Wind Breaker episode 3: Sakura meets Furin's number one as Bofurin's first turf war set up

Wind Breaker episode 3: Sakura meets Furin
Wind Breaker episode 3: Sakura meets Furin's number one as Bofurin's first turf war set up (Image via CloverWorks)

Wind Breaker episode 3 was officially released in Japan on Friday, April 19, 2024, bringing the exciting continuation of the highly anticipated Spring 2024 anime series. Likewise, the focus remained with both Sakura and fans familiarizing themselves with daily life at Furin High School and as a member of the Bofurin.

While Wind Breaker episode 3 was somewhat sparse with action, it did set up a potential season-finale tier fight during its third act. The installment also saw additional character development for Sakura via some brief but impactful internal dialogue.

Wind Breaker episode 3 introduces Bofurin’s first rival gang and its second-in-command

Brief episode recap

Wind Breaker episode 3 sees Sakura continue his fight with Sugishita (Image via CloverWorks)
Wind Breaker episode 3 sees Sakura continue his fight with Sugishita (Image via CloverWorks)

Wind Breaker episode 3 began immediately from where the previous episode ended when Haruka Sakura and Kyotaro Sugishita seemingly prepared to fight. Hayato Suo warned Sakura about claiming intent to take the top spot in Suigshita’s presence, as Sugishita started throwing punches. It’s revealed that Sugishita was the only person allowed to say he was one of the Bofurin before entering high school and that he’s fervently devoted to the current top spot.

Likewise, since Sakura said he’d take the top spot, Sugishita had to fight him. Other students begged Suo to stop the fight, but Sakura immediately ended it with a kick to Sugishita’s nose. Sakura then began criticizing Sugishita for being a fanatic who can’t think for himself, saying someone like that could never defeat him.

Just as the two were about to clash again, Wind Breaker episode 3 saw a voice come over the loudspeaker, welcoming the students to school. Sakura then tried to continue fighting, but noticed everyone was standing still and paying attention. The voice was then introduced as the Bofurin rep, Hajime Umemiya, the strongest person in Furin.

Sakura ends his fight with Sugishita shortly before Furin's number one is heard over the loudspeaker (Image via CloverWorks)
Sakura ends his fight with Sugishita shortly before Furin's number one is heard over the loudspeaker (Image via CloverWorks)

Hajime then told everyone to enjoy their youth, saying they should go to the beach this summer. He then said that while people are bound to not get along, he is sure people won’t get into a fight on the first day, prompting Sakura and Sugishita to be embarrassed. He then told them all to protect the town of Furin, reminding them that the Bofurin are the Guardians of Furin and that the only rule is to fulfill their responsibility and protect what they value.

In Wind Breaker episode 3, everyone in Sakura’s class utters an affirmation, whereas Sakura himself wonders what kind of person Hajime is. Suo then asked Sakura and Sugishita to patch up, but Sakura initially rejected the idea. However, Suo convinced them to patch up after a short talk, with Sakura saying that “touching someone else outside of a fight” feels strange.

The two then shook hands, with Sakura’s classmates crowding and praising him after. Sakura then thought about how it’s been nothing but situations like this since coming here, saying that the human body is much warmer than he thought. Someone then came to the classroom and said they were rolling out and to get outside. Sakura asked who the person was, prompting the scene to quickly change to a shocked Sakura painting graffiti in town with Suo and Nirei.

Nirei and others comprise Sakura's patrol group in Wind Breaker episode 3 (Image via CloverWorks)
Nirei and others comprise Sakura's patrol group in Wind Breaker episode 3 (Image via CloverWorks)

Wind Breaker episode 3 saw Sakura and co brought down to the courtyard, where they were timed on their arrival by Toma Hiragi. Sakura then recognized Toma from the other day, prompting Nirei to say Kotoha’s name. Toma then rushed over to Sakura, reminding him not to talk about her being there.

Nirei then explained to Sakura that Toma is one of the “Four Kings” of Furin, students who serve under Umemiya and are captains for one class in each of the three grades. Nirei added that Bofurin is based on the Four Heavenly Kings, starting with class one; the names are Tamon Team, Jikoku Team, Zojo Team, and Komoku Team.

Wind Breaker episode 3 then saw Toma asking them to split into groups of four or five, and each group will have one second- or third-year as their supervisor. Sakura then asked what they were doing, to which Toma said they’re patrolling the town. Sakura’s group was then revealed to be led by Toma and consisted of himself, Sugishita, Nirei, and Suo. Toma added that Umemiya specifically told him to keep an eye on the two of them.

Sakura questioned why they weren’t looking for people and were just walking around, to which Toma said they would just be raiding. He added that walking around in their uniforms has kept other groups small lately, and that their fights are to protect others. They don’t need to make the first moves. Sakura commented on how dull this was as they began helping townsfolk paint over some graffiti. The business owner then gave them some free food when they were done.

Wind Breaker episode 3 then saw Toma say they used to be like Sakura in terms of being unable to have fun outside of a fight, but eventually found joy in activities like they just did. Toma then led the group to a territorial border between Bofurin and another team, the Shishitoren. This intrigued Sakura when they suddenly heard someone running over.

The Shishitoren were chasing a San Middle School student out of their territory, prompting Toma to call out to him. When it looked like he wouldn’t make it, Sugishita and Sakura attacked one of the Shishitoren. The two conscious Shishitoren members were introduced as Yujinari Arima and Minoru Kanuma. Someone then walked up behind the pair and asked what had happened, with Toma revealing him as Shishitoren’s number two, Jo Togame.

In Wind Breaker episode 3, Jo calls the unconscious member Saruwatari while Toma approaches Jo and explains the situation. Jo seemed easygoing at first but teased a darker side. Saruwatari then woke up and started yelling at the Furin boys, prompting Jo to break a bottle over his head. Jo then beat him further before saying he lost which means he’s weak, and that he’s no longer a Shishitoren. Sakura called this lame, questioning their devotees of power moniker. He then met the approaching Jo, who said he’d beat Sakura to a pulp at some point.

The Shishitoren then departed, with Nirei freaking out as Toma began taking heartburn medicine due to being stressed. Toma then explained Jo is especially territorial amongst the Shishitoren, also apologizing for not acting first. He then told the San Middle School student to come with them, as Toma led everyone up to the school roof to meet with Umemiya. The episode ended with Umemiya being officially introduced.

In review

Wind Breaker episode 3 serves as a fantastic entry to the series, beginning to introduce the series’ major conflict, Sakura’s first friends, and how school life at Furin works in the same installment. Likewise, the series’ unconventional approach to delinquent life provides breaths of fresh air to the genre’s usual tropes in this latest release.

While one may argue the series seems too intent on distinguishing itself in these early episodes, this developmental stage of the story is, in reality, the perfect time to do so. For the sake of both fans’ time and the series’ development, establishing how it plans to reapproach the genre’s typical tropes makes for a quick assessment of fans’ enjoyment and the story’s potential.

In summation

Wind Breaker episode 3 primarily looks to the future, focusing on setting up future developments and fights rather than fully wrapping up Sakura versus Sugishita. That being said, there is still some action in this latest installment, even if it’s clear that fans won’t be getting a major fight again anytime soon.

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