a move; however, Kazenbo instantly begins thawing the ice. Yamato then attacks Kazenbo, who then moans “Orochi-sama” and grows a hand which subsequently attacks Yamato.

One Piece Chapter 1038: Final act

#ONEPIECE1038 I don’t want to hear no more law & kid disrespect goat due 🐐🐐

Back on the live floor, Big Mom is seen brutalizing an already downed Law and Kidd as their subordinates watch on. The subordinates ask Big Mom to stop, who does and stands over the two captains while laughing and telling them not to get up again. Law and Kidd are shown completely defeated, while Big Mom seems tired with no major injuries.

The two crews get their medical teams and attempt to heal their captains but Big Mom prevents this. She says the battlefield shouldn’t be filled with trash, and attacks the two crews before they can reach their captains. Big Mom then looks up to the rooftop, saying that it looks like Kaido and Luffy’s battle isn’t over yet.

Big Mom calls Hera and expresses her desire to go to the rooftop when Law and Kidd suddenly get back up and attack her. Law uses his Kroom Anesthesia technique, a technique debuted in chapter 1030, while the sword pierces the bottom of Big Mom’s mouth and goes out her left cheek.

Law then uses a Shock Wille (also seen in chapter 1030), which causes Big Mom to bleed from her mouth and collapse in pain.

Big Mom’s Iron Homies then try to attack Law, but are pulled by Kidd’s magnetic abilities to him. Big Mom looks at Kidd in complete disbelief that the Supernova is still standing, approaching him angrily while lamenting how badly he apparently wants her head.

Kid then compares the fight to a drop of water hitting a rock everyday, saying a hole will eventually form in the rock, just like Big Mom will eventually fall. By now, Kidd has created a giant magnetic bull which he rides as it crashes into Big Mom.

Big Mom falls to the ground as Law and Kidd tell her they’ll die before letting her get to the rooftop in One Piece Chapter 1038’s closing moments.

In summation

One Piece Chapter 1038 seems to primarily be a set-up chapter that mixes in as many good action moments as it can. While this type of chapter may not be the most engaging, chapters like One Piece Chapter 1038 are necessary to set up further plotlines.

The most interesting of these plotlines from One Piece Chapter 1038 is undoubtedly Zoro’s enigmatic visitor. While Kidd and Law continuing the fight against Big Mom is a welcome sight, Zoro’s fate is certainly the more pressing issue at hand.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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