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GTA 5: How to Complete a Contact Mission

Trevor Phillips from GTA 5 is available as a Contact in GTA Online
Trevor Phillips from GTA 5 is available as a Contact in GTA Online
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 24 May 2020

GTA 5 Contact Missions, How to Complete Them?

GTA 5's masterful online component, GTA: Online is a massive success by every measure. It rakes in huge money for Rockstar, and has plenty of content for the player base to immerse themselves in and it has some of the best integration to the single-player campaign with the Online component in gaming.

GTA: Online comes loaded with not only just references to the GTA 5 campaign, but with characters from the campaign that appear as "Contacts" in GTA Online.

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What are Contacts and Contact Missions?

"Contacts" in GTA Online are characters that are from GTA 5 or new characters for the game. They are essential mission-givers, similar to that in GTA 5 or the previous entries in the franchise.

They appear as Initials on your mini-map, you can drive to these locations to start doing one of these Contact Missions.

How to Do a Contact Mission?

There are several ways to go about doing Contact Missions, here's how:

1) Drive to the "Mission" in Freemode

Missions appear in Freemode on the Map of GTA 5
Missions appear in Freemode on the Map of GTA 5

You can drive to these Mission spots on the map in Freemode. Here you can begin Matchmaking with other players looking to play the same mission as you. Usually, Missions require multiple players to complete.

It is more fun to play these missions along with friends but matchmaking with other people online is also a fun way to get to know new players in GTA 5.

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2) Bring up Random Jobs on your Phone

Play Quick Jobs in GTA Online
Play Quick Jobs in GTA Online

The Phone in GTA 5 and GTA: Online isn't just a novelty item in the game. It has gameplay purposes as well and a useful tool for playing matches and do missions Online with other players or play Solo.

There is the option of "Jobs" on your Homescreen, you can select that to see what Matchmaking options are already available to play. You can select one of these Jobs that are "Missions" to begin doing a Contact Mission.

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Published 24 May 2020, 11:16 IST
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