GTA 5 Online: How to buy the Oppressor MK II vehicle?

GTA Online: Oppressor MK II
GTA 5 Online: Oppressor MK II
Tarun Sayal
Modified 12 Jun 2020

GTA 5 Online, developed by Rockstar Games, has been a huge success in the gaming community and last month, the developers made the game available free — which was offered in two modes: story mode and online mode for a week.

In story mode, players could roam around the city of Los Santos and complete the various missions using any one of the four characters. However, online mode is a bit different and is also often classified as multiplayer mode.

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Also, in GTA 5 Online, there are a variety of vehicles available for purchase. From luxurious rides to standard ones, there's a lot to explore in the internet section of your phone. However, from all of these vehicles, Oppressor MK II is one of the most beloved hybrid vehicles among hardcore fans. And yes, it's obviously because of this vehicle being perhaps the best alternative to any flying one.

While playing GTA 5 Online, you must have seen this drive at least once in the Public session. And after driving it, you surely would have given a thought to buying it. The Oppressor MK II costs around $3,891,000, and If you currently have sufficient bank balance, then you would do well to own one of these bad boys!

Here are the steps to buy Oppressor MK II in GTA 5 Online:

Buying any vehicle in GTA 5 Online is not really that hard. But without any offers to help you purchase that sweet drive that you have been eyeing for a while, it becomes very difficult to spare any money from the hardly-earned cash stored in your bank account. But for those who have enough money, below-listed are the steps to own an Oppressor MK II:

1. Join any Public or Private session in GTA 5 Online

Join GTA Online by clicking Online button
Join GTA Online by clicking Online button

2. Open your phone by pressing arrow up key (↑) and open Internet application

Open internet on your phone
Open internet on your phone

3. Navigate to Warstock Cache & Carry website by clicking its banner

Warstock's website

4. Sort the vehicles by price from high to low

Sort by price
Sort by price

5. Scroll down and locate the Oppressor MK II

Find Oppressor MK II from the list
Find Oppressor MK II from the list

6. Chose between the two options: Trade or Buy

Oppressor MK II
Oppressor MK II

7. Complete the order and find your vehicle at the selected garage

Image credit: Reddit
Image credit: Reddit
Published 12 Jun 2020
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