Who is Quanxi in Chainsawman?

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Who is Quanxi in Chainsawman?
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Quanxi is a renowned devil hunter from China, and she is a major antagonist in the International Assassins arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc. She is also a Crossbow Devil hybrid. In this article, we will explore Quanxi's appearance, personality, abilities, and more.



Quanxi is a tall woman with cream-colored hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears an eye patch over her right eye, and she has a brown left eye. During her mission to retrieve Denji's heart, she was seen wearing a black tank top tucked into high-waist pants with a large belt. When in combat, Quanxi dons a set of sheathes on her back that holds up to three swords that resemble Dao.

In her transformed state, Quanxi's teeth sharpen along her head, transforming into hardened arrows with wide curved horns taking the shape of a bow on the side of her head. Arrowheads stick out of her neck while her forearms grow glove-like flesh with sharpened bow-shaped attachments on them.


Quanxi is calm and stoic, having no shame in discussing business while she's in bed with her harem of friends. She shows little emotion even as her girlfriends fawn over her. However, she deeply cares for her friends, making one request for a reward to be that they are given human rights and basic education. She does not attack them even after they have been turned into dolls at the cost of her own safety.

Quanxi is ruthlessly pragmatic in combat, preferring to throw her enemies outside of the battlefield in order to efficiently cut down their numbers and remove distractions. Similarly, after being cast into Hell, she instantly requested a ceasefire in hostilities so as to determine their situation. This alliance continued until the moment the threat was contained, at which point she immediately attacked once again. Though her attacks are swift and brutal, she can, at times, choose to leave those other than her target alive. For instance, she knocked Aki and Angel Devil unconscious and offered to spare Power's life. At other times, she did slice through some devil hunters who were hired to protect Denji but were not her target.


Quanxi possesses enhanced strength, which is beyond what is humanly capable. When wielding swords, she can cut through dozens of humans and dolls without slowing down and only stop once her weapons are destroyed by the force of her own attacks. Even a blocked strike was enough to knock out both Aki and Angel.

She also has enhanced speed, even in her human form. Quanxi possesses superhuman speed and can disappear from the sights of five devil hunters by blitzing past them while cutting through an army of dolls created by the Doll Devil, before the original five devil hunters realized they had already been killed. Her time perception can keep up with her own superhuman speed, and she can dodge attacks rapidly and even stop a moving knife with her fingers.

By pulling an arrow out of her right eye socket, Quanxi can transform into a hybrid with many arrows and spikes emerging from her arms and head. In her hybrid form, Quanxi is equipped with crossbows in her arms which can shoot several arrows at her targets. These arrows are quite powerful, as they can tear perfectly circular holes into whatever Quanxi shoots. She can also use this ability to defeat enemies from close range by firing a buckshot to wipe out a group of enemies quickly.

As a hybrid, Quanxi is able to heal wounds by consuming blood, regenerating her limbs almost instantly.


Quanxi is a fascinating character in the manga series "Chainsaw Man," who is both a private devil hunter and a hybrid of a human and a Crossbow Devil. She is known as the First Devil Hunter and hails from China. Despite being a major antagonist in the International Assassins arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc, Quanxi has become a fan favorite due to her unique appearance and abilities.


Q. What is Quanxi's personality like?

A. Quanxi is calm, stoic, and ruthlessly pragmatic in combat. She cares deeply for her friends, requesting that they be given human rights and a basic education, and doesn't attack them even after they have been turned into dolls at the cost of her own safety.

Q. What are Quanxi's abilities?`

A. Quanxi possesses enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes even in her human form. In her hybrid form, she can shoot arrows and spikes from her arms and head and is equipped with crossbows that can shoot several arrows at her targets. She can also heal wounds by consuming blood.

Q. What is Quanxi's relationship with her girlfriends?

A. Quanxi has several girlfriends, including Pingtsi, Long, Cosmo, and Tsugihagi. She cares for them deeply and shows little emotion even as they fawn over her.

Q. Why is Quanxi known as The First Devil Hunter?

A. It is suggested that Quanxi has a past in the bureau and is referred to by Santa Claus as The First Devil Hunter. This suggestion is furthered by her conversation with Kishibe, which hinted at a past friendship between the two. However, the exact reason why she is known as The First Devil Hunter is not explicitly explained in the manga.
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