One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans: Nefertari D. Lili's design seemingly revealed as the Gorosei and York regain control

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans: Nefertari D. Lili
One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans: Nefertari D. Lili's design seemingly revealed as the Gorosei and York regain control (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans were expected to finally bring an end to fans’ wait for an inside look at the upcoming official release’s artwork, with the raw scans thankfully delivering this. Likewise, these raw scans were especially important, as there were some key artwork-related points fans wanted to clarify from the text-based spoilers.

The primary need for the One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans arose from an Imu scene in the issue, which sees him stare at a half-shadowed portrait of someone as Dr. Vegapunk speaks.

This person was said to look strikingly like Nefertari D. Vivi in the text-based spoilers, leading many fans to believe that this is the first look fans are getting at Nefertari D. Lili in the series.

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans all but cement Lili’s similar appearance to Vivi

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans begin with a look at Yamato’s Wano pilgrimage cover story, seeing him receiving snacks from Otsuru in the Flower Capital before departing.

The sumo wrestler Luffy fought in Udon Prison is also seen in the background. From here, the issue dives into its story content, which at first sees people shouting at Dr. Vegapunk as they listen to his message.

As they shout, the focus shifts to Mariejois in the Room of Flowers, where Imu is seen staring at a slightly shadowed portrait of someone. It’s unclear who this is, but their design looks very similar to Vivi D. Nefertari, in turn leading many people to believe that this is actually Lili D. Nefertari. Moreover, her picture had ana eerie feeling to it, as it looked pretty old.

Their similar appearance would also explain why Imu wants Vivi for themselves, especially if they’re obsessed enough with Lili to have and intensely stare at a portrait of her.

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans then see Dr. Vegapunk continue speaking, while Igaram and Karoo are shown to be crying as they look at Vivi’s missing posted.

Chaka and Pell, meanwhile, are with others by King Cobra’s tomb, accompanied by some other residents of the Arabasta Kingdom. Dr. Vegapunk then seems to begin discussing the Mother Flame here, showing shots of it before getting reactions from Marines surrounding the island.

Stussy and Vegapunk Edison are then seen speaking with each other as shots of the Seraphim and CP0 agents now on the ground of Egghead Island are shown. Edison and Stussy have a long and seemingly emotional conversation where Stussy asks if she can let Kaku go.

Edison admits that he forgot about the relationship these two share as members of the same organization. After allowing Stussy to flee alongside Kaku, Edison tells Stussy to find a reason to live, which makes Stussy cry.

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans then see Dr. Vegapunk continue speaking, earning reactions from several characters, including King Elizabello II in Prodence Kingdom.

Dr. Vegapunk is then seen bowing to the point where his head is on the floor, seemingly apologizing as he continues to share his message. Reaction shots of Momonosuke and Kin’emon in Wano are seen, as is one of Crocodile and Princess Shirahoshi.

The raw scans also focus on the reactions of former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Tsuru as they seemingly sail to an unknown destination on the latter’s ship. Dr. Vegapunk continues speaking as the focus shifts to New Marineford, where current Fleet Admiral Akainu is seen angrily burning a cigar and saying that Vegapunk is going to reveal everything he possibly can.

One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans then see Dr. Vegapunk reveal something which incites rage from the general public and shock from the Marines. Crocus and Laboon at the Twin Capes are seen here, suggesting this is where Dr. Vegapunk reveals that Roger and his crew learned the Void Century’s full truth, yet did nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Vegapunk York is seen clearly growing more and more nervous, as she wasn't expecting Stella to know about the incident where she sends the Five Elders a sample of Mother Flame, seemingly, having some sort of breakthrough. She then contacts the Gorosei, apparently revealing that the Transmission Transponder Snail is inside of the Ancient Robot given the context.

Vegapunk asks the Grand Line as to why the Roger Pirates didn't do anything as the One Piece chapter 1116 raw scans then shifts to Sabaody Archipelago where a drunk Silvers Rayleigh is seen reacting to his words as the issue ends.

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