BeastBoyShub: Minecraft seed, best stream moment, favourite games, career turning point, and more

Ajay Assudani
Modified 16 Oct 2020

BeastBoyShub aka Shub is one of the biggest content creators in India. He is a YouTuber with more than 4 million subscribers on his main channel, BeastBoyShub, and with an additional 400K+ Subscribers on his vlogging channel, Shubhooo. He is also active on his Instagram handle with nearly around 200K followers.

Recently, in an exclusive chat, Shub told Sportskeeda a lot about his personal and professional life.

BeastBoyShub: Minecraft seed, best stream moment, favourite games, career turning point, and more

Q. How has been the quarantine period for you so far?

A. Usually, I don't go out that much. So I thought spending time in my home for some months will not be a big deal for me, but nope. It was hard, boring and just after 1 month of being quarantined, I came to realize that this year will be a total waste. Covid became a big thing instantly and the plans I had in my mind for this year were crushed. Travelling was one of my 2020 resolutions.

Still looking at the positive side, I did spend some good times with my family which I usually don't. I learned a lot of new stuff, got some good habits. Watched a lot of anime and movies, But still, there is this feeling like I've lost something very important. I am a 23-year-old guy now, this time and age are precious. I am looking forward to a lot of amazing stuff, a lot of plans are in my head. I wanna do a lot of fun things in life, I just hope everything will go back to the way it was in 2019 or before.

Q. What is the reason behind the name “Beast Boy”?

A. To be honest, I don't really remember why I chose "BeastBoyShub" as my Youtube channel name. Yes, I used to watch "Teen Titans" in my childhood and my favorite character was indeed "Beast Boy" because of his ability to change into any creature he wants. I always thought "He is so cool, I wish I could do something like that".

You know what, I am always revolving around the word "badass". I like villains, I like characters in movies or anime who are badass (Vegeta from DBZ), even if they are not the main character. I mean, who doesn't like to be a badass, right?. I think that's what I wanted to reflect in my channel's name. So yeah, the Beast Boy I admired, and the Shub from my name, became "BeastBoyShub", who is a badass gamer on YouTube now.

Q. Which games do you love the most these days & why?

A. I play a lot of games, so it's really hard to point out the favorites. I don't really have a favorite list in the first place, because it changes every time I play or discover a new game. I played "Resident Evil 4" a lot in my childhood, I have some good memories with "GTA vice city", GTA SA, some 2d Zombie games, Prince of Persia, Counterstrike 1.6. I really like playing choices based games as well.

Recently I played a lot of Jump Force, CS: GO and Among Us sometimes. Candy Crush to pass some after noon time. Life is Strange was another masterpiece I played before I created my Youtube, nostalgic. I don't really know how to answer why because I am a gamer, I don't need a reason to like a game, you know. Having fun and enjoying my time while playing a game is reason enough to like a particular game.

Q. How was support from your family when you initially started?

A. My family had no clue about my channel, they were only thinking about me getting a degree and becoming an engineer. I don't really blame them you know, that's what every parent thought during that time. If I have to talk about my society, no one looks at YouTube as a Career. I decided to not tell them about my channel until I get some growth. But was being very hard on me, so I decided to quit and fully focus on my channel, because that was the time I realized that I was enjoying making those videos.

I somehow managed to quit and boy, were those days hard on me? Oh hell yeah. After some time, they came to know about my channel somehow, but there was no big reaction, or response. I got lectured for being abusive on the internet though (I used to be abusive before). So in short, there was no support until I actually showed some results. But I am happy that they at least bought me a gaming PC.

Q. What did you do in your school days? 

A. My school days were completely normal. A middle-class student, with average marks and skills, not standing out in the class. I like playing sports as well,l but I was not into sports during my school time. No one gave that push, you know, not even my parents. They were too busy with all the financial and other problems. I really regret not playing many sports and not participating in those extracurricular activities in my school time. I participated sometimes, but those were not enough I guess.

Q. What was the turning point of your career?

A. If you are talking about my career as BeastBoyShub as a whole then, the time I started studying was the time I came to know about YouTube (2016 or so), I watched some of the videos and my mind just decided to give it a try. When I started gaining some subs, my confidence increased and I continued with the content I was uploading at that time. I started watching some CS: GO funny Youtubers at that time and no one in India was doing edits, and was not making any gaming videos.

So I made a CS: GO funny montage video and people really liked it. It got more views than my other videos and people requested some more. So I started making CS: GO montages, and PUBG launched during that time. I made a PUBG montage video and it went viral. My channel was gaining views like crazy, then I completely turned my channel into a gaming channel. I played this game called 'Granny' and it was my second turning point. Gained a lot of subs, and here we are playing a lot of different games and making a lot of memories.

Q. Who is your best friend among the Youtubers.

A. I talk to some Youtubers sometime, I even collaborated with them on their channels but I don't think I can call any of them my 'best friend'. Yes, they are great people and I love to chat with them every now and then. It's just that I like my own company more.

Q. Who is your best friend in real life?

A. I have some friends in my life, I party with them, I hang out with them sometimes. But if we are talking about my best friend then it would be "ME". I trust "me" more than anyone else.

Q. What is your Minecraft seed?

A. I gave my Minecraft world seed in my last video of my Minecraft Season 1 Series.

Q. Share your best GTA Moment.

A. GTA has vice city, SA, Liberty city, I even played GTA 2 in my childhood. My gamer mind is full of GTA memories. Those were some amazing times, especially GTA SA girlfriend parts, where I had to close my door and keep an eye out for my mom so I don't get busted. GTA SA fans can relate.

Q. What is your favorite BeastBoyShub stream moment?

A. My first big super chat made me really happy. When I had almost 15000 subs, I used to do live streams and a guy donated Rs.1000 rupees for the first time. I think that super chat was a little push that I needed because I didn't even receive my first payment at that time, so that big donation made me really happy.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most & what is its answer.

A. When will you collab? I answered this many times but here you go again. My biggest goal right now is 10 Million Subscribers, I want to achieve this number with my own efforts. It's kind of stupid but it's a goal/challenge I made for myself.

Collaborations give the push every YouTuber needs. It also creates amazing relationships between YouTubers. Collaborations are great, I agree. I just want to push myself as much as I can alone. But I love giving surprises so you never know.

Published 16 Oct 2020
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