Osomatsu-san season 4 confirmed with a PV and visual

Osomatsu-san season 4 announced for production (Image via Pierrot Films)
Osomatsu-san season 4 announced for production (Image via Pierrot Films)

Osomatsu-san season 4 is currently in the works, according to the anime's official website and X (formerly Twitter) handle on Thursday, June 6, 2024. The staff revealed a promotional video to confirm the sequel's production. Studio Pierrot's new subsidiary studio, Pierrot Films is animating the series.

Aside from the short clip, the staff announced that the original six cast members are returning to voice their respective characters in Osomatsu-san season 4. The upcoming sequel will see the return of the anime after three years, as season 3 aired from October 2020 to March 2021.

Osomatsu-san season 4 gets green-lit for production


On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the official staff unveiled a 26-second-long promotional clip to announce the production of Osomatsu-san season 4. The staff confirmed that Studio Pierrot's new studio, Pierrot Films is in charge of the sequel's production.

It's the same studio that is currently working on Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 3. Notably, Pierrot Films has recently produced SennaRin's music video for Bleach, titled Reaper. As such, fans can expect the comedy anime to have decent animation quality.

The official team for the anime hasn't disclosed a release date for the Osomatsu-san season 4 yet. However, fans can expect the information to be revealed sooner rather than later.

Teaser visual for Osomatsu-san season 4 (Image via Pierrot Films)
Teaser visual for Osomatsu-san season 4 (Image via Pierrot Films)

Notably, the promotional video shows the hoodies the Matsuno brothers wear, folded up. The short clip also contains the voices of the Matsuno brothers in the background, celebrating season 4's announcement.

The image of the folded-up hoddies in the PV has been posted as a visual on the anime's official site and X account. According to the staff, the illustration has been drawn by Eiji Yasuhiko, the character designer for the series since season 3.

Additionally, the staff confirmed that the original voice actors for the series have returned to play their respective roles in Osomatsu-san season 4. In other words, Jun Fukuyama will voice Ichimatsu, while Yuuichi Nakamura will lend his voice to Karamatsu.

Other voice actors include Daisuke Ono as Juushimatsu, Takahiro Sakurai as Osomatsu Matsuno, Hiroshi Kamiya as Koromatsu, and Miyu Irino as Todomatsu. Comments from the voice actors have also arrived on the website, where they expressed their delight to be able to perform the beloved characters again.

Additionally, a special program, Sextuplets Radio, will be streamed on the anime's official YouTube channel from 9 PM JST, where Jun Fukuyama, Ono, and other voice actors will grace the event via phone calls and voice messages to talk about Osomatsu-san season 4.

About Osomatsu-san anime

Matsuno brothers, as seen in the anime (Image via Pierrot)
Matsuno brothers, as seen in the anime (Image via Pierrot)

Osomatsu-san or Mr. Osmatsu, is a television anime, inspired by Fujio Akatsuka's original manga series. It's a comedy series, centering on the lives of the sextuplets, the Matsuno brothers.

Filled with a quirky and fun vibe, the series explores the daily lives of each Matsuno brother, who has their own story to tell. Notably, the original series followed the family, when they were only 10 years old. The anime adaptation re-imagines the manga and shows the sextuplets as adults.

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