5 central midfielders (CM, CAM, CDM) with a better stamina rating than Kevin De Bruyne in FIFA 22

Who are the central midfielders with the best stamina ratings in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Who are the central midfielders with the best stamina ratings in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Stamina in FIFA 22 is an attribute that determines the duration for which a player can perform effectively in a match. The rating correlates to the maximum time a player can spend on the field, including the time taken to reach maximum sprint speed or to recover after runs.

The stamina rating is also crucial for injury-prone players as it is linked to their likelihood of getting injured. Players with low stamina also require more rest after matchdays in Career Mode.


Central midfielders cover the most ground in football, moving across boxes of the field, catering to the needs of both attackers and defenders. Kevin De Bruyne is one of the finest in this regard, being the highest-rated midfielder in FIFA 22.

The Belgian has an overall of 91, with a stamina rating of 89. Here's a look at five players in the central-midfield position who have a higher stamina rating than Kevin De Bruyne in FIFA 22.

5 central midfielders with the best stamina in FIFA 22

5) Fred (CDM)

Fred's work rate and ability to read the ball on showcase... What a performance by him. He's becoming the glue of this squad.

Club: Manchester United

Stamina: 93

OVR: 81

The Brazilian has the best work-rate for a Manchester United player, covering every blade of the grass as a box-to-box midfielder. Fred also adapts well to a solo defensive midfielder role when needed.

Great agility (88), aggression (87), and balance (87) stats help the player execute his role as a central midfielder in FIFA 22.

4) Franck Kessie (CDM)

Franck Kessié: “How do I run a lot? It’s natural for me. I'm earning way too much money to not sweat on the pitch. In Africa, there are people who walk 20 miles every morning just for a piece of bread." An absolute titan of athleticism ❤️🖤…

Club: AC Milan

Stamina: 94

OVR: 84

The 24-year-old Ivorian represents AC Milan in Serie A. Although positioned deep in midfield, Kessie had 13 domestic league goals in 2020-21, just two goals less than the club's top scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The player has impressive strength (84), ball control (84), and shot power (84), making him a threat in various boxes of the field.

3) Joshua Kimmich (CDM)

Kimmich is just pure class

Club: Bayern Munich

Stamina: 94

OVR: 89

Joshua Kimmich is a former right-back who has completely adapted to central midfield in recent years. The German is a highly skilled player with an incredible work-rate.

Kimmich excels in several areas of the field, with great ratings in long-passing (90), crossing (91), vision (85), and aggression (89), adding to his versatility.

2) Nicolo Barella (CM)


Club: Inter Milan

Stamina: 95

OVR: 84

The Italian midfielder played a pivotal role in Inter's title-winning Serie A campaign in 2020-21. The 24-year-old is a promising box-to-box midfielder with a starting potential of 90 in Career Mode.

Barella's highlight is his dribbling (86) ability, with high attributes in agility (91), reactions (89), ball control (87), and vision (83).

1) N'Golo Kante (CDM)


Club: Chelsea

Stamina: 97

OVR: 90

The Frenchman is regarded as one of the hardest workers in football. The player's work-rate is truly astounding, and FIFA 22 agrees by providing the player with an almost-flawless stamina rating of 97.

Kante possesses other defensive qualities such as interceptions (91), aggression (93) and reactions (93).

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