GTA 5: How to get Green Alien Suit

(picture credits: gamesradar)
(picture credits: gamesradar)

GTA: Online is indeed a crazy, whacky playground for the most chaotic players in any online multiplayer game.

Freemode in GTA: Online can be extremely chaotic at times, with a lobby full of players ready to obliterate anything that breathes. One of the more recent 'wars' being waged in GTA: Online is between the Purple and the Green Aliens.

Outfitted in their Martian costumes, players will go around looking for the rival alien crew and promptly eliminate them. This was not an event created by Rockstar but players themselves engineered this war into existence.

Rockstar recognized this conflict and let players have the green and purple alien bodysuit for free till the 17th of May. You can still buy the alien suit, but keep in mind, that it will cost you quite a bit and plunge you straight into a war.

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How to Get the Green Alien Suit in GTA: Online

(picture credits: dailyexpress)
(picture credits: dailyexpress)

You can buy the Purple or the Green Suit from any of the clothing stores in GTA: Online or even an Ammu-Nation store.

But since you can wear only one, and they do cost quite a bit of money, it is better you pledge your allegiance to one color and stick to it.

To buy the Green/Purple Alien Suit, simply follow these steps:

  1. Drive to a Clothing Store in GTA:Online marked by the T-Shirt Icon.
  2. Go to Arena War Outfits > Bodysuits.
  3. You will find both the Green and Purple Alien Bodysuit.

You can complete the outfit by purchasing a pool cue from Ammu-Nation, and begin your days as a soldier in the Green or Purple Alien Army.

The suit will cost you quite a bit of money unless you have the Arena War Trade Price, which is rare. The suit will cost you $360,000.

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