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GTA Online: 5 fun things to do with friends

Image via Lucids, Youtube
Image via Lucids, Youtube
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 20 Nov 2020, 17:13 IST

GTA Online doesn't always have to be a solitary experience as it is designed to be enjoyed with friends. Whether it is playing with others online or with friends, the title is best experienced when played with others.

GTA Online encourages this by rewarding players with RP for even small things like cruising around with friends. Even if they decide not to touch a single mission and use the game to chat with friends while driving around Los Santos, it gives the option to do just that.

It makes for an enjoyable experience that players can sink massive amounts of hours into and not get bored. Here are some fun things they can do with friends in-game.

Five fun activities to do with friends in GTA Online

1) Set weird challenges for each other during Heists

Heists are, hands down, the best aspect about GTA Online and have often resulted in players' favorite moments in-game. Not only are they extremely well-designed missions that encourage experimentation, but they are also a great source of hilarity in the game.

Setting weird challenges such as having to remain silent throughout the entire Heist and only communicating in grunts and points makes for some genuinely hilarious moments. In addition to being fun, these kinds of challenges also raise the difficulty level quite a bit.


Players could also try completing the Heist using nothing but a Golf club and see how long they last.

2) Impromptu races

Impromptu races are an underrated aspect of GTA Online, and challenging friends and making their own point-to-point race can result in quite a lot of fun. Since GTA Online's driving mechanics are quite competent, it makes for a smooth driving experience, though the traffic density can mess with players.

There are simply no rules for an impromptu race, and players can choose to take any route as long as they reach the endpoint. It takes a lot of skill to steer through Los Santos traffic, and hopefully, come out of it without a scratch on the vehicle.

3) Dogfights


There are not many things as fun as taking to the air and hunting down friends. If players are reasonably wealthy, they must invest in some air vehicle and have themselves a Dogfight.

Who needs a game mode when players can do just about anything in Freemode? From Dogfights to Races, there's plenty they can do in GTA Online and still have a whole lot of fun.

4) Hiking challenge

This is the test of endurance and who can press X the longest and hardest when it counts. Climbing Mount Chiliad or Gordo can be a fun experience, especially when players can just as readily punch each other in the face and send them tumbling down the hill.

Players can also set rules for each other, such as not allowing weaponry or even just melee and just pure climbing skills. It might not be appealing to many, but for the ones who truly appreciate a good hike, this is a no-brainer.

Players can also spice things up by leaving Sticky Bombs in tricky places to make life harder for everyone else.


5) Golf

With the lack of a decent golf video game, GTA Online might be the best bet for players looking to leisurely enjoy their favorite activity. Golf can honestly get very competitive if players get into it, and it makes for an enjoyable time with friends.

With the current global situation with the pandemic, what better way is there to hang out with friends than have a good ol' game of golf in GTA Online?

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Note: The views in this copy reflect the writer's opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not for another.

Published 20 Nov 2020, 17:13 IST
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