5 best games that can still run on GT 710 in India

Batman Arkham Origins on PC
Batman Arkham Origins on PC
Rahul Bhushan

The Best PC Games You Can Still Play on an Nvidia GT 710

The Nvidia GT 710 is an absolute powerhouse of a GDDR5 GPU, it is a solid graphics card, that is still in high demand for its ability to still run great PC Games from the past.

With the recent surge of GPU prices due to crypto-mining and such, getting hands on a powerful RTX 2060, that supports ray-tracing can set you back by quite a lot. Still, the Nvidia GT 710 is an impressive GPU that can still run a lot of quality games.

Before you go ahead and shell out a lot of money building your powerful gaming rig with an RTX as your GPU, take a look at these 5 best games that the GT 710 can still run:

1) Batman: Arkham Origins


Developed by WB Montreal instead of Rocksteady, Batman: Arkham Origins wasn't expected to be the underrated gem it has turned out to be. Batman: Arkham Orgins is one of the best games in the genre and has generated a cult following among the fan-base.

As part of the famed Arkham franchise of Batman games, Arkham Origins can hold its own as one of the best Batman stories in the franchise. With crazy, innovative boss-battles that sets it apart from the rest of the games in the series, Arkham Origins shines in its story and graphics.

The GT 710 can still run Batman: Arkham Origins at a decent frame-rate on the PC and still looks great. If you're looking to pick up a great Batman story with what is perhaps the coolest boss-fight with Deathstroke, Arkham Origins is right up your alley.

2) Splinter Cell: Blacklist


One of the greatest stealth-action franchises in the history of gaming, the last entry in the Splinter Cell series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is one of the best entries in the franchise.

Second place only to the fan favourite, Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell: Blacklist sees sam take control of Fourth Echelon as they must conduct missions behind enemy lines to stop the terrorist organization of The Engineers and their plot to destroy the USA by unleashing the Blacklist.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a return to form by Ubisoft after the mixed reviews of Splinter Cell: Conviction. The GT 710 can still run this game at a respectable frame-rate and the lighting and textures hold up well to this day on PC.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a phenomenal game that can provide countless hours of espionage stealth action and the GT 710 is a solid option for your gaming setup. The GT 710 is one of the best GPUs of its time.

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3) DmC: Devil May Cry


Perhaps one of the most underrated games to have come out in the last decade, DmC: Devil May Cry is one of the best games that you can play in 2020. It is a solid entry in the franchise and despite negative reception upon its release, the game has generated a cult following in recent times.

The game has been recognized as a widely misunderstood reboot and is now one of the best Devil May Cry games that you can pick up. Dante is re-introduced as a snarky alcoholic Demon Hunter who must now uncover a large demon conspiracy and free the human race from enslavement.

The story is an interesting take on current events and the gameplay is fantastic. The fast and furious action expected off of a Devil May Cry game is there along with flashy new additions such as the new and improved Devil Trigger mechanic.

The GT 710 can still run the game at more than a decent frame rate and offers a seamless gameplay experience. As a previous gen GPU, the GT 710, can still run great games that are still positively received today.

4) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Many people look to Advanced Warfare as the point where Activision's Call of Duty franchise began to taper off. But, as time has progressed, people have grown warmer to this entry in the franchise.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is by no means a masterpiece or the best game in the franchise, it is still a solid shooter that will give you countless hours of FPS mayhem and fun.

Featuring a menacing performance from former Hollywood juggernaut Kevin Spacey, the game's campaign also features Troy Baker lending his likeness and voice to the game's lead character. The campaign is the quality CoD campaign people have come to expect.

The GT 710 performs very well still, and can run COD: Advanced Warfare seamlessly and can rival the very best GPUs in terms of FPS. The GT 710 offers 2 GB of dedicated memory that is competitive even today.

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5) GTA 5


Rockstar has never failed to put out a game that does not last decades in time. GTA 5 came out in 2013 and still sells like hot cakes as evidenced by the recent free sale on Epic Games Store.

Fans can't get enough of San Andreas in GTA 5 and have gone back to Los Santos to play the fantastic single-player campaign and the extremely fun GTA: Online. As one of the best games in the history of gaming, GTA 5 is a must-have for fans of the open-world games and sandbox style games.

The GT 710 is a robust GPU for playing massive games such as GTA 5 and other such massive open world games. The GT 710 still proves to be solid GPU that is capable of running the best games of the previous gens.

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