Spy X Family episode 5: Result day for Anya, Loidman fights Yorticia and Professor Curly

Spy X Family episode 5 highlights (Image via Muse Asia)
Spy X Family episode 5 highlights (Image via Muse Asia)

Spy X Family episode 5 delivered a different flavor compared to the previous episodes. It began with the pressure of receiving the admission test results and branched into a goofy and hilarious spy roleplay once that tension snapped.

Although Spy X Family episode 5 seemed deceptively happy-go-lucky and at times downright silly, it still provided some vital insight into how much power WISE holds inside Ostania.

It also provided for a good break in the pacing before the introduction of three new members of the main cast, which is due in the next episode.

Spy X Family episode 5 concludes the Eden Academy Admission arc, Anya gets to live one of her fantasies

In the last episode, the Forgers went through Eden Academy’s ridiculous entrance test. They saved a boy who was stuck in a drain and defeated a herd of farm animals.

The interview itself went badly, as both Loid and Yor failed to keep themselves under control when Murdoch Swan, an unpleasant teacher, started to insult their family and made Anya cry.

However, they earned the respect of Housemaster Henry Henderson, and despite a less than stellar interview, decided to hope for the best.

Spy X Family episode 5 is titled "Will They Pass or Fail."

The results of the interview

Anya's name is not on the board (Image via Muse Asia)
Anya's name is not on the board (Image via Muse Asia)

Spy X Family episode 5 began with the Forger family making their way to Eden Academy to view the results. They go through several bad omens before arriving at the school.

Back at the WISE headquarters, Twilight’s boss and colleagues are certain that the operation will be successful, when ironically at that moment, the Forgers discover that Anya has failed the test.

Master Henderson assures the Forgers in Spy X Family episode 5 (Image via Muse Asia)
Master Henderson assures the Forgers in Spy X Family episode 5 (Image via Muse Asia)

However, Master Henderson pulls them aside and shows them that Anya is at the top of the waiting list. While both Yor and Loid contemplate doing something drastic to get their daughter into the school, Henderson reassured them that every year some people cancel their admission, so the Forgers should just go home and wait patiently.


However, Master Henderson laments that due to him punching the swan for his distasteful behavior, he might lose his position as a teacher at Eden. The Forgers returned home with a conflicted heart, but a phone call soon informed them that Anya has indeed made the cut.

The imprisonment of Princess Anya

Franky becomes an enabler (Image via Muse Asia)
Franky becomes an enabler (Image via Muse Asia)

Living up to his fame as an information broker, Franky appears at their door immediately. He brings in wine, which gets him and Yor, who is a notorious lightweight, sufficiently drunk.

Franky becomes an enabler to Anya’s whims, and strongarms Loid into renting out Newston castle for Anya to play Spy and Princess.

Loid contacts WISE and gets them to rent the castle as well as provide him with a plane under the guise of continuing Operation Strix. Spy X Family episode 5 then moves to Newston Castle, which has recently been turned into an Amusement Park of sorts.

WISE agents rushing to Newston Castle (Image via Muse Asia)
WISE agents rushing to Newston Castle (Image via Muse Asia)

Anya is, however, disappointed to see an empty castle, and Franky once again joins her in bullying Twilight into contacting WISE and getting every WISE agent in Ostania to the castle.

Twilight falsely instructs the agents, all of whom are starstruck by him, that this is part of the mission, while Anya assigns them their roles. Princess Anya has been kidnapped by Professor Curly (Franky) and has to be rescued by Loidman.


The agents are to play the part of Franky’s henchmen and obstruct Loid from getting to his goal, a role that every spy present takes very seriously. As for Yor, Anya declares very eloquently,

“And Mother… Uh… She is nobody.”

Loidman vs Yorticia: A touching conclusion

Spy X Family episode 5 then goes through some incredible sequences of Twilight battling against WISE agents, all of whom seem to worship the ground he walks on. Franky gets increasingly creative and Anya has the time of her life. At one point, Loid puts on Bondman’s signature mask and gloves to appease her.

After some elegant and impressive maneuvering with blasts and gliding lines, Loidman arrives at the final destination where Professor Curly is holding Princess Anya. However, the evil professor brings out his greatest weapon, the ultimate witch, Yorticia, who attacks Loidman with gusto.

At this point Yor is significantly drunk and imbalanced, but she fights Twilight seriously to protect Anya. It is heavily implied that Yor could and would have easily overpowered Loid in terms of strength and fighting prowess, but the heel of her shoe breaks and she promptly falls unconscious.

In the end, Loidman rescues the princess, but Anya is in awe of her father, not the super-spy. She admits that she has never had such fun in her life, especially at the orphanage, and likely during her stay at the laboratory, which she cannot tell Loid about.

The father-daughter duo watch the fireworks and Spy X Family episode 5 ends with Anya promising to do her best at school.


Spy X Family episode 5 showed that Operations Strix is of utmost importance to Westalis, which means that they do not have a back-up plan. This both explains how crucial it is for Twilight to succeed, as well as how essential Donovan Desmond is to the Ostanian Government.


Spy X Family episode 5 also gave us a good idea about how many agents WISE has deployed in Ostania and how revered Twilight is amongst them. His reputation can be likened to that of a star and rightfully so, as proved by his easy disposal of over 30 highly trained WISE agents.

He does, however, come up short against Yor. While that can be chalked up to him not wanting to hurt her, Yor was also drunk and unsteady on her feet. By his own admission, Yor overpowers Twilight in terms of sheer strength.


Another interesting reveal in Spy X Family episode 5 is regarding Yor's feelings towards Anya. She has become increasingly protective towards the latter, and her resolve to fight Loid shows how far she is willing to go for her daughter.

She is not alone in that regard, since Twilight showed in Spy X Family episode 5 that he can also go to ridiculous lengths for Anya. However, he can excuse his actions with Operation Strix, which is indeed a valid motivator and an excuse that Yor does not have.

But Loid Forger’s care and concern towards his daughter is also becoming an increasingly valid point. He can and will do almost anything to make Anya smile and feel better, and Twilight will not be able to justify it using Operation Strix much longer.

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