Urusei Yatsura episode 3 - A new transfer student becomes a nuisance for Ataru

Urusei Yatsura episode 3 review (Image via David Production)
Urusei Yatsura episode 3 review (Image via David Production)

In Urusei Yatsura, fans have noticed that apart from being devoted to her "Darling," Lum is prone to get outraged quickly. On the other hand, Ataru's usual antics always put him in a tight spot where he either gets electrocuted by Lum or gets his face scratched by Shinobu. The previous episode saw how Cherry's magic wasn't enough for Ataru to take a sigh of breath.

Fans of Urusei Yatsura have commended the staff behind Sakura's character design and Miyuki Sawashiro for voicing the character. The third episode of the anime introduced Shuutaro Mendou, who is popular among the girls despite having similar attributes to Ataru.

The two narratives of Urusei Yatsura episode 3 are titled Trouble Rains Down!! and Amazed in the Maze.

Urusei Yatsura episode 3 features a delicious rivalry

Trouble Rains Down

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Episode 3 of Urusei Yatsura kicked off with the new character Shuutaro Mendo, who made a grand entrance on his first day at Tomobiki highschool by skydiving. In an attempt to throw a table at Ataru, Shinobu inadvertently messed up Shuutaro's landing. However, he ignored what had just happened and made her fall in love with him by being too nice.

All the boys envied Shuutaro for his rising popularity among the girls, including Ataru. The former was happy with the attention he was getting but was perturbed when he found out the latter was married to Lum, the girl who instantly swept him off his feet.

Shuutaro wanted to become the class committee president, but due to cutthroat rules that only applied to boys, he received votes from just the girls. Though the boys were aware of Ataru's stupidity, they had no chance but to encourage him to run for the president's position against Shuutaro.

Hasta hoy fue que vi el capítulo 3 de urusei yatsura.El personaje de Mendo es demasiado gracioso (cómo cuando muestra su lado miedoso).Volviendose un ⬛ amoroso muy absurdo.La parte de la cueva fue un caos loquisimo, con Ataru y Mendo en sus peleas después de aliarse.

As the results were tied, Shuutaro proposed an unusual dual to Ataru where the one who hits an apple off the opponent's head by shooting it with a cannon would be victorious. Before the competition began, the former had to perform a traditional rite by throwing a glove at the latter.

Ataru managed to dodge the glove thrown at him each time, as he didn't want to go along with the competition. After being manipulated by Ataru's lie, Lum electrocuted Shuutaro as she believed he was challenging her to a contest.

Losing the battle to Ataru was a significant shock to Shuutaro, causing him to commit seppuku. While the former was still celebrating his victory, the girls became emotional and tried to stop the latter.

Note: Shuutaro committing seppuku in Urusei Yatsura was just for the comedic effect.

Amazed in a Maze

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The next day, while meditating, Shuutaro was still thinking about Lum as he was captivated by her charm. He arrived at school the same way, but after colliding with Lum mid-air, the parachute wrapped around them, and they crashed on Shinobu and Ataru.

Ataru was outraged by Lum's interference, as his efforts to convince Shinobu that he was better than Shuutaro went in vain. Subsequently, the students of Tomoboki Highschool went for an outdoor adventure. Before the exploration began, everyone received some free time from the homeroom teacher.

Shuutaro approached Ataru and told him that he found a limestone cavern nearby which they should explore. The former became enthusiastic about the idea as he would get some alone time with Shinobu. Both the guys, along with their partners, ascended inside the cavern. Ataru nudged Shuutaro's shoulder and suggested they should split up.

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Shuutaro also wanted to do the same thing, so he decided to play along. Reaching the split path, Shuutaro shut his flashlight and pretended it stopped working. Where Ataru was all set to go with Shinobu, Shuutaro was also prepared to win Lum's heart by saving her from the darkness. However, their plans failed as their partners got exchanged mid-way.

Shuutaro and Ataru wanted to try their luck again, but this time instead of their partners, they ended up in each other's arms. The latter discovers that the former can only act high and mighty when a girl's eye is set on him. Shuutaro's flashlight stopped working, so Lum used her lightning ability to locate Ataru. However, inadvertently her electricity set off a rocket hidden inside the cave.

Final thoughts on Urusei Yatsura episode 3

Lum 🔥🔥😤(Source)* Urusei Yatsura (2022) *

Like the previous two episodes of Urusei Yatsura, the third also turned out to be hilarious with the addition of a new character. Though Ataru is married to Lum, he never stops his pursuit of making Shinobu believe how much he loves her. However, with the arrival of his new competition, Shuutaro Mendo, things have become a little complicated for him.

Despite being claustrophobic and nyctophobic, Shuutaro proposes exploring the cave to get close to Lum, which shows he is just like Ataru. His fabricated personality hides his intentions and makes him look like the ideal boyfriend to other girls.

The cliffhanger of episode 3, where an unidentified spaceship ascended towards the sky with the help of Lum's electricity, implies that in the next episode, fans will get to see another alien who might be related to Lum.

Make sure to follow more updates and news on Urusei Yatsura as 2022 progresses.

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