One Piece Chapter 1047 (full-length spoilers): Momonosuke's self-doubt, the Samurai's faith, and more

Monosuke's insecurity is given its raison d'etre in One Piece chapter 1047 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Monosuke's insecurity is given its raison d'etre in One Piece chapter 1047 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Full-length spoilers and raw image scans have been released for the upcoming One Piece chapter 1047. While One Piece chapter 1047 isn’t as revelation-filled as other recent issues have been, it perfectly sets up the final moments of Luffy versus Kaido and the Onigashima Raid.

A One Piece chapter 1047 scene of particular note that provides a new context for a character is a Momonosuke flashback to the day his father died. It seems he and his mother and Kin’emon and the other Scabbards discussed their subsequent movies, emphasizing where the self-doubt he’s shown thus far and continues to show stems from.

One Piece Chapter 1047 signals nearing the end of the Onigashima Raid

Momonosuke’s Memories

One Piece chapter 1047 opens with Yamato telling Momonosuke that he must make flame clouds to save the Flower Capital and Onigashima. As a flashback begins to his last conversation with his mother, he tells her that he can't.

As Oden castle burns around them, Toki Kozuki tells her son to travel into the future with Kin’emon and the others to revive the Kozuki clan. Momonosuke keeps saying he can’t, trying to plead the case for her and Hiyori to come with them. Kin’emon interrupts, saying that Toki is in even more pain than he is now.

He continues, saying that disgrace and shame are paid for with one's life in the Land of Samurais. He tells Momonosuke that his remaining in doubt after his mother instructed him is a shame, no less than being humiliated in public. He retorts that he’s only a kid, which prompts Kin’emon to respond by saying that’s no longer true with Oden’s passing.

He continued saying that he’d like a second chance at this battle with tears in his eyes. He argues that he’d rather die with a sword in his hand for his young lord than perish by burning to death and doing nothing.

These words touch Momonosuke as he tells his mother he’ll be on his way. Meanwhile, in the present, he says he’s failed her while begging Onigashima to stay away from Flower Capital. This scene clarifies that his self-doubts stems from his fear of failing his mother's final wishes.

Meanwhile, in the Kaido versus Luffy fight, the former calls the latter’s grabbing of thunder nonsense as he laughs. The latter responded by launching the Gum-Gum Thunder attack directly at his opponent, which was just barely dodged. Kaido then tells him that he can mess around all he wants, but there’s no such thing as an ability to control the world.

He continues by shockingly revealing that the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, didn’t have any Devil Fruit of his own. He launches Luffy into the Skull Dome, where his Awakening kicks in and bounces him back towards Kaido. The latter strikes the former with his kanabo while saying that only Haki conquers all.

Luffy is sent launching into the sky from this most recent attack, yet one of his arms is still hanging on to Kaido. He’s almost angrily confused by this discovery, telling his opponent to let go while saying he’s just making it known where he is.

He launches a Tatsumaki Kaifu into the sky, saying that the slicing weaknesses Luffy previously had must still exist. This seems to be the case, as the attack makes contact high above the clouds, causing Straw Hat to wince in pain from the offensive.

One Piece Chapter 1047: Fire Festival over and the samurai’s status

One Piece chapter 1047 then cuts to the Fire Festival in the Flower Capital, where everyone has now launched their lanterns into the sky. Some people are talking about how now that the Festival is over, they’ll have to return to their work as enslaved people starting tomorrow. Otoko is seen here with Tenguyama Hitetsu as she tells her lantern to reach her father, Shimotsuki Yasuie.

One Piece chapter 1047 quickly shifts perspective back to Luffy versus Kaido here, where the former is still hanging on after the last attack. The latter then launches a Boro Breath at him, but even this isn’t enough to have him let go of his opponent.

Meanwhile, in the Skull Dome interior, Hyogoro asks the Samurai which outcome they’d prefer. He emphasizes that if Luffy wins, then Onigashima will fall and they’ll die, but Wano will be a free country again. He also emphasizes that if Kaido wins, they all survive but are forced to spend the rest of their lives as slaves in a conquered Wano.

The samurai begin talking about their various family members in the country, such as their wives and children. They all share the sentiment that, even if they die, their loved ones will be able to live a happy life in a nice, free country. The samurai begin cheering for Straw Hat, while the Beast Pirate fodder nearby criticizes this sentiment.

One Piece chapter 1047 then quickly shifts perspective to the basement floor, where Usopp and Hamlet are seen running for their lives along with Kin’emon and Okiku. Suddenly, the water from Jinbe and Raizo’s plan sweeps them up, likely signaling that the water has reached all castle areas now.

One Piece chapter 1047 then switches perspective to the Treasure Hall, where Orochi’s Sea Prism Stone nail has fallen out from the ruckus. Although still on fire, he transforms into his dragon form here, threatening to kill Hiyori while asking if Oden is watching.

One Piece Chapter 1047: Final pages and in summation

In One Piece chapter 1047’s final moments, perspective returns to the Skull Dome Rooftop, where Luffy calls out Momonosuke’s name. He and Yamato look to the skies, visibly shocked at whatever they’re looking at.

It turns out that Luffy has made a fist bigger than the whole of Onigashima and is asking him to get Onigashima out of the way. Yamato points out how that attack will shoot through the entire island, while Luffy says he believes in Momo. He and Kaido look apprehensive about this most recent development in the final panels.

Despite not being as information-packed as other recent issues, One Piece chapter 1047 provides some much-needed insight behind Momo’s insecurities. The flashback with his mother perfectly explains why he’s been doubting himself in the later stages of the Onigashima Raid, and he’ll hopefully move past it in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will be taking a publication break next week, meaning the next issue for One Piece won’t be released for two weeks. As a result, One Piece chapter 1047’s official release on Sunday, April 24, will mark the latest available information for the series until early May.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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