Who is Pochita in The Chainsaw Man?

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Chainsaw Man is a popular manga series and anime written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The manga was first published in 2018 and has since gained a massive fan following. The series features Pochita, also known as the Chainsaw Devil or Chainsaw Man, who embodies the fear of chainsaws. Pochita was originally the Chainsaw Man but became Denji's heart after a contract was made between them. In this article, we will discuss Pochita's appearance, personality, abilities, and role in Chainsaw Man.



Pochita has three different forms - Devil Form, Near-death State, and Hybrid Form. In his Devil Form, he appears as a large, humanoid devil with four arms and a chainsaw protruding from each. His head also has another chainsaw coming out of it, similar to Denji's hybrid form. An intestine still connected to his stomach is wrapped around his neck, resembling a scarf or a collar.

In his Near-death State, Pochita appears as a small orange canine-like devil with a chainsaw-like appendage protruding from the center of his head. Handles emerge from his body allowing him to be wielded like a chainsaw, and his short tail is in the shape of a chainsaw's pull cord.

After making a contract with Denji, Pochita assimilates himself with him, fusing with his heart and becoming part of Denji's anatomy, thus creating a Hybrid Form. In this form, Pochita is smaller and has lost the chainsaw on his head, all his appendages, and both handles. Pochita also has blood vessels connected to Denji. Pochita, however, still retains his trademark cute canine face. Denji's chainsaw cord is also directly connected to the top of Pochita's head.


Unlike most devils, Pochita communicated solely through barks and whines like an actual dog. However, after fusing with Denji, he is able to communicate telepathically with him. Pochita deeply cared for Denji after his life was saved by humans, despite the devil's general hatred toward humankind. He willingly gave up his heart to Denji so that he could fulfill his dreams which Pochita loved hearing about. He also showed that he knows Denji very well and is able to mimic Denji's personality and behavior to fool Makima.

In his true devil form, Pochita exhibits a more erratic personality, quickly murdering anyone who expressed even the slightest bit of hostility towards him. However, even in this state, he remembers his friend Denji's wish of trying a hamburger that isn't rotten and going on a date with a girl, which leads him to kidnap Kobeni. Later, he tells Denji that he always dreamed of being hugged, but his strength made that impossible, implying that his murder spree at the burger joint was accidental due to him being unable to properly control his strength around others.


Pochita is considered one of the most powerful entities in the series after the Primordial Devils, being able to fend off hordes of devils in hell unscathed. Being regarded as the Devil that Devils fear the most, The Chainsaw Devil is capable of slicing through almost anything. His chainsaw appendages can also stretch and retract, allowing him to attack from a distance.

In his Near-death State, Pochita's power is greatly weakened, and he is unable to use his full potential. However, even in this state, he is still capable of transforming into a chainsaw, allowing Denji to use him as a weapon.

Pochita's love for Denji

Pochita’s love for Denji is a central theme of the Chainsaw Man series. Despite being a devil, Pochita forms a deep connection with Denji, who is initially his contracted human. Pochita cares for Denji and enjoys listening to him talk about his dreams, which motivates him to become Denji’s heart in order to help him achieve them.

Even after becoming part of Denji’s anatomy, Pochita continues to communicate with him through dreams, urging him to be cautious and avoid opening the door. Pochita is always looking out for Denji, and his love for him is unwavering.

Pochita’s sacrifice for Denji is one of the most emotional moments of the series. In the battle against the Gun Devil, Pochita is ripped apart, and his heart is destroyed. However, his love for Denji is so strong that he is able to manifest himself as a spirit and provide Denji with the power he needs to defeat the Gun Devil and save the world.

The bond between Denji and Pochita is a powerful testament to the idea that love can transcend boundaries, even those between humans and devils. Pochita’s willingness to sacrifice himself for Denji is a moving expression of that love, and it is one of the most poignant moments in the series.


Pochita is a fascinating character in the Chainsaw Man series. He starts as a terrifying devil feared by all, but through his relationship with Denji, he becomes a beloved character who inspires great loyalty and love. Pochita’s sacrifice for Denji is a powerful expression of that love, and it demonstrates that even in the darkest of circumstances, love can provide a glimmer of hope.


Q. How did Pochita and Denji meet?

A. Pochita first meets Denji when he saves him from a group of assassins who were sent to kill him. After that, they become inseparable partners.

Q. Why does Pochita love Denji?

A. Pochita loves Denji because he is the first human who has ever shown him kindness and affection. Denji saved his life, which created a strong bond between them.

Q. What happens to Pochita in the series?

A. In the series, Pochita sacrifices himself to save Denji's life again, by fusing himself with Denji's heart to revive him after he was killed. This transforms Denji into a powerful devil-human hybrid.

Q. Is Pochita a main character in Chainsaw Man?

A. While Pochita is an important character in the series, he is not the main character. The main protagonist is Denji, and the story focuses on his journey and development.

Q. Is Pochita a good or evil character?

A. Pochita is not inherently good or evil. As a devil, he has the potential to be dangerous and destructive, but he also has a strong sense of loyalty and compassion toward Denji.