5 most powerful weapons in video games

Vergil with The Yamato (Image via Capcom)
Vergil with The Yamato (Image via Capcom)

Weapons in video games have always looked good. Developers spend a lot of thought in designing weaponry for their games. Weapons are sometimes seen as references to some games as they are iconic and symbolize the game itself. For a truly iconic weapon, it must not only look good but feel good to use in combat and other situations.

Video game weaponry has been portrayed as much more powerful than its real-life counterparts at times. From enormous greatswords to tiny pea-shooters that make enormous greatswords feel shy about their damage output, there are powerful weapons all around. This article takes a look at some of the most powerful armaments in video games.

A look at 5 most powerful weapons in video games

1) Vyke’s War Spear (Elden Ring)


The first weapon on this list comes from one of the most popular games at the moment. Elden Ring boasts some good weapons on its roster. FromSoftware has always been able to tie items and weapons into the story and this weapon makes that connection extremely well.

Vyke’s War Spear has tremendous potential in Elden Ring. Players can unlock the item quite early in the game and it has a relatively good stat scaling. What makes the weapon popular in the game is that it is one of the only weapons that has the ability to inflict Madness upon hit.

Madness is a status effect unique to Elden Ring and Madness incantations can be cast using a seal. The unique thing about Madness is that it inflicts some of it back on its users. Players using Madness spells have to be wary of not going mad themselves.

Vyke’s War Spear is a great spear with low stat requirements and an Ash of War that has hyper armor. Players can use the spell with impunity, granted they have enough HP, and trade directly with other players, and more often than not, securing the kill. Vyke’s War Spear is one to check out in Elden Ring.

2) Large Sword of Moonlight (Demon’s Souls PS5)


This weapon has been passed down since Demon’s Souls (2009) and all the way to Elden Ring. An iteration of this weapon also exists in Kingsfield, infamously called the first Soulsborne title. The Large Sword of Moonlight, also called the Moonlight Greatsword, is an excellent weapon to conquer the lands of Boletaria.

The weapon can be found in World 5-2, also called the Swamp of Sorrow in the Valley of Defilement. The Large Sword of Moonlight can be unlocked by attacking a group of slugs that surround it. The location does not do it justice as players get greeted with one of the highest faith scaling weapons in the game.

The Large Sword of Moonlight only scales with faith and can easily cut down most PVP content in the game. With the addition of looking amazing to look at, most enemies are weak against its magic-based attacks.

As powerful as the weapon is, it is somewhat lacking in terms of PvP. Its rather slow-moving set is predictable and easy to dodge. A weapon for any faith user, the Large Sword of Moonlight is flashy and cool.

3) Yamato (Devil May Cry Series)


When it comes to classic video game weapons, the Yamato is one that every gamer is familiar with. Having first debuted in the first Devil May Cry game, the Yamato is a formidable katana that belongs to Vergil. Being one of the two sons sired by the demon Sparda, he was gifted this weapon along with his twin brother Dante who was given the Rebellion.

Players have come up against the blade and have had their skills tested. Yamato has deep lore tied to Vergil and his persona. Vergil is cold and calculating with a penchant for world domination.

His iconic sword captures his vision as he cuts down any obstacles in his way. Fighting against Vergil is one of the most cinematic video gaming experiences.

The weapon is also usable by the player and is usually used as bonus content. In DMC 3, players can go through the game as Vergil, wielding the iconic blade. With new abilities to try out, players can utilize all the tools Vergil used against Dante in their fights.

For any gamer that appreciates the flashy coup d’ grâce, Vergil’s weapon is sure to delight.

4) Dragonbone weapons (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)


From one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, The Elder Scrolls series has made some iconic weapons and armaments. The best thing about the Dragonbone weapons in Skyrim is that they can be smithed. The main ingredient is tied into the story so players cannot possibly miss out on this.

As the main focus of the game, dragons roam the world. They terrorize the lands of Skyrim and are seen as antagonists. After slaying a dragon, players can loot it to get their hands on dragon scales and bones. After reaching a high enough smithing level, players can craft these powerful weapons and slay the very beasts that they were made from.

As the last of the Dragonborn, players have no choice but to rise up and do what is right for the lands of Skyrim. With these powerful armaments at hand, there is little that can stop the Dovah-kiin from becoming a legend.

5) BFG 9000 (Doom Eternal)


One of the most ludicrous weapons ever conceived in video game history, the BFG 9000 does not really have a full form to its name. Called affectionately by fans as the “Big Freaking Gun," the BFG 9000 deals tremendous amounts of pain to anything unfortunate enough to cross its firing line.

Doom Eternal can best be described as a heavy-metal, guns-blazing shooter where Doom Guy kill demons, and kills them with a passion. Doom Eternal’s playstyle is fast and players have to get used to the pace in order to keep up the pressure.

The BFG 9000 specializes in killing, well, pretty much everything. Every demon in this game will learn to fear this gun and rightly so. With a powerful beam, the BFG 9000 eradicates anything in Doom Guy’s path.

The weapon does have drawbacks, mainly its slow fire rate and lack of ammunition. But with enough practice, players will understand that there is no drawback to this weapon. No gun is more iconic in the world of video games and the BFG 9000 is a portable nuke.

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